For Honor Tier List [For Honor Best and Worst Heroes Revealed]

The Best of the Best and the Worst of the Worst

We’ve all had our faces pummeled in by Wardens, heads decapitated by Warlords, and been sliced to bits by the Zhanhu. But which of these valiant and brutal heroes are truly the most powerful For Honor warriors?

One of the best aspects of For Honor is the balance between characters. As a dedicated player for over 4-years I can say with certainty that you can have success maining any of the 31 character roster. However, just like any hero based game, certain characters are simply better than their counterparts. In this tier list we will rank each hero from S-D in regards to choosing a solid character to carry you all the way to Rep 70. A warrior who will give you a balanced edge in each/every gamemode For Honor has to offer. 


[Please refer to the S/A-tier character breakdowns below the tier list!]


S-Tier: The heroes who proudly sit in the S-Tier are true wolves. Warriors that have a moveset or abilities that standout boldly amongst their opposing warriors. Mastering them will easily lead you to victory in any gamemode you choose to play.

Kyoshin: 98/100

Zhanhu: 96/100    

Hitokiri: 94/100

Warmonger: 92/100

Warlord: 90/100

A-Tier: The heroes in A-tier are knocking on that S-tier door and can easily stand toe to toe against their betters. They are warriors that lack some of the shiny abilities/capabilities of their S-tier counterparts but still provide a powerful edge.

Jiang Jun: 88/100

Gryphon: 87/100

Highlander: 86/100

Kensei: 85/100    

Shaman: 84/100

Shaolin: 83/100

Conqueror: 82/100

Berserker: 81/100

Orochi: 80/100

B-Tier: B-tier stands for balanced warriors. Fighters that have a little bit of everything, but just don’t excel in one specific area of combat, or are very one dimensional. They are great heroes and fun to play as, but do not have the versatility of their higher tiered characters.

Centurion: 78/100

Medjay: 77/100

Tiandi: 76/100

Raider: 75/100

Nobushi: 74/100

Aramusha: 73/100

Peacekeeper: 72/100

Shinobi: 71/100

Shugoki: 70/100

C-Tier: As we get into the lower tiers I want to remind all new and old For Honor players that any character can go toe to toe with a higher tiered character. However, the warriors of C-tier struggle to provide a well rounded character and can lead to frustrating games of feeling outmatched.

Black Prior: 68/100

Valkyrie: 66/100

Pirate: 64/100

Warden: 62/100

Gladiator: 61/100

Lawbringer: 60/100

D-Tier: These final two characters sit sadly in the D-tier for their lack of effective battle capability. The Jormungandr was absolutely destroyed by the latest stamina rework as his whole fighting style relies on draining a character's stamina continuously. The Nuxia’s entire character relies on the ability to punish enemies that excel at parrying. However, if you are a newbie most players struggle with getting any parries off so the ability is useless and advanced players know her abilities well so they will avoid blocking/parrying when fighting her. Both of these characters are well known for the abilities they have and are easy to counter.

Jormungandr: 58/100

Nuxia: 56/100


S-Tier Character Breakdown


Kyoshin: 98/100

Slice and Dice your way to victory!

Kyoshin is the most reliable Hybrid hero of the Samurai faction and is the most versatile warrior in For Honor. Several characters have had all-block stances such as the Warlord, Black Prior, and Conqueror. However, Kyoshin has the Kaze Stance which allows for them to twirl their blade and block any incoming attacks. The best part of the Kaze stance is the many different Kaze Attacks you can combo into once someone strikes the all-block.

The Kyoshin does not just rely on the Kaze Stance as he is packed with a dodge heavy attack, kick/elbow bash, and quick decisive sword slashes. Add all of these devastating skills together and you have an unstoppable killing machine. This hero is literally carving their way through the For Honor community and those who become experts with the Kyoshin can stand against any hero. There is no doubt in my mind he deserves the top S-Tier spot. 


Zhanhu: 96/100

Burn them Burn them with fire!

Zhanhu are Hybrid heroes of the Wu Lin faction who wield a devastatingly powerful Chinese Greatsword known as a Changdao. Their light attacks are quick and provide the perfect opening to any fight. Their heavy attacks land faster than most other warriors and can be feinted out of during almost any of their combos. Because of this the Zhanhu has the ability to keep opponents frazzled trying to block/parry until it is too late for them. 

Aside from forward stabs and side swipes, the Zhanhu provides many damaging perks. As a master of artillery they have three unique fiery projectiles and if you want to add some insult to injury they also include a longbow. Overall this hero provides a challenge against any other warrior in For Honor and can finish battles just as quickly as they start them.


