For Honor Tier List [Strongest and Weakest Characters Revealed]

for honor tier list
The three vanguard heroes come looking for trouble

Which Are The Best Characters in For Honor?

For this tier list, we will be focusing on how well each hero performs in the 4v4 competitive game modes. 

    The following tier list will categorize each hero into S-tier, A-tier, B-tier, C-tier, and D-tier. S-tier heroes are the best heroes, they will have good duel potential, good group fighting potential, and the best perks for 4v4 competitive game modes.

A-tier heroes are almost as good as S-tier heroes but do not have what makes them the best, so they might have some of the best perks and be an excellent duelist but are only pretty good at group fights. B-tier heroes are pretty good at everything, they’re good duelists and group fighters will have some good perks, but are just not the best.

C-tier heroes can be pretty good at one aspect, be it dueling, group fights, or having good perks, but ultimate lack in the other areas. D-tier heroes might be good situationally, but their weaknesses will far outweigh any strengths they might have. 

S-Tier Heroes

#1 Shaman (Tier-S)

Hailing from the frozen wilds of the Vikings homeland of Valkenheim, Shaman excels not only at one on one duels but is also a monster in 4v4 game modes. She savagely attacks foes with her knife and sacrificial dagger, causing them to bleed so she can enter her Blood Trance. She can then heal from attacks and use a unique neck bite attack to deal heavy damage. Because of her versatile moveset and excellent perks, Shaman is easily the best hero for 4v4 competitive game modes. The shortlist below gives the reasons why Shaman is the best. 

  • Blood Trance ability is amazing. Works very well in group fights with other characters who can cause bleeding. Blood Trance is also an excellent tool for 1v1 fights 
  • Her unblockable tackle attack can stun opponents and leave opponents open to heavy attacks from other teammates. Along with that, her unblockable neck bite attack from Blood Trance will pin opponents allowing allies to follow up with a heavy attack after the Shaman has delivered her high damage bite
  • Her trap perks give her excellent map control. These perks include a stunning trap that blinds opponents and drains their stamina or a nail bomb trap that will bleed the opponent sending the Shaman into a Blood Trance as soon as the fight starts. She is also the only assassin with the health-restoring Second Wind perk which heals the hero immediately for a small portion of health.
  • Excellent duelist with a tricky and nimble move set that can end fights quickly 

Overall Power Level: 99/100

A-Tier Heroes

#1 Raider (Tier-A)

Raider is another Viking that is a great choice for the 4v4 game modes. Raiders are the frontline of the Viking’s forces, wielding Dane axes that take big chunks out of their enemies with every swing. The Raider boasts one of the highest damage outputs in the game and their heavy wide swings are excellent for taking out multiple opponents if you are ever outnumbered. The Raider also has one of the best group fight tools with his unblockable stampede charge. 

  • Raider’s high damage output makes them a huge threat in a duel scenario where one mistake can sometimes cost you half of your health. It also makes them a huge threat in group fights, especially with his special attack Raider’s Fury that unleashes a wide, high damaging swing as a combo finisher. 
  • Raider’s unblockable Stampede Charge allows the raider to take enemies by surprise and take them out of the fight for a few seconds so that their allies can deliver serious damage to them. 
  •  Their perks allow the Raider to recover health instantly, reduce the amount of stamina they use, buff allies, and the use of a firebomb that explodes over a wide area, dealing constant damage. 

Overall Power Level: 95/100

#2 Black Prior (Tier-A)

The Black Prior is the Knight’s newest hero and he is a force to be reckoned with. The Black Priors are members of an order that does not follow the conventional rules of honor, they are allowed to be as brutal as they want to win the fight. Their massive shield and sword give the Black Prior an amazing defensive advantage as they can counter any attack, even unblockables, with their Bulwark Stance. However, this stance can be countered by an enemy grab attack. The Black Priors also have amazing perks that allow him to protect teammates and keep themselves in the fight. 

