13 Great Co-op Games to Play in 2017

13 Great Co-op Games 2017
For Honor will feature robust combat mechanics in a low fantasy Co-op setting.

Everything is better with friends

Co-op gaming is by far one of the most popular ways to play games. Ever since Firetruck required two players to steer the titular vehicle to its destination, Gamers have desired to fight, race and build with their friends in virtual environments. In recent years, the trend has been drop in Co-op where players can enter or leave a cooperative game on the fly and the concept has been very well received. The 13 games on this list, whether they are out now or coming soon, are almost certain to be the best Co-op adventures off your gaming year.

1. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 has a level of violence some may call… excessive.

Mode: 6 player Co-op

Genre: First Person/3rd Person Shooter

Killing Floor 2 takes place a month after the first Killing Floor game. A plague of murderous clones and biological experiments have spread across Europe and it’s up to you and five of your friends to kill as many of the ‘zeds’ as one can before dying. If you were looking for “Last of us”  level storytelling, find it somewhere else because this game is about killing monsters in as visceral a way as possible. Each player will pick a class, level up perks and weapons and shoot or hack their way through waves of Zombies, mutants and other nefarious beasties. Along with Assault rifles, shotguns and other various weapons the player would expect, Killing Floor 2 packs in “mad scientist” guns and melee weapons for those who like a little red on them when they kill the undead.

A little more on the perks and Weapons of Killing Floor 2

A full Co-op round of Killing Floor 2 on the hardest difficulty, Hell on Earth

2. For Honor

For Honor features an in depth dueling system that implements parry’s and special moves.

Mode: Co-op PVP across multiple game modes

Genre: Third Person hack-n-slash

For Honor is Ubisoft’s upcoming fantasy epic clashing Knights, Vikings and Samurai in the ultimate anachronism. The game features 4v4 co-op PvP in several modes. Dominion Mode is similar to Battlefield’s Conquest modes where two teams of 4 battle for control of zones. Skirmish mode is a deathmatch expy-first team to so many points wins. Brawl is skirmish mode with one life to live and Duel is a one on one battle to the death. Oh, and there are massive pitched battles going on around you the entire time. Similar to shooters like Call of Duty, For Honor features a deep Perk system and numerous classes for players to choose from.

A full match of Dominion in For Honor.

An in-depth look at Duel’s with the Game Designers of For Honor.

3. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 was fully financed through crowd-sourcing

Mode: 4 player Co-op and competitive play

Genre: ARPG

Larian Studios hit it big with the first Divinity: Original Sin. The Sequel, Aptly named Divinity Original Sin 2 looks to continue the story with new and returning features. Divinity made this list for its unique take on Group based RPG’s with an added Co-op option, but it goes deeper than that. Because players have obsessive control over their characters, when you join a co-op group there may be personalities or backgrounds that clash. You can help each other OR if something would benefit you at the cost of your teammates you are capable of going down that path if you so desired. Will you help your teammates, or leave them to rot? The game is currently in early access on Steam.

A look at the PvP side of Divinity: Original Sin 2

Some good ole’ fashion combat in Divinity: Original Sin 2

4. Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare stands out from other Military Machine F2P games thanks to its PvE mode.

Mode: 5 player PvE Co-op and 15v15 PvP

Genre: Tactical 3rd Person Shooter Simulator

Armored Warfare is Obsidian Entertainment’s free to play 3rd person tank warfare game. Armored Warfare features 15 on 15 PvP action that other Tank Simulators (including one on this list) do much better. What makes Armored Warfare stand apart is their Co-op Missions. A team of 5 tanks, be they Heavy hitters like the M1 Abrams, fast firing APC’s like the Bradley or speedy little scout cars like the Scorpion, will set out and destroy enemy weapons emplacements and supplies all while fending off hordes of AI driven tanks. Players are then rewarded with experience and money to level up their vehicles and unlock new ones. Vehicles are divided up into not just classes as mentioned above but also Tiers ranging from the first post-WW2 main battle tanks like the Patton to modern juggernauts like the German Leopard 2.

