15 'Best Medieval Games' With Great Combat and Adventure

best Medieval Games
Fending off the overwhelming choices out there.

What Are The Best Medieval Games To Play Today?

Chivalry, knights, swords, and armored combat make an awesome combination. If you are looking for something medieval with a more realistic feel and less high fantasy then where do you look?

Here is a list of the top 15 Medieval Games for PC.

15. Life is Feudal MMO

Life is Feudal gameplay

Life is Feudal is called a hardcore sandbox RPG and is currently in early access. Set between the fall of Rome and the rise of gunpowder, Life is Feudal is designed to give you a unique experience.

The game allows you to explore, build, destroy, and create the world around you. You can harvest forests, build castles, or raise and lower the level of the around your home.

Work with other players to create your own thriving society in a player based economy and political landscape. Take part in realistic combat that focuses on tactical choice over button mashing.

A detailed battle system is placed into the game. It allows you to defend your keeps and territory.

A climate of seasons allows for changes in weather showing everything from snow-capped peaks to dusty deserts. Animal training and domestication is also very important for travel and trade.

14. Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 gameplay

Crusader King is a Dynasty Simulator where you get to define your own end game goals and objectives. Crusader Kings lets you be the king; send assassins to murder your rivals, arrange marriages for you children, and wage wars to expand your territory.

You can use a combination of assassination, diplomacy, war, and several other factors to decide how to expand your families powerbase.

The game features a system of genetics and education that allows you to focus your family line over generations. You’re also able to begin with many different historic figures as the head of your dynasty or create your own.

A thriving system of characters gives you a large number of options in many circumstances. A large focus on varying stats, skills, and traits make any non-player character unique.

A detailed map helps to show off military movements. War can be used to accomplish many goals or help to expand your territory.

Bonus: Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord (Upcoming)

Mount & Blade 2 Medieval Gameplay

Mount & Blade 2 hasn’t been released yet. While developer talks and other interviews show several suggested features there have been few concrete details. We know there will be a crafting system and large economic engine. With Gamescom 2018 coming up we hope to learn more including a release date.

We do know there will be a single player campaign. You will get to choose from several factions, with a rumored seventeen at launch.

Developers have also indicated that NPC lords will have to operate under the same restrictions as players, thus keeping the game fair. There is also an amazingly diverse number of character customization options that allow for a diverse number of appearance options.

Some concept work of one of the factions various civilians.

The beauty of this fully rendered castle room shows off the detail paid to the setting.

Bonus: Mordhau

Mordhau let’s play from Ser Winter

Mordhau is another game with a release date yet to be set. Featuring a fast brutal style of multiplayer combat, players can enter combat with armor and swords, fire at the enemy with bows, take control of massive war machines and pepper the enemy from a distance, or mount a horse and ride into battle with lance and shield.

From all reports combat feels good  with solid feeling weapons and a weight behind the attacks and defense. As with the previous entry on this list there is hope that more information will be coming at E3. The desire for a release date hangs over those waiting for this game.

Some pre-release artwork of a typical knight show off the level of detail found in the game.

Combat is quick and bloody. Drop your defenses just a little and a killing blow can come quickly.

13. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles let’s play from CohhCarnage

Conan is a survival game where you forge your own legend in the brutal lands based on the popular Robert E. Howard novels. The game focuses on keeping yourself alive while facing hostile environments, vicious animals, and more intelligent threats.

While playing Conan you get to experience the brutal world found in the novels and films. You can eventually build your own fortress and community.

The game allows you to capture NPC’s and recruit them to your side by forcing them onto the wheel of pain to break their spirits.

You get to explore deep dungeons and gather treasure and supplies to help improve your character and settlement.

Although its not a medieval game, if you enjoy hack and slash, you may also enjoy the high fantasy that is Conan Exiles.

Battle hostile warriors in a large open world.

Fight fantastic beasts in deep dungeons.