  • Bulwark Stance allows the Black Prior to counter literally any attack in the game by flipping the enemy over them like a pancake. This flip is immediately followed up by an unblockable sweep attack that damages all heroes around them
  • The shield bash attacks let Black Prior stun opponents so allies and themselves can hit the opponent hard.
  • Black Prior’s perks are extremely unique. They can save teammates by giving them a shield on top of their health bar, heal whenever they are in Bulwark Stance, take away health shields from enemies, and buff all nearby teammates with a health shield every few seconds once the perk is activated. 

Overall Power Ranking: 90/100

#3 Lawbringer (Tier-A)

The Lawbringer is one of the Knight’s hybrid characters. He is a hulking mass of solid armor, swinging around his poleaxe to deliver high damaging counter-attacks, take enemies out of the fights, and, of course, justice in its most pure form. He also has perks that give him grenades that can deal high damage in a small area. Below are the reasons the Lawbringer is such a formidable force of justice. 

  • His running attack allows him to impale foes with his poleaxe and push them around. 
  • Has access to his signature high damaging counterattack. He also can use his impale attack as a counterattack, a stunning but low damage light counterattack, and a medium damage unblockable attack that sweeps over a large area
  • His perks give him access to grenades that do medium amounts of damage over a small area, excellent in group fights. He also has access to a perk that marks a single enemy for death, lowering their defense and causing them to take more damage.

Overall Power Level: 88/100

#4 Hitokiri (Tier-A)

    The Hitokiri is the newest, terrifying addition to the ranks of the Samurai. They are ghostly executioners that have lost all faith in humanity, serving only to punish those they deem as criminals. With their massive ax, they can deliver crushing, uninterruptible blows that can be followed up by a kick to guarantee even more damage. They have a unique set of powerful perks centered around getting executions and one very powerful perk that is usually instant death for the opponent unless they are under some sort of intense defense buff. The reasons you should be terrified by the Hitokiri are as follows:

  • Very strong dueling potential with uninterruptible attacks and kick follow up. Hitokiri also has an unblockable heavy attack that activates when charging a normal heavy attack.
  • Very strong group fighting potential because of unblockable, high damaging, heavy attacks that are also uninterruptible. Also, their final perk allows you to instantly kill one opponent, ending many fights quickly
  • The Hitokiri has perks that make executing enemies easier and reward them for it with a defensive buff until they are killed 

Overall Power Level: 85/100

B- Tier

#1 Kensei (Tier-B)

The Kensei is the quintessential Samurai hero. Their name means “Sword Saint” and their grace and skill on the battlefield reflects that. They have a longer range than a lot of heroes due to the nodachi they use, a long single-bladed sword. They have a very versatile moveset that has access to many dodge attacks, uninterruptible attacks, an unblockable bash attack, and a heavy damage unblockable combo ender. Their perks are somewhat lackluster, except for their final perks which makes ALL of their attacks unblockable. The Kensei is a hero that is not amazing but is not awful. They are a good and balanced character that skilled players will like. The reasons why Kensei is the first pick for B tier are listed below.

  • Decent at duels because of the many options they have available but lacks a lot of the better offensive tools seen in higher tier characters
  • Not bad in group fights either because of their access to dodge attacks and a quick striking zone attack.
  • Perks are not as amazing or unique as some of the other heroes but the unblockable perk can sometimes really make the difference in late-game fights were crucial kills can crumble your enemies

Overall Power Ranking: 80/100

#2 Jiang Jun (Tier-B)

The Jiang Jun is a heavy class character from the Wu Lin faction. He is a general in the Wu Lin army and one of the most experienced warriors among all of the heroes. He uses a Guandao, a Chinese glaive that excels at slow, wide sweeping attacks. His special ability, Sifu’s Stance, allows him to recover stamina quickly and dodge attacks. He also has access to perks that allow him to restore health to his allies and isolate enemies to make it harder for others to help them. However, Jiang Jun has a few downsides that keep him from being the best. 