Hitokiri: 94/100


Hitokiri are Heavy class characters who belong to the Samurai class and wield the powerful Masakari Axe. Admittedly my least favorite hero to fight against in For Honor simply because they are easy to play as and have an incredible moveset. I say this because of the strong core mix-up in their fighting style. Almost all of their combos flow with one another and it can be difficult for the opposing warrior to predict what attack is coming next. Between Charged up unblockable heavy attacks and sweep kicks that can quickly take you out of the fight the Hitokiri almost has it all.

This warrior also has a unique final perk ability known as Senbonzakura, which allows them to leap through the air and land an instant execution kill. While this is dodgeable the Hitokiri has a unique hang time in the air which tends to throw off would be victims. This is a powerful warrior that allows for some seriously dominating gameplay. 


Warmonger: 92/100

Fear the Warmommy

Warmonger belongs to the Vanguard class of Knights faction and wields the elegant Flamberge Sword. It does not feel too long ago that we sat back in horror as the Warmongers were unleashed into the For Honor Multiplayer gamemode. They came out more broken than any Hero before or since due to their Corruption poison abilities. While the developers have rightfully nerfed her several times to even the playing field she still easily earns a spot in the S-Tier.

This Femme Fatale is everything long time players wanted the Warden to be. She has quick sword strikes, solid versatility, and devastating heavy attacks. Similar to her Apollion (the campaign character she is based on) , Warmonger fights in a more dominating way than most other warriors. She can backhand any opponent into next week and feed them to the wolves when she's finished. However, all of this pales in comparison to her Corruption powers. Each perk she gains can contribute to the Corruption she spreads and can lead to quickly clearing out the enemy players. Stay out of her way whenever possible.


Warlord: 90/100

Shield go bam bam

The Warlord is a Heavy class character of the Viking faction who charges into battle with his Ulfberht sword and circular shield. I would think twice before going to battle against one of these ferocious heroes. Their All-block shield can punish you if you are not ready and their headbutts can leave you concussed.

Overall this hero has fairly basic attacks, but once he gets going several of his strikes become uninterruptible. This means that even if you attack him before his slow heavy strikes land he will eat it and deliver an attack that will usually do far more damage to his enemy. The Warlord does not boast anything fancy like his S-Tier counterparts, but rather provides a solid character that excels in both defense and attack.


A-Tier Character Breakdown


Jiang Jun: 88/100

Please don't choke me for putting you in A-Tier...

Jiang Jun is a Heavy class Imperial General of the Wu Lin faction. His powerful Guandao typically lands him a spot in the S-Tier, but today I have bravely placed him at the pinnacle of A-Tier. (I will probably end up like that poor Warden). This mountain of a Hero excels in punishing all heroes who dare cross his path. The Jiang Jun is a flashy warrior who has attacks that can be difficult to parry due to their unique patterns and hang times.

The general also boasts two unique fighting styles that help keep him dominating any fight. Sifu’s Pose allows him to swiftly retreat backwards and each time he enters this pose he will backwards dodge, but also regain 70 stamina. If integrated expertly in a battle a player can easily fight multiple enemies without ever losing stamina. This provides a huge advantage in any battle. Another ability, Dou Shi’s Choke, allows for Jiang Jun to immediately choke out an enemy after parrying then. The choke drains half the enemies stamina leaving them at a big disadvantage. This Hero can easily dominate any other and certainly deserves this high ranking spot.


Gryphon: 87/100

Kick combo go Brrrr...

Gryphon is a Hybrid class hero of the Knights faction and wielder of the mighty Bardiche polearm. This veteran ex-lawbringer brings a lot more versatility to their fighting style. With side heavy attacks and devastating kicks this hero does a great job of overwhelming their enemy. If you fall for their heavy, kick, and heavy hit combination then you will basically be a dead man walking. 

The Gryphon also has several unique perks that help heal himself and his team. Draconite mist allows him to slightly heal himself/allies nearby. Draconite Bolt allows the Gryphon to fire off a crossbow bolt that damages an enemy but heals himself/nearby allies. Draconite Cleanser is a thrown bomb that damages nearby enemies and greatly heals nearby allies. This character is solid and has the potential to become the number one leader of any multiplayer match.


Highlander: 86/100

"Highlander strong. Highlander slash. Highlander Execute." -  Highlander

Highlander is another Hybrid character class of the Vikings faction who wields the mighty Claymore Greatsword. This hero needs little introduction as to why they carved their way to A-Tier as almost all new For Honor players have to deal with the frustration of facing them. He can enter into a defensive or offensive form and switch between the two quite easily. It allows for versatile gameplay and helps the player get off easy parries or powerful unblockable attacks. 

Outside of the stances though the Highlander can simply charge headfirst into battle and quickly slice any enemy hero to pieces. He is a powerful brutish warrior that can intimidate any team of warriors who dare stand against him.


