For Honor Best Factions - Which To Choose?

For Honor Best Factions
Don't Think Too Hard Now!

For Honor has four distinct factions, all well-dressed and outfitted with the biggest and baddest heroes the game has to offer. In this dive, we’re going to list out all the highlights of all four factions and let you, the gamers, take your pick! Enjoy! 


Knights Faction

"We are the guardians of our people. We stand strong against all invaders."

Stated to be the constructors of many, if not all, of the ancient ruins themselves, the Knights have been scattered across the world for ages. However, under the banner of the Iron Legion, these far and few between have been able to band together. Of course, there are others who decide against the will of the Iron Legion, those knights of disorder and chaos. 

The notable legions to have shown up in addition to the Iron Legion are Daubeny’s Militia, the Regal and Royal Regions, as well as the titular villainous sub-faction, the Blackstone Legion. 

Knight Faction Heroes 

Choose the Knights Faction if: 

  • You like balance and security. No wild card situations in the Knights Faction. 
  • Due to them having the highest hero count of all four factions, they can control most of the player population. 
  • Most classes under this faction have a very nice balance between defensive efficiency and impressive combat maneuvers. 



Samurai Faction 

"Our hearts are strong, our devotion: absolute, and our skill is beyond question. We will be remembered."

After having been thrown from their ancestral homes and having to rebuild their forces bit by bit, the Samurai are still incredibly outnumbered compared to the other three factions, new and highly unwelcome neighbors. Due to this, the Samurai have adopted a more careful strategy towards victory, through skill, cunning, and undying loyalty to each other, giving their people a chance to thrive. 

The most notable houses amongst the Samurai are the warring clans, such as Ranja, Dokuja, Seijuro, and Kizan’s Houses. There is also the Imperial House, and finally the main Samurai Squad, The Chosen, or Ayu’s House.


Samurai Faction Heroes


Choose the Samurai Faction if:

  • The weapons of the heroes appeal to your overall playstyle. From the Kensei’s mid-range power generated from his long-reaching blade to the Orochi’s surprise bow and arrow. 
  • You want a harder faction with a more satisfying payoff if the class structure is right. 
  • You have the patience and the passion to learn about all the classes and find out how they operate. 
  • You have an affinity for long-range combat. 



Viking Faction

  "The world fears us. We are the favored of the gods."

"The world fears us. We are the favored of the gods."

The Vikings live for glory and war, their honor is directly entwined with their reputation, and their undying will and notable use of brute force makes them an incredibly powerful faction to fight with or against. With the gods at their side and the winds at their backs the Viking’s thirst for conquest will never be quenched and with their highly-valued freedom, make them the enemies of cowardice and treachery. 

Then notable clans of the Viking faction include the Warborn Clan, Wolf Clan, Bear Claw Clan, and the Crow Clan, a simpler 


Viking Faction Heroes


Choose the Viking Faction if:

  • You love brute force combat and heavy hitters with wild movesets. 
  • You don’t care too much about defensive strategies. 
  • You love to break enemy defense and exploit those weaknesses with incredible damage and finesse. 
  • You’re a vanguard-type player. 



Wu Lin 

"Of all the factions partaking in these events, the Wu Lin will rise to the top."

The Wu Lin, a faction created after the cataclysm, sprouted out of a hundred-year civil war in China. However, unlike the other factions, the Wu Lin has begun to splinter, amongst the other warriors in the country. Now they have begun to travel due West, in order to find their reason for living, whether it be glory, exile, or disgrace. 


Wu Lin Faction Heroes


Choose the Wu Lin if: 

  • You love new and interesting types of weaponry (hook swords, staff) 
  • You explore creative play styles with niche-focused gameplay. 
  • You love martial arts-based movesets.
  • You’re simply interested in the new hero faction, lore and all.

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