  • Though many of his attacks are slow, his wide-sweeping attacks, unblockable attacks, dodge attacks, and Sifu’s Stance make him a formidable group fighter. A good Jiang Jun will be able to stall the enemy long enough for his friends to arrive in the nick of time
  • Has some quick attacks but overall not the greatest 1v1 fighter. Some of his attacks are predictable and can be punished heavily if used too much. 
  • His perks can really help keep the team in a fight since he can restore the health of himself and those nearby him with the Healing Mist perk. As said above he can also isolate an enemy with Fiery Barrage, which creates a ring around a single opponent, stunning all others who enter (or exit) the burning ring of fire. 

Overall Power Level: 77/100

#3 Berserker (Tier-B)

The Berserkers are the savage, ax flinging, warriors of the Vikings. While not quite as feral in behavior as the Shaman their attacks still hit with animalistic fury. They have high damage, single target offense with their quick light attacks and brutal unblockable combo enders. They have an infinite combo chain that features uninterruptible attacks that help them sustain their offense. Like all assassins, they also have a deflect attack that grants a free grab and heavy attack. However, they have some shortcomings. Reasons Berserkers are not totally unhinged killing machines are as follows:

  • While their offensive capabilities are excellent in duels, the correct read from an opponent can lead to a high damage punish that will put a lot of your hard work to shame
  • Berserkers are good at group fights due to their ability to deal high damage with their unblockable attacks. However, unsafe use of the uninterruptible attacks and trading attacks with opponents can lead to your demise sooner than you think. 
  • Perks for Berserkers are pretty good as they include things like the ability to use a throwing ax, add a bleed effect to the dual axes, or significant buffs to the Berserker’s speed, defense, and attack. 

Overall Power Level: 75/100

#4 Shaolin (Tier-B)

The Shaolin is a unique Wu Lin warrior who uses a staff. While this weapon may seem a bit more crude than the swords, axes, and spears used by the other characters the Shaolin uses it with deadly efficiency, beating his opponents mercilessly with it. The Shaolin also has access to a special ability called a Qi Stance, which gives him special offensive and defensive maneuvers. But you may find this monkey king wannabe to not be as amazing as you’d think, see below. 

  • The Shaolin has good range with his staff and is an excellent duelist due to his options from Qi Stance and excellent triple light attack combo. He is also the only hybrid character with a deflect attack
  • He is good in team fights when fighting with his allies as he has access to unblockable attacks from Qi Stance to support his allies. However, he’s not great when he is outnumbered because his Qi Stance attacks have a high recovery period when they are blocked and leave him open to attacks
  • His perks are quite good, allowing him to heal teammates when landing Qi attacks, teleport behind enemies to kick them and teleport to teammates in trouble to even up the odds. He also has a perk that lets him place a Qi Trap that lasts the whole game and reveals the location of every enemy player
  • The biggest flaw is that his Qi Stance, while very flashy with some cool moves, has very unimpressive damage compared to other heroes. If you play as Shaolin you will have to work for your damage as opposed to someone like Raider who can take about half health from someone in two moves

Overall Power Level: 72/100

#5 Conqueror (Tier-B)

Conquerors are conscripted criminals that have risen through the ranks of the Knight’s forces. They sport a shield and a brutal flail as their weapons of choice. The conqueror is mostly a defensive hero and focuses mainly on using his all-block stance to predict enemies and punish them with bone-crushing blows from his flail. However, he still has some major problems going for him that keep him from being in the A-tier. 

  • Unless you are very good at reading opponents a great deal of your damage may come from shield bashes that lead into light attacks. Most people will just dodge this, meaning your overall damage may be quite low
  • His all-block stance is excellent. He can cancel attacks into it, meaning it is a great prediction tool to deal heavy counter attack damage.
  • He can wind up heavy attacks to deal extra damage and make them unblockable, the start-up of his heavy attacks also have superior guard on them. This means that if you let a heavy fly right when the enemy is about to land an attack, they will bounce off your attack and yours will land
  • His perks are okay, his most noticeable being the ones that let him heal on block and deal damage with his shield bashes. The rest of his perks, especially his endgame perks, are somewhat lackluster

Overall Power Level: 70/100


#1 Warden (Tier-C)

First up in the C-tier are the Wardens. They are members of an order within the Knights dedicated to defending their land and its people. Truly, they are what most people think of when they think of a noble Knight. Despite being known as masters of the longsword their bread and butter ability is the shoulder bash, an extremely good offensive tool. But, not everything works well for this noble warrior, he has some major flaws that stop him from being any better than C-tier, at least in the 4v4 modes. 

