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For Honor’s system of currency is known as steel and it can be very difficult for new players to effectively acquire. Steel is used to purchase loot boxes for armor sets, weapon sets, upgrade your weapons, and buy any character customization items you want for your illustrious Hero. Unfortunately, we cannot channel our inner Pirate Hero and plunder Ubisoft for some extra steel, but there are 7 best ways to gain some steel quickly for you For Honor Fashionistas. 


Beat the Story Campaign 

Become the ultimate wolf and earn some serious Steel!

Not many new players know about or pay attention to For Honor’s lowly regarded campaign. It is a fairly short 5-10 hour adventure that serves to give the world just a bit of background and teach the combat basics. However, many people do not know that this game mode can help you net a ton of steel.

How It Works:

  • Play through the story campaign in its entirety on Hard or Realistic mode. The Hard difficulty will net you 4,000 steel and the Realistic difficulty will earn you 5,000 steel.


Complete your Orders

Orders are the key to consistent daily Steel.

It is fairly standard these days for games to contain in-game transactions, but the good ones will allow you to earn that currency while playing the game. Fortunately, this is something For Honor offers and it is best shown in its Orders. There will always be daily orders and contract orders for you to log on and complete. 

How It Works:

  • If you go to the Orders screen you will see the Daily Orders listed above the Contract Orders. They are never difficult to complete, but can be specific so make sure to pay attention to their requirements before grinding them out each day. These can net you anywhere from 150-500 Steel a pop.


Apprentice & Warrior Trials

Collect some Steel after a hard day of training!

Two of For Honor’s training modes that will drastically improve your battle skills. If improving your overall skill is not enough of a draw to complete these though how about some Steel? The Apprentice Trials are the ones you are tasked to complete while the game is booting up. They are the true basics of For Honor Gameplay. However, the Warrior Trials will really get into the nitty gritty aspects that make combat both amazing and difficult. Most people skip the Warrior Trials to their detriment, but if you are looking to stack some steel this is a great way to do so.

How It Works:

  • Complete every trial in both Apprentice and Warrior Trials to earn the reward Steel. Apprentice Trials will earn you 2000 Steel while Warrior trials earn 1500.


Complete the Battle Pass

Battlepass. The small price to pay for content and Steel!

Each season of For Honor features a battle pass. Oh yay… More Battlepasses… All joking aside, each battle pass is always packed with great customizable content for all your heroes and is arguably worth the $10 it costs to activate. Constantly playing through each battle pass will net you Steel as a reward along the way and by the end you can earn up to 11,000 Steel. 

How It Works:

  • Unlock the Battlepass and play all the way through to Tier 100 and you will have net 11,000 Steel. 
  • You can still go through the Battlepass tiers each season without purchasing it. You will not get the season rewards but you will earn 1,250 Steel in the process.


Grind Multiplayer

In the event you manage to kill him I shall give you 7 Steel and not a single Steel more! (Hopefully you are a Berserk fan)

Play the Multiplayer game modes and you will earn a consistent handful of Steel for your battle troubles. It’s not much but it’s brutal work right? In order to net anything worth the time of playing with the intent to grind Steel you will want to stick to either Breach, Dominion, or Skirmish game modes. While Breach will double the amount of Steel earned per game it arguably takes double the time to complete. I will go over some quick grinding strategies below.

How It Works:

  • Simply see any Multiplayer match through till the end and you will earn a little Steel for your troubles.
  • Breach Earns: 100 Steel for PvP and 80 Steel for PvAI
  • Dominion & Skirmish Earns: 50 Steel for PvP and 40 Steel for PvAI
  • My personal grinding strategy is to play Breach modes against the AI. You can speed through these matches, especially when playing on the defensive team, against the lesser AI Bots. This will allow for quick, arguably boring, but lucrative playtime. (This strategy works for Breach/Skirmish as well, but I have found I net more money from Breach due to easily won defensive rounds)


Submit to Microtransactions

If you got this far it looks like you will have to pay to play... 

Oh the horror of the Microtransaction. While every tip leading up to this one was highlighted to assist you with not spending your hard earned cash sometimes there is no alternative. As you probably noticed, several of the best ways to earn Steel are one time collections. If you begin to avidly play this game there will be a time when you reach a point where you are between Battlepasses, have completed the Campaign, and thrashed through all of the Hero Trials.

The patient players can save their Steel from Orders and consistent gameplay, but some gamers (like me) want that awesome new Material, Emote, Execution, or Armor Set NOW! So, for the truly desperate, when all options are expended, you can buy Steel.

How It Works: 

  • $4.99 you can Purchase 5,000 Steel
  • $9.99 you can Purchase 11,000 Steel
  • $19.99 you can Purchase 25,000 Steel
  • $49.99 you can Purchase 65,000 Steel
  • $99.99 you can Purchase 150,000 Steel

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