For Honor: Best Illustrious Outfits

For Honor Best Illustrious Outfits
Lots to choose from!


  • All images are demonstrated using the default appearance of each faction (non-faction-exclusives are demonstrated on Warden).
  • List is broken into categories (Mask, Prior’s Riposte, etc.) For each category (other than non-faction-exclusive) there is 1 winner per faction, who then compete against each other. 
  • Limited time Illustrious outfits (such as Odyssey of the Misthios) are omitted.
  • These are obviously based on my personal preference, and this list is an invitation for responses from you, the reader, not just a be-all-end-all tier list. 
  • Another disclaimer, I hate pretty much all the effects in this game, so I ruled out a lot right off the bat when making this list. The ones presented usually won by miles for me. 
  • With all that out of the way, please enjoy some of my picks!


Personal Criteria:

  • Minimal Intrusiveness
  • Colorfulness
  • Theme (How well it fits the game/faction/etc.)
  • I did not take Ornaments into consideration when making this list because a) I almost never like ornaments and b) the effect often covers it up. 


#4 Category: Mask


4. Shachihoko


-Looks goofy in a way I kind of like, even if it is easily my least favorite on this list.

-This outfit does bubbles better than any other, in my opinion. 

3. Battle Swine


-Menacing to go up against, and in executions it can look intimidating. 

-Sound effect is great as well.

2. Malignant Hydra


-Best scaly-looking mask in the game. 

-Fade-in/fade-out effect is great

1. Divine Virupaksa


-A nice, haunting red mask with a cool mist effect.


#3 Category: Shadows of the Hitokiri


4. Shinigami’s Oath


-I like this one for the category of “ghosts haunting your shoulders”, but I like this one the least for its hair and outfit. 

3.Hel’s Scion


-The eyes glowing when it first appears are great, but they turn off so suddenly and jarringly. 

2.Yama’s Court


-Face is very haunting and looms tall over the user. 

1.Morta’s Fate


-Looks strikingly like stereotypical Death, and has an awesome skull and obscured eyes. 


#2 Category: Non-Faction-Exclusive


5. Belligerent Shepherd


-Thematically appropriate, if a bit self-deprecating in context.

4.Sun Da’s Gambit


-Definitely an outstanding pet effect, even if it’s not my favorite (too flashy and fantastical). 

3.Qiang Emissary


-Competes for the title of “best mask in the game”, the fade-in and fade-out effects are clean and the sound effects are fantastic.

-Does not obscure too much of the character’s body. 

2. Belligerent Alpha


-Much better equivalent to the Shepherd one, a wolf is far more intimidating and impressive than a sheep. 

1.Appolyon’s Wolves


-Not only is the mask awesome and fit perfectly in For Honor, as well as coming with Apollyon’s signature music and color scheme, it obscures very little of the character’s body and doesn’t stick out that much. 

-Only weakness is the mediocre fade-in/fade-out animation. 


#1 Category: Black Prior’s Riposte


4.Zealous Zhu Que


-Extremely flashy and beautiful.

-The bird is often quite slow to show up, and the explosion of fire can be blinding/painful to look at as well as obscuring your executions/emotes. 


3.Fortunate Fukuro


-This one has grown on me a lot; the color scheme is really not for me but the bird is fantastic.

-The bird sounds amazing and it flies beautifully. 

2.Vengeful Valravn


-Awesome color scheme, bird has a great sound and voice.

-Unfortunately, the bird’s fly-in/fly-out animations are lacking/nonexistent.

1.Ardent Aquila


-The best Illustrious outfit in the game. It has:

  • A pet bird with:
  • A great voice
  • Nice flying animations
  • A great color scheme and tone
  • A muted, yet warm color scheme for the character

-The bird is a great effect that doesn’t alter the appearance of your actual character while enhancing your overall look dramatically. 


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