Kensei: 85/100

It's going up. Wait it's going left. Wait it [dead]

Kensei are Vanguard class characters of the Samurai faction and wield the long Nodachi Katana. As one of the first initial heroes launched in For Honor, the Kensei still holds their own on the battlefield without all the bells and whistles of newer characters. They are deceptively quick and can expertly feint out of attacks to fool their enemies. When the Kensei swings their sword you never know when or where it is going to land. He can easily initiate an overhead attack, switch to a left swing, and the next thing you know the opposite side of your body has been gouged open.

Because they are one of the Day 1 launched Multiplayer characters the Kensei lacks any unique perks, but they do have a solid set of perks that can aid you in battle. They have multiple abilities that can either help buff themselves or deal damage to their enemies. Overall just another well rounded warrior here.


Shaman: 84/100

Warning: Will bite everything...

Shaman belongs to the Assassin class of the Viking faction. She wields a crude hatchet and dagger that helps bring a very unique fighting style to the world of For Honor. I like to say that the Shaman fights like a pissed-off teenager, I’ll admit a murderous one, but the way she flails about mixed with her erratic strikes can throw off her enemies. She can throw in a solid mix of light/heavy attack combos and also excel in feinting out opponents.  

Fights always seem to be entertaining with the Shaman as her knife jabs will inflict bleed on opponents. Once this is pulled off successfully, she can jump on the target and bite into their neck. This is not only incredibly infuriating to enemies, but will increase the health of a Shaman while dealing solid damage to the enemy. Overall this hero scratches and claws her way into A-Tier and will bite every last finger off your hand if you oppose her.


Shaolin: 83/100

Stick god

Shaolin is a powerful Hybrid character who belongs to the Wu Lin faction who wields his staff. The Shaolin has a very unique fighting style and is difficult to compare to any other For Honor Hero. My best comparison would be the Highlander as the Shaolin has a solid fighting style and combos to utilize like a normal hero, but is able to go into a specific fighting stance known as the Qi Stance. When utilized the Shaolin will wind up his staff attack and be able to come out with several powerful strikes to overpower their opponent.

While the Qi Stance is powerful the ability most Shaolin mains typically rely on is their leg sweep trip. This has a wide range and is difficult to dodge away from. All enemies of the Shaolin are constantly aware of this ability and the threat alone can help give you an edge in combat. This spiritual warrior is capable of overpowering many heroes in For Honor.


Conqueror: 82/100

Please stop parrying EVERYTHING

The Conqueror is a Heavy hero that serves under the Knight Faction. They wield a footman’s flail and heater shield. The For Honor community has never been short of trolls and no troll is better than the infamous Conq. This ex-prisoner turned war hero is nothing short of a bully and he can fight like it too. The All-Block ability he has can lead to several devastating combo attacks or a powerful shield bash. Without a doubt this hero has the best shield defense and this allows him to control and dictate his 1v1 fights.

Aside from his effective All-Block stance he has a solid attack rhythm with his flail that if not dodged out of can quickly drain another heroes life. A Conq that masters his black stance will feel unbeatable and will allow the player to dance all over their fallen enemies bodies like many Conqs that came before them.


Berserker: 81/100

Side attack go Brrr

Berserkers belong to the Assassin class of the Viking faction and wield dual Viking Hand Axes. Like their famous execution, battling a Berserker can feel like a kick in the nuts. With the ability to wildly change their attack patterns and has an unblockable chain attack. They are a simple fighter in comparison to several of the other high tier characters, but effective. 

If you are good at feinting out of attacks then you will be in good company with the Berserker. They allow for powerful mix up attacks and have a solid set of perks that help buff their battle prowess. An overall powerful attack driven hero that should not be taken lightly.


Orochi: 80/100

Slash and Dash

Orochi belongs to the Assassin class of the Samurai faction and wields the deadly Katana. Arguably the most popular hero in For Honor since its inception, the Orochi is a quick fighter that is a punishing assassin. They excel in quick decisive strikes and falling back to assess the enemy before them. Their Storm Rush ability helps them achieve this as it allows them to prepare to charge their opponent and land a decisive strike against them. This will help lead into other combos and chain strikes.

This classic hero definitely deserves this final spot in A-Tier and can easily hang with all the big boys. That said it can be a struggle for players to dominate fights as the Orochi when they begin fighting those higher ranked players as people are used to their fighting style.


If your favorite hero or a hero you have desperately wanted to play as is ranked in one of the lower tiers do not despair. I myself am a part-time Lawbringer main and while I struggle to fight some of those higher tier monstrosities I do more than hold my own. If you train yourself and suffer through the many executions you’ll face you can become great as anyone and challenge those high tier warriors, but it will not be as easy a journey as someone in S-tier.

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