12. Banished

Banished let’s play from Northernlion

Banished is a city building strategy game. Start with a small population and build up to massive towns and cities. Survive harsh environments, unforgiving winters, and a lack of resources.

Banished lets you control a growing society. Manage your food and other resources or decide how many of your citizens will live. Conquer territory by expanding your borders into nearby areas. Manage your society’s fate; will they stay safe at home and farm or venture out and hunt for their food?

The decision to keep livestock can keep your people fed when natural supplies become rare.

With proper management and aggressive expansion your settlement can grow to city sizes.

11. Stronghold Crusader HD

Stronghold Crusader HD let’s play from Shenyyr2

Stronghold Crusader HD is a mix of castle simulator and Real Time Strategy (RTS). The game focuses on the historic battles of the first, second, and third crusades.

You can play the game taking on the role of the invaders or the defenders. You get to mount assaults on your opponent’s walls with massive war machines.

Build and defend your own keep by deploying your armies to the wall or sending your mighty cavalry out to meet the challenge.

Build your fortress with the defenses that you think will keep your people the safest.

Use the terrain to help set your defenses. Force your enemy to face you on your terms.

10. Battle Brothers

Stronghold Crusader HD let’s play from zosh127

Battle Brothers is a turned based strategic RPG. You control a mercenary company as they battle their way across the landscape. While it does move away from a traditional medieval game with the inclusion of orcs, goblins, and the undead, the folks at Gamers Decide think it may still be worth your time.

Hire powerful mercenaries to help fill out your company and add their strength to your forces. Decide the fate of your mercenary band by choosing which contracts to take, strongholds to raid, and places to loot. Take part in epic end game threats such as a war with noble houses, an orc invasion, or the rise of the undead.

A detailed tactical map allows you to make decisions that matter.

A sprawling overland map gives you plenty of freedom to roam the world and decide your path.

9. Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy let’s play from Adrian Gaming

Ancestors Legacy is a brand new squad based RTS that lets you play through four dynamic campaigns across medieval Europe. Follow the stories of each campaign as you move from battle to battle. Use one of the mighty armies of history: Saxons, Vikings, Germans, and Slavs.

Use tactical combat decisions to defeat your enemy. Use the terrain to lure your opponent into traps. Hide your soldier in high grass and corn to ambush your opponents.

A great starter RTS for new player with slightly scaled back choices that focus on retelling the stories of history. The game lets you get stuck in without too much new terminology.

Detailed environments show beautiful battlefields to engage the enemy.

The environment reacts to the combat and shows the damage of war.

8. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare let’s play from Force Gaming

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a multiplayer focused hack and slash combat game.

In a medieval setting, players are divided into groups and face off against their opponents in various gameplay modes.

Chivalry gives you access to multiple classes with their own strengths and gameplay. Use the archer to fight from a distance or play the knight to use the heaviest armor and weapons from the frontline.

Experience variable play with different modes and maps that allow for a ton of variety.

Archers sacrifice armor for speed, but with the proper high ground you can get some good advantages.

Damage to your opponents can be used to disarm them and leave them helpless.

7. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt let’s play from Jesse Cox

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an over the shoulder action adventure game.

You play as Geralt of Rivia as he goes looking for his adopted daughter. She was last seen being chased by an otherworldly force known as the Wild Hunt. While stepping outside of a traditionally medieval setting, the folks at Gamers Decide think you might enjoy the focus on sword fighting and the simpler life depicted in the game.

In Witcher 3 you follow a dynamic story filled with excitement and twists. Explore exotic lands filled with unique NPC’s, daring quests, and dangerous monsters.

Develop and use multiple magical skills and abilities that allow you face more and more dangerous foes.

The skills of a Witcher can always be of service, even in less magical combat.

Travel a world populated with monsters. Be prepared to face them when things get dicey.

6. Total War: Arena

Total war: Arena let’s play from Angry Joe Show

Total War: Arena is a free to play, multi-player, team based, strategy game where players take on the role of famous generals from history.

