Valentine's Day will bring a massacre in 2017, “For Honor” promises bloodshed!

For Honor new hack and slash game
Ubisoft's 'For Honor" to be released February of 2017

Will Ubisoft's “For Honor” bring competitive hack and slash games into the mainstream?

Ubisoft's new hack and slash game that is scheduled to come out February 14th of 2017 looks to be a very in depth game that could breath new life into the genre for the competitive scene. The game is called “For Honor” and it looks to be a style of game that the world has never seen before. It combines different factions with different styles of fighters in each, there are Samurais, Vikings and Knights right now as of the beta game play footage that I have seen, and all of them looked like a lot of fun to play. So the question for me is... after all is said and done and everyone has played their fill, will there be a competitive seen to follow?


What makes “For Honor” different than the other games?

Hack and slash and fighting games have long been dethroned by shooters and MOBAs for some years now, largely do to the fact that the best of them are mostly 2d button mashers. “For Honor” is a much more in depth game, the game plays on a far larger map with a feasible 3d play style. The biggest change is that it brings a huge “outplay” potential to combatants that most other games don't, I am not taking shots at games like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter since I grew up on those games. On a lot of levels though “For Honor” brings a new dimension to player, it takes what is largely used in single player games and has successfully adapted it to multi-player.


What would it take for “For Honor” to revive the hack and slash scene?


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