Release trailer for the new game mode Global Operations that mixes PvP with PvE gameplay in Armored Warfare.

How to level up in Armored Warfare.

The Mighty Jingles showing plebs how to successfully play PvE in Armored Warfare.

5. Space Hulk: Deathwing

Genestealers will quickly surround careless Terminators in Space Hulk: Deathwing

Mode: 4 player Co-op campaign

Genre: First Person Shooter

Space Hulk: Deathwing is an epic Warhammer 40,000 FPS from Focus Home Interactive. Players take the role of a Terminator Librarian from the Dark Angels Space Marine chapter while he leads the mission to clear a massive conglomeration of Spaceships called a Space Hulk. While the single player side of things allows players to lead 2 terminator allies through the 9 chapters that the campaign consists of, the Co-op side brings together 4 players to tackle the lengthy missions. Each player will pick a different class of terminator who all bring their own special abilities and weapons to the mix. As they slay alien hordes, the player will acquire experience that unlocks new weapon loadouts and abilities.  While it would be fair to simply say that this game boils down to “Left 4 dead in spaaaaaace”, the attention to detail that the developers put into the game will not leave any 40k fan wanting.


6. Warhammer: End Times: Vermintide

The Skaven clanrats will swamp you in an unending tide of skittering teeth.

Mode: 4 Player Co-op

Genre: First Person Shooter/hack-n-slash

The Second Games Workshop property on this list, Vermintide is a 4 player Co-op game in the same vein as Left 4 dead. Players assume the roles of either a Human Witchhunter,  Human Freeblade, Dwarf Longbeard, or Elvish Ranger. The party will shoot, slash and bash  through hordes of ratmen called Skaven while they try to save the Imperial City of Ubersreik. Between battles, players can equip new weapons and equipment to take into battle by using a unique forging system. Much like Left 4 Dead, the enemy is controlled by a “director” who randomly determines when hordes will attack. The game is a couple of years old but Developer Fatshark is still creating new content and update the game regularly.

Warhammer: End Times: Vermintide Gameplay Overview.

Fatshark’s Let’s play for Vermintide.

7. Rainbow Six: Siege

“Not by the hair on my Chinny-chin-chin”

Mode: 5v5 Siege

Genre: 1st Person Tactical Shooter

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege was a surprise hit in 2016. Requiring real teamwork and slow, methodical tactics to win, the game continues to garner a large player base. Like many of the games on this list, players pick an “Operator” who bring unique equipment to the match such as little ground drones, C4 explosives and sniper rifles. New Operators can be purchased using renown in an in-game shop. The primary mode is Siege. A team of Operators must breach a fortified area (made so by the enemy team) to rescue a VIP or disarm a bomb. As Ubisoft puts it “destruction is key”. Players can blow in doors, wall, windows, drop through roofs and tear down barriers to complete their mission. Meanwhile, the defenders can place barbed wire, trip-wires and set ambushes to prevent their hostage from being rescued.

A look at Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege

Operator Tactics from Ubisoft for Rainbow Six: Siege

8. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Vehicles will play a big role in getting from mission to mission in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mode: 4 player PvE Co-op campaign

Genre: 3rd Person tactical Shooter

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a change up for Ubisoft’s flagship Series. The first of the Ghost Recon games to feature open world gameplay, it takes a lot of ideas from The Division and (hopefully) improves upon them. The name of the game in Wildlands is choice. Players will choose how to take down a dangerous cartel, how they will get to where they are going and how they will complete individual missions. The game will also feature relationship building with NPC’s throughout the game world in between taking down drug lords.

A co-op Stealth Takedown in Ghost Recon: Wildlands…

…and here is how to go “loud” in Ghost Recon: Wildlands

9. Grand Theft Auto 5

Suiting up together will certainly get your crew some cool points.