  • Shoulder bash is an incredible offensive move in 1v1 situations because it is a truly unpredictable offense.  However, in group fight situations this move can easily be interrupted if it is not charged in time, negating the Warden’s effectiveness
  • Sadly, Warden’s move list is also quite limited. He has decent chain combos but shoulder bash is where it's at. Also, if your opponent reads you correctly, the shoulder bash can be heavily punished. 
  • Warden has some solid perks. He can increase renown gain to get his late-game perks faster, negate bleed damage completely, and a map-wide damage boost for his allies

Overall Power Level: 69/100 

#2 Aramusha (Tier-C)

Aramusha are Samurai who have fallen from grace. They now serve as mercenaries, bodyguards, and brute enforcers to many of the Samurai houses. Aramusha is essentially Kensei’s drunk brother who can make short work of his enemies with his dual katanas. His moveset allows him to attack swiftly with an infinite combo chain to keep the pressure on his opponents and keep them guessing with a lot of feints. He also has a move called Blade Blockade that allows him to follow up guarded attacks with a kick, stunning punch, a quick heavy attack, or an unblockable heavy. However, despite his high damage output there are things that keep him from being as good as his other Samurai comrades. 

  • While the idea of using many feints to confuse your opponent and confirm damage may seem easy but the feint attacks are actually easier to react to and guard than other light attacks in the game. Meaning the Aramusha can be heavily punished by a quick-thinking opponent
  • He has high damaging attacks that can kill an opponent quickly if they make the wrong prediction
  • He has no really good tools to help him win group fights. He can apply some pressure when helping allies but not as good as other heroes above his tier, also has trouble when outnumbered 
  • His perks are pretty good. His Rock Steady perk makes it so he can’t be knocked down when out of stamina or staggered against a wall. 

Overall Power Level: 65/100

#3 Nuxia (Tier-C)

Nuxia are the assassin class characters from the Wu Lin faction. They are skilled dancers and warriors that use their hook swords with deadly efficiency and grace. They can use a special trap move to crack open very defensive opponents and get past their guard, entangling their weapons and allowing her to stab them. While fast light attacks and trap abilities may seem overpowered, there are reasons she is lacking compared to the other assassins. 

  • While she has fast lights they are relatively low damage, other characters can do three times as much damage in a single combo chain. Her traps are good but better players will easily react to them and punish Nuxia heavily for abusing them.
  • Her traps are good in a group fight if she can land them but the long animations leave her vulnerable to attack from other enemies. 
  • Her second perk, Caltrops, is one of the best in the game and is great for stalling out enemies or controlling parts of the map. 

Overall Power Ranking: 63/100

#4 Nobushi (Tier-C)

The Nobushi is everyone’s favorite female Samurai. She wears the lightest of the Samurai armor, stylish robes with shoulder armor and a mysterious mask with a hat. However, her looks are incredibly deceiving. Nobushi are the guardians of villages and towns, too far away to be protected by the Samurai’s main army and use their exotic naginata with deadly efficiency. If you underestimate her you will surely find all your blood drained onto the ground before you. She has a unique ability called hidden stance that lets her dodge many attacks and follow up with moves that cause her opponent to bleed. Her naginata also does bonus damage to bleeding enemies. However, she is lacking in key areas that would make her an otherwise excellent hero.

  • While hidden stance is good at avoiding many attacks and has good options to counter-attack with it is a horrible offensive move with very obvious animations. Therefore it is hard for Nobushi to keep the pressure on. 
  • Her damage output in general is quite low if the opponent is not bleeding and it can be hard to land bleed attacks on better opponents
  • She has access to a kick attack but it can be reacted to and punished by a dodge attack or a grab
  • She has a very good selection of perks that allow her to support her teammates, such as Speed Revive, and also perks to support herself like Fire Trap or Sharpen Blade to do extra bleed damage. 