Each player commands three units of up to 100 men and works in 10v10 battles to achieve victory. The game is currently in open beta and available for download.

While playing you get to explore various maps with a number of different troop types. Work with friends and allies to defeat your enemies.

Command archers, knights, and war machines into the best positions to annihilate your foes.

Using terrain to force multiple units to attack in a confined space can help give you an advantage.

Battles can feature several units and get chaotic quickly.

5. Medieval II: Total War

Medieval II: Total War let’s play from Saph

From the Golden age of Chivalry to the Conquest of the Americas, Medieval II covers a lot of time and territory.

This game moves back and forth from turn based strategic movement on an overland map to close ups of real-time strategy battles featuring up to 10,000 troops.

You get to take control of one of the twenty-two in game factions. Take control of signature units. Battle across Britain, Europe, and the Middle East.

Control massive armies, capture bases, towns, and other structures. Play through several dynamic campaigns based on historic events.

Strategic movement on the overland map gives you tons of strategic options.

Bring massive armies to bear on your foes. Make them sorry they invaded.

4. Grand Ages: Medieval

Grand Ages: Medieval let’s play from Quill18

Grand Ages: Medieval is a RTS that starts you as the governor of a small town.

Through trade, diplomacy, and war you build your empire and grow your territory until you rule all of Europe.

You get to command massive troop formations. Take part in a massive 4X game as you eXpand your territory, eXplore the lands surrounding you, eXploit the local resources, and eXterminate all who stand in your way.

Face off against devastating natural disasters such as the plague, volcanos, and earthquakes.

A typical day at the market.

Troops come over the hill at the enemy.

3. Expeditions: Conquistador

Expeditions: Conquistador let’s play from SplatterCatGaming

Expeditions: Conquistador is a squad based tactical RPG based on the Spanish invasion of Mexico and Hispaniola.

You make decisions which effect the story and its many branching paths. In the end you return to Spain with all of the treasure and gold that you gathered.

In Expeditions you follow an alternate history timeline that allows you to decide the fate of a nation. Each of your expedition members is unique with different skills, abilities, traits, and backgrounds.

Your choices are meaningful and carry weight. Your soldiers can die, a poor choice can lead to a harder fight.

Do you reject history and go a route of peace or follow it and attempt to win through conquest and war?

Intimate battle fields make every decision carry more weight.

The story of this world is advanced through the dialogue options you choose.

2. For Honor

For Honor let’s play from Strippin

In For Honor three factions have been tricked into fighting one another over resources. Vikings, Knights, and Samurai all battle on a three front war for domination of the area. Fight for supremacy in a series of battles ranging from 1 on 1 to massive sprawling invasions of castle walls and towers.

Choose a faction and stand for them. Make every victory count as you engage in brutal combat. Every faction holds multiple warriors with various fighting styles and weapons.

Learn them all or find the one that fits your play style the best and bring your people victory. Follow the lore of the game through a single player campaign that shows you the story from each faction’s viewpoint.

This is the one game on this list I’ve played and it’s fast, fun, and exciting. Get a couple of friends on skype and go to town for some good old fashioned fun.

Amazing set pieces fill the story campaign with memorable combats.

Dominion mode has you fighting for control points alongside masses of your own troops.

1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance you take on the role of Henry, a blacksmith's son. After invading soldiers destroy your village, murder your mother, and steal your father’s sword you set off on a mission of revenge. You follow Henry’s story from lowly peasant to noble knight and possibly beyond.

Play in a dynamic, historically accurate world where every skill comes at a price. Take part in a wonderful story campaign that pits you against impossible odds.

Improve all of your skills through use of the game's robust leveling system. The more you use something the more skills, moves, and tricks you gain access to.

Follow the quest and avenge your parents.

Combat is quick and brutal where one wrong move can be disastrous.

Meeting the locals can offer many opportunities to you.

There you go folks. Are there any games missing? Let us know in the comments down below.

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