Mode: Co-op Heists and general mayhem creation

Genre: 1st/3rd Person Shooter and bad guy simulator

Rockstar’s JUGGERNAUGHT Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of those games where three years after it came out, players are still finding new things to do. Rockstar, not resting on their laurels, have decided to continuously support it by adding new content to the GTA Online multiplayer aspect of the game. Besides standard deathmatch modes, GTA online offers players new Jobs and heists to pull off with their friends or crew. These multi-layered missions will involve all players who jump into them, to complete specific jobs to ensure a successful end and better pay out. Beyond even that, crews can simply run through the game world causing chaos and mayhem up to and including robbing armored cars, corner stores and much more. For PC players, the fun continues with a HUGE selection of mods ready to be installed that add weird and wacky gameplay

A walkthrough of a GTA Online Heist from beginning to end

GTA Online Heists trailer


10. Battlefield 1

War never looked so beautiful

Mode: 32 on 32 PvP

Genre: First Person Shooter

I’ve said before that Battlefield 1 presents a 300-esque view of World War 1 history, but that doesn’t stop it from having stellar multiplayer. Being one of the few more traditional PvP shooters on this list, Battlefield 1 stands out with its graphical fidelity, destructible environments, large number of weapons and vehicles and that shine that gamers have come to expect from Dice and EA. Co-op side, players form squads as they enter each battle where orders can be passed from squad leader to subordinates. Players will receive experience bonus’s for following said orders which consist of action like capturing a point or destroying a vehicle. Battlefield 1’s modes include standard deathmatches, the battlefield classic-Assault and Operations. Operations is a new mode where teams will battle across not just multiple sectors like in Assault but entire maps.

A little preview of the many aspects of Battlefield 1’s multiplayer

Some Assault Mode Gameplay

11. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2’s campaign is nice, but Multiplayer is still the main pull of the game.

Mode: 6v6 PvP with AI assistance (in the form of meatshields)

Genre: 1st Person Mecha Shooter

Titanfall was a surprise hit when it released so naturally Respawn made a second one. Apart from the new (see FINALLY) campaign, the multiplayer hasn’t changed too much save the addition of new Titans, weapons, and perks. But in the end, that’s not a bad thing. Across several standard modes, players control Pilots who can call down giant robots called Titans to lay down the hammer on enemy Pilots and AI controlled soldiers. The modes include standard Team Deathmatches and capture the flag along with more esoteric games such as a deathmatch were only pilot kills count towards a final score.

A snazzy look at multiplayer in Titanfall 2

12. World of Tanks

World of Tanks is one of the most accessible F2P games on the market.

Mode: 15 on 15 Tank combat simulator

Genre: Tank Simulator

World of Tanks, From Wargaming, is one of those rare F2P games where you cannot buy the best thing in the game. The only way you get to the best (in this case) tank, is to grind it out through hundreds of games. That’s ok. Apart from Team Deathmatches (called standard) capture the flag (assault and encounter), World of Tanks has some clan specific game modes aptly titled Strongholds and Clan Wars. While Clan Wars is just the standard Deathmatch games modes but limited to teams made up of the same Clan’s members vs. another Clan, Strongholds mixes it up by dropping the number of players down to seven per team and having the outcome of the match effect buildings that give out of game experience and money bonuses to the Clans who own them.

Building a better Stronghold in World of Tanks

13. Double Dragon 4

Double Dragon IV gives players a nostalgic beat ‘em up to play with friends.

Mode-2 player Co-op Campaign

Genre: Beat ‘em up (then beat ‘em up some more and more and…)

Double Dragon is one of those classic games that most of us older gamers (but not too old) remember fondly. Blowing the dust out of the cartridge, you’d slide it into your system and you and a friend would choose between the one guy or that other guy and face wave after endless wave of baddies as you side scrolled to success. Arc System Works remembers those days too and with their recent acquisition of the Double Dragon license, everyone will be able to relive those days of old again when Double Dragon 4 comes out at the end of January, 2017.

Co-op Games are all the rage today and with a list of games like this it is easy to see why. 2017 may end up being one of the best years for gaming since the PS1 came out and with these games in your library you can enjoy it with friends as well.

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