[Guide] Killing Floor 2 How To Beat Suicidal Difficulty

No suicidal thoughts around here!

Killing Floor 2 comes with many Zeds and difficulties - today, we will talk about the Suicidal difficulty, the second hardest difficulty in the game. We’re going to talk about how this difficulty affects Zeds, how you should play, and how you should prepare yourself before hopping into a suicidal lobby. Anyways, without further ado, let’s begin!

How do you beat the Suicidal difficulty?


Intense combat with the crossbow on Paris

Let's start with the Zeds; On the Suicidal difficulty, all Zeds move a bit faster and deal more damage than in the previous difficulties. Furthermore, they can be enraged by the Rioter Zeds and cause them to sprint at you, as well as deal bonus attack damage:

  • Bloats: 50% improved damage
  • Crawlers, E.D.A.R.s, Gorefiends, Gorefasts, Husks, Scrakes, Stalkers, Sirens, Quarterpounds: 20% improved damage
  • Clots, Slashers, Cysts: 100% improved damage

Keep in mind that in Suicidal, if you happen to be surrounded or caught slipping at least once, there’s a high possibility that you’re going to die - even the most basic Zeds, like the Clots or Cysts, deal plenty of damage per hit and you shouldn’t ignore them!


A summary of the Firebug perks

Perks are another critical topic to touch when it comes to Suicidal difficulty - if you are level 5 or 10, you’re gonna struggle heavily with Suicidal. The reason for that is that you don’t have the necessary perks unlocked yet, plus there’s also a possibility that you’re gonna get kicked by your teammates for performing badly/dying too many times, etc.

The Suicidal difficulty should be played by players that are at least level 15 - you’ll be able to use 3 perks and be somewhat effective in combat. Remember to choose the right perks and alter them as the game progresses(if necessary) and stick to your teammates!


Mosin Nagant vs a Stalker

Another important thing is the classes - be smart about them, your team doesn’t need 6 Field Medics or Commandos. If the map is cramped, you should consider crowd control classes like the SWAT or the Firebug. Sharpshooters are great for bursting down Scrakes and Fleshpounds, while the Supports are excellent for providing your squad with ammunition and high firepower!

I could go on and on about classes but make sure that your draft makes sense - you will need a Field Medic, maybe not in the first waves but later, most definitely!


Blowing up a Husk’s fuel tank can have deadly consequences for other nearby Zeds…

Regarding weapons, you should find the best gun for each specific map - tight maps like Lockdown or The Descent are great for classes like the Firebugs, due to their massive crowd-control capabilities(Flamethrowers, Ground Fire perk, etc). The Sharpshooter loves big, open maps like the Elysium - if that’s the case, you should feel confident about purchasing a weapon like the M99 AMR!

TL;DR - be smart about the weapons that you buy - don’t bother buying cheap, crappy guns on the 10th wave, if you are on cramped-up maps, purchase weaponry that has a high rate of fire and relatively fast reload speed!

In summary:

This is pretty much all you need to know about Suicidal difficulty. The most important thing that you need to know is that everything is up to you - Aiming is a personal skill, as is being aware of your surroundings.

Furthermore, being a good teammate is also necessary to win - as a Support/Demo, stick to your teammates so you can refill their ammunition. Don’t play SOLO while on a full server - that’s selfish. Finally, don’t be a griefing prick - welding doors in front of your 1 HP teammates is more than despicable!!!

My tips:

  • Always pay attention to your surroundings - you’d be surprised how easy it is to be surrounded in KF2!
  • Watch where you’re going - if your team is rushing out of a building, there’s probably a good reason for that!
  • Stick to your teammates - they’ll most likely prolong your lifespan!
  • Don’t buy useless weapons in the final stages of the game
  • Pick useful classes(Field Medics, Firebugs, Sharpshooters, etc)
  • Prioritize the right Zeds - Scrakes, Fleshpounds, Quarterpounders, and Rioters are the most annoying to deal with
  • Perks are important - make sure they serve you well and alter them if needed

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