Overall Power Ranking: 60/100

#5 Tiandi (Tier-C)

The Tiandi is a member of the royal guard for the Wu Lin and are dedicated to protecting their charge. Much like the rest of the Wu Lin, they move elegantly and strike hard with their signature weapon: the dao. They are dodge specialists and can even cancel out the recovery of their attacks into dodge attacks or cancel dodge attacks into other dodge attacks to keep the battle momentum flowing. However, he is probably the weakest of the Vanguard-class of heroes. 

  • Tiandi does low damage overall compared to heroes like Raider or even Lawbringer. 
  • Has two types of dodge attacks, one very fast but low damage attack and a longer dodge that can nullify some hard mix-ups. 
  • Has two unblockable bash attacks: Palm strike and a kick. Palm strike is a good tool but its short range can leave Tiandi open to punishment, not a good tool in team fights. His kick is great for team fights because of the distance it launches opponents, effectively taking them out of the fight for a few seconds. 
  • His perks are okay. He has some unique perks that help him survive in group fights but other than that most Tiandi players will use Battlecry or Morale Booster to buff their entire team

Overall Power Ranking: 59/100

#6 Shinobi (Tier-C)

Shinobi are members of a secret society within the Samurai where they are trained to be precise and silent killers. They can use their signature weapons, the kusarigama, deliver long-range attacks and deliver a high damaging grab combo that tears people apart and also bleeds their opponent. They are possibly the most nimble character in the game, their kit giving them access to dodges, rolls, and stylish backflips to reposition themselves during a fight. Oh, they can also run like Naruto. Despite all this, the Shinobi lacks in a lot of areas, though he is far from being the worst assassin. 

  • Excellent damage in a 1v1 situation. They have access to high damage punishes and their long-range grab attack is good at chunking the enemy’s health. However, his kit is very defensive and most players will have trouble launching a sustained offense because of predictable moves. 
  • Shinobi has the lowest amount of health in the game, making fights against heroes like Raider and other hard hitters difficult as one mistake will likely result in the Shinobi being torn apart like a piece of wet paper
  • Probably the fastest character in the game with their ability to run like Naruto increasing their speed to catch up to opponents and get into the fight faster. 
  • Good in team fights due to his long-range attacks. A good Shinobi will stay out of the opponent's line of sight, letting his allies do most of the damage but peppering the enemy with long-range lights and the occasional grab that will throw them off guard

Overall Power Ranking: 55/100

#7 Valkyrie (Tier-C)

According to For Honor lore, the Valkyrie has made a deal with the gods to fight for those who cannot, to earn them a place in the halls of Valhalla. The Valkyrie is an expert scout and tracker, attacking swiftly and brutally. Her spear and buckler giver her good options, ranging from a leg sweep to a crushing shield bash. She can also dodge backward into an all-block stance to avoid attacks and stop enemies in their tracks. But despite her large muscles, quick speed, and intricate combos, Valkyrie has a few problems that hold her back. 

  • Overall low damage. Most of her damage comes from her light attacks and because her spear sweep is very reactable you will likely not land it against better opponents. This is very bad since the sweep is her most damaging move as it can be followed up by a ground stab for big damage. 
  • Her spear sweep can also knock over allies, taking away from her group fight potential. She’s very good at sweeping people off their feet
  • Her offense is a bit limited since it boils down to using shield bashes over and over to confirm light damage. If you get creative you might be able to land some heavier attacks. 
  • Her perks are decent. The only perk that really stands out is Scout as it marks all enemies on the field, revealing their locations and lowering their defense. 

Overall Power Ranking: 54/100


#1 Highlander (Tier-D)

The Highlander is a kilt-wearing, claymore wielding, high damage-dealing monster. They have access to a special offensive stance that gives them access to a unique kick attack, grapple attack, and high damage unblockable heavy attacks. The Highlander is described as a technical fighter as his strategy revolves around getting into his offensive stance and staying in it for as long as possible to deliver lots of damage. 

