[Top 5] For Honor Best Anti Gank Heroes

For Honor Best Anti Gank Heroes
Beware of these Defensive Monoliths

5. Berserker (OP Evasive/Revenge Moveset)

Dodge, hit, dodge, hit, victory!

Berserker is the first assassin-build hero for the Viking Faction, they are always looking for new and inventive way to take down their foes, even if it's to swing down low and evade for a precise and lethal blow, or rush in with the gods at your back and Loki whispering in the ears of your enemies. 

Berserker is a hero that takes some getting used to, but once mastered is an absolute menace on the battlefield. From their incredible evasive and hyper-aggressive moveset, they can be a tricky player to gang upon. 

Add in their Revenge capabilities and they become an unstoppable, creatively overbearing gameplay that makes it a terror against multiple enemies, and great for team stalling tactics. Berserker may be a bit of a learning curve, but a seasoned main can easily anti-gank and hack away at that health till there’s nothing left. 


Why Berserker Is Anti Gank 

  • Great evasive maneuvers
  • Heavy Revenge tactics
  • Hyper-aggressive gameplay
  • Stalling master


4. Tiandi (Most OP For Stalling)

See the Stalling Boy himself!

Tiandi, the guardians of the Wu Lin, a splintered pack of China, having decided to move west, seeking a various assortment of things, for the Tiandi, it must be to protect. They are the angels that guide their warriors into battle, the vanguards who dance upon the graves of their enemies, with their Dao blade primed for the strike, they will fearlessly face any enemy. 

Now… Tiandi, haha. Whew, this guy is the worst enemy to face as a group. Tiandi’s stalling tactics are almost unparalleled. As you can see from the video above, his impeccable dodge span, to his Dragon Kick make it almost impossible to gank him. 

He comes ready for anything and his Revenge capabilities are through the roof. Fast overhead lights and dodge cancel into crazier combos are what makes Tiandi absolutely formidable and incredibly annoying for your enemies. 


Why Tiandi Is Anti Gank:

  • His move set is capable of dodging and attacking at the same time
  • Super quick lights that deal consistent damage
  • High nuisance and great feats which add to HP boosts.


3. Conqueror Hero name (Most OP For Blocking)

The Conqueror comes from harsh backgrounds, usually ex-convicts and forced conscripts who have risen in the ranks to earn themselves a spot of glory within the Knight Faction. If you’re able to survive the sword fodder that you start out as you will become a warrior that not even the deepest of darkness wouldn’t fear. Conquerors are fearless and dominating shields for the Knights. 

The Conqueror would honestly be top two if it wasn’t for the sheer one-man army that exists within the heroes after him. Despite that, Conqueror is a beast. He is a defense god able to block against any mix-ups or ganking opportunities. The great thing about Conqueror is that he has a survivalist moveset, able to fully block, superior block, dodge block, you name it. 

Conqueror has little to no great feats which is probably the only handicap he has as an anti-gank machine. As opposed to Tiandi and Berserker, Conqueror doesn’t have to rely on feats, however, to truly be able to shine in this aspect, and that’s what puts him in the number three spot for us. 


Why Conqueror Is Anti Gank:

  • Top Tier defense capabilities him 
  • Incredible superior block and parry opportunities
  • No need to rely on feats to off-balance a 2v1/4v1


2. Jiang Jun (Most OP For Feats and Range)

This belly isn't for show!

A Jiang Jun was usually at the pinnacle of Wu Lin society, a general amongst an army of monstrous warriors, all jaded with different pasts. With a stratagem for every fight, the Jiang Jun uses a collection of brain and brawn, not only to protect his people and lead them to victory but also to show his enemies he is none to be trifled with on his own. 

Jiang Jun is pretty much a one-man army all on his own, a walking juggernaut with a wide range for his guandao. He is a tanky character with very tricky target-swapping lights. This plus his hefty dodge-attack capabilities, coupled with the fact that he is Revenge-favored, similar to the Berserker of the Vikings. 

Jiang Jun’s feats are part of what makes them so formidable, with his Tier 3 feats being all healing abilities either for him and his allies. With Phalanx used in Tier 4 plus the benefit of his Sifu Pose, which in and of itself is anti-gank and grants stamina, Jiang Jun is a hellish force to be reckoned with, no matter what playing field you find him on. Good luck with those 4v1s. 


Why Jiang Jun Is Anti Gank:

  • Tier 1,3, and 4 Feats make him a walking health potion. 
  • Jiang Jun has a wide range with the use of his Guan Dao. 
  • His dodge-attacks and Revenge attacks are blessings. 


1. Black Prior (Most OP For Everything, he’s owns this game style)


United under the leadership of Vortiger, the Black Priors, once members of Apollyon’s Blackstone Legion, are now free to make their own choices, going against the will of an unworthy knight, as Apollyon was. 

Black Prior is the King of Anti-Gankland, and I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with the fact that Black Prior’s All Guard, Static Guard, Revenge buildup, and Bulwark Counter make him nigh ungankable. His light cancels are also quick enough for him to pull nasty tide-changing counters off a whim if countered right. 

The Black Prior can create space for himself from these simple counters, and with their succession, he’s a barrel roll away from getting out of dodge and focusing on his next opponent. With All Guard alone Black Prior can take on multiple heroes on timing and precision. His unblockable and undodgeable are plentiful in their ability to take away health. 

His feat as well, my lord. His Tier 2 Feats alone in Healing Ward and Doom Banner can simultaneously slowly regenerate health while lowering enemy attack power. Umbral Shelter allows you to coat yourself in a nice dark and dense defensive passive. Punch Through allows blocking enemies to still feel the full force of your blows and Regenerate allows you to passively regain health whilst out of combat. The Black Prior is a monster all around. 


Why Black Prior Is Anti Gank

  • All Feats benefit toward Anti-ganking measures.
  • Full Defensive and Counter-based movesets. 
  • Beautiful, tide-changing revenge advantages.


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