  • Highlander has the potential to deal a lot of damage during offensive stance but good dodge attacks like Tiandi’s can negate a lot of his moves. Therefore, he is inconsistent and is great against certain characters but awful against others. This inconsistency is what lands him in D- tier
  • Some of, if not the best mix-ups in the game when using offensive stance correctly. Most of his offensive stance attacks can be canceled into other ones to keep the enemy guessing 
  • Decent in group fights when with allies because of offensive stance but struggles on his own when he is outnumbered. 
  • Perks are excellent, especially Spear Storm. Which is capable of wiping entire teams.

Overall Power Ranking: 51/100

#2 Centurion (Tier-D)

Centurion has had an interesting history. During season 2 he dominated the battlefield but has unfortunately received many nerfs to his impressive kit. Centurion is a fan favorite of many players because of his personality and catchphrases. Centurion relies on variably charged heavy attacks to do damage and pin his opponents in place, allowing him to knock them on their back and deliver a devastating ground stab. Centurion can also follow up and heavy attack with a haymaker punch to stun them or knock them on their feet. Below are the reasons why Centurion is so much fun to play as but ultimately falters. 

  • Centurion’s variable heavies can also be canceled into a grab attack to always keep the opponent guessing. However, his light attacks are slow compared to other characters and don’t give him access to his punches, making them mostly useless
  • The pin attack followed by a knock over punch into ground stab can be devastating when allies, confirming huge damage or sometimes instant death. 
  • He has a strong counterattack where he knees the opponent in the face on a successful parry which confirms damage and can confirm a pin attack if the opponent hits a wall after being kneed. 
  • His perks are okay, nothing super special except for haymaker which adds damage to his punches.  Or Pugio which gives him a throwing knife that pins his enemies for a few seconds. 

Overall Power Ranking: 50/100

#3 Shugoki (Tier-D)

Shugoki is a hulking monster of a hero. They are the guardians of the Samurai and fight with an unbreakable will. He wields a giant club, a kanabo, with indomitable strength and can unleash devastating unblockable charged heavy attacks. Most of Shugoki’s attacks are also uninterruptible, stopping his offense may be very difficult. Shugoki also has access to a unique move called Demon’s Embrace that allows him to “hug” the enemy, breaking their back and healing him for a bit of health. However, despite having the strength of a demon, the Shugoki falters in a few areas.

  • Excellent damage if you can pull off a fully charged swing.
  • Most attacks are uninterruptible, including his light attacks, making it easy for Shugoki to trade hits with many characters. However, a smart opponent will bait out the light attacks and punish Shugoki. 
  • No dodge attack, slow attacks, and overall slow speed make it very easy to dodge or completely roll out of a lot of Shugoki’s combos and attacks including his Demon’s Embrace
  • His uninterruptible attacks are excellent for group fights and his perks allow him to knock enemies on their feet with heavy attacks or throw them long distances

Overall Power Level: 47/100

#4 Orochi (Tier-D)

The Orochi is the swift, katana-wielding, killers of the Samurai faction. They move through the battlefield like a ghost striking fear into the hearts of their opponents. The Orochi specializes in using fast light attacks and dodge attacks to dance around their opponent. They also have access to excellent counterattack options and a high damaging deflect attack. However, a well-practiced player will see the Orochi becomes more like a sheet ghost with a katana than a phantom of death.

  • Orochi has no unblockable attacks except for his deflect attack but this will likely not activate often in a group fight. Especially if the Orochi is helping an ally. 
  • Players who are good at blocking lights will easily punish the Orochi if they spam light attacks
  • Overall low damage as most attacks will be light attacks
  • Perks are okay at best, can be used to stun opponents or deal a little extra damage with the Kunai throwing knife perk. 

Overall Power Ranking: 44/100

#5 Peacekeeper (Tier-D)

The Peacekeeper is one of the Knight’s assassin characters and everyone’s favorite kidney stabber. Her main strategy involves trying to make the opponent bleed as much as possible as each of her bleed attacks stack onto the opponent. Also, when her opponent bleeds she can keep the pressure on as her lights won’t be staggered on block. The Peacekeeper also has great synergy with Shaman, much like Nobushi. But is she any more use than a supplement to Shaman’s abilities?

  • Canceling heavies into dagger stabs that cause bleed are excellent for offense and following those up with light attacks really keeps the pressure going.
  • Much like Orochi, her only unblockable is a deflect attack. Therefore, an opponent with good reaction times or reads will punish the Peacekeeper with heavy damage.
  • Her dodge attacks are highly damaging and give a free dagger stab for extra bleed damage.
  • Because she has no unblockable attacks she has trouble applying pressure to opponents in group fights

Overall Power Level: 42/100

#6 Warlord (Tier-D)

Warlord is very much what many people think of when they think of a Viking. A giant warrior with a big shield that hits like a freight train. Warlord excels at trading blows with opponents due to his uninterruptible heavy attacks. He is also good at harassing opponents with his quick headbutt attack that confirms a light attack. He can also deflect incoming attacks with light attacks and shield bash as a counterattack. He also has access to a full block stance that has good counter attack options. The Warlord can also toss his enemies around like dust in the wind using his shield, allowing him to get easy environmental kills. However, the shield of the Vikings underperforms in 4v4 competitive game modes. 

  • His high health, excellent defense, and punishes make him a hero that is good at surviving. 
  • His full block attacks deal relatively low damage compared to similar skills and damage is not always guaranteed
  • Headbutt and his shield crash are excellent tools for helping allies in a group fight
  • Has decent perks, including one that allows him to auto-revive himself if he is not executed
  • Unfortunately outclassed by many other heroes who can do his job better

Overall Power Ranking: 40/100

#7 Jormungandr (Tier-D)

The Jormungandr are members of a Viking cult that worship the World Serpent from Norse mythology and the new hero for season 11. They await the second Ragnarok, the Vikings version of the end of the world. The Jormungandr specialize in bullying their opponent with stamina draining moves. If their opponent is out of stamina all of these draining moves will instead knock their opponent flat on their back, at which point the Jormungandr can use their signature Hammer Slam to crush their opponent for very high damage. Though these harbingers of Ragnarok may seem formidable, they are not nearly as frightening as you may think. 

  • Can put most opponents out of stamina with a single block followed by a hammer bash counter-attack. They have excellent stamina pressure.
  • Most of their stamina draining moves can be dodged on reaction or are very short range. This atrocious range means Jormungandr has trouble fighting when outnumbered
  • Excellent synergy in group fights with heroes like Centurion who have moves that can put the opponent on the ground. 
  • Jormungandr has to work a lot for their Hammer Slam against good opponents. Because of this, their offense is very lacking compared to other heroes
  • Their perks give added benefits to their stamina draining moves and the Hammer Slam. They also have a perk called Twilight of the Gods where they slam their hammer on the ground, causing enemies around them to fall over and take damage. However, this perk can be interrupted by an observant opponent.

Overall Power Ranking: 30/100

#8 Gladiator (Tier-D)

The Gladiator is a warrior who lives the roar of the crowd and the promise of payment. They use their trident to skewer enemies and make them bleed and their bucklers to bash their opponents into submission. They have a special toe stab ability that is an excellent tool to interrupt enemies, this toe stab also knocks enemies on the floor when they’re out of stamina. Admittedly, the Gladiator is far from being the best in 4v4 modes for the following reasons:

  • Toe stab is excellent for stunning opponents in a team fight, leaving them open for teammates to attack. Gladiator struggles when fighting outnumbered though, his skewer can be interrupted and none of his moves really excel and keeping back other enemies
  • He has very high damage out of stamina punishes. His unblockable skewer move can be used to bait opponents into trying something he can counter.
  • His perks are only mediocre. Nothing super special or broken that makes him excel in one area. 

Overall Power Ranking: 20/100

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of this tier list. Hopefully, this has given you some insight as to the current meta of For Honor’s 4v4 game modes and what characters you should look out for. If you main a low tier character there is no shame in it as most tier lists are very subjective and you might perform very well regardless! Now go out there and shed some blood in the name of your favorite faction!


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