[Top 15] Best Sword Fighting Games That Are Amazing

Best Sword Fighting Games
​Tis’ but a scratch!

Welcome to sword fighting games. This one will be pretty similar to the last article and will involve plenty of carnage, bravery, or cowardice, “dodge this you bastard” and plenty of other memes which will make you giggle.

I’ll include games with varying popularity, gameplay, and graphics - I will also mention games that are a bit underrated in my opinion and story-focused singleplayer games. Anyways, let’s get to it:


Dodge this, you bastard! - I think I have even repeated this stupid sentence in my previous article, but it never gets old. Especially when the character saying it gets his head chopped off. Welcome to Mordhau, a game where you can brutally kill your opponents by chopping off their limbs, heads, crushing their heads, shooting them with bows, trampling them with horses, kick them off edges - this game is sickening. I love it!

Did you know that you could cut somebody’s arm off and watch them still run around? Yes, and they can still use those couple of seconds to kill you. That’s how ridiculous this game is. Try it out, it’s a lovely gorefest!


What honor is there exactly when you’re facing off 2 opponents repeatedly hitting you with warhammers and katanas? Anyways, this game is pretty cool in terms of class selection and complex combat system - you’ll find it rewarding the more you polish your skills in this game!

The game might seem a tad difficult for newcomers, matter of fact, you can expect to be stomped - but that’s the beauty of For Honor, its steep learning curve will keep you in touch with this game for days to come. Try it out!

13. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

This is a perfect game if you want to engage in large-scale battles in which you’ll fight for fortresses, collect loot and enhance your army into a stronger and bigger one as hours stack in. 

The quality of your army matters for future conquests of lands, thus collecting the in-game currency called Influence is also important for boosting your army’s morale and keeping it cohesive throughout your journey. It allows you to hire more people and generally do more stuff. The game is grindy, but in a good way - you’ll love it and have fun!

12. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

What’s there to say about this lovely piece of cake? Plenty! You can buy ingredients from an alchemist and craft poisons, put them in stews of unsuspecting foes and watch them fall to the ground. Or you could do a more honorable thing and duel them - it’s up to you!

You can also engage in quests and picklock stuff for treasures. It’s like Skyrim, but it’s not Skyrim. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions when you try out this game!

11. Blade and Sorcery

Do you want to cut someone’s head off in VR? Great, this game will surely deliver the content that you need - unless you’re too poor to afford a VR headset(I know that feel, bro).

In this game you’ll be either slashing your foes to bits, shooting them with bows, or using sorcery to burn them alive, shock them or completely dismember them - perfect game if you’re a psychopath!

10. GORN

My first reaction to this game was - what in the flying **** did I just see? You’ll be playing as a gladiator killing other people who are overly muscular and aggressive. They walk in a funny way, so make sure to not die of laughter!

You will also have access to multiple weapons to slaughter your enemies with. The game has plenty of gore and generally ridiculous gameplay, so if you’re rich enough to own a VR, try it out!

9. Hellish Quart

I’ve mentioned this game somewhere in one of my other articles, but it deserves a second mention - this game will let you participate in realistic duels where you can either severely hurt yourself or your opponents - cutting somebody’s head off, arms, or just simply stabbing someone to death or till they yield. Fun game with intense gameplay - awesome for a short-term dose of fun!

8. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

The only co-op game that I like is Left 4 Dead, but this game completely blew my mind away with its awesome graphics, combat, and storyline. I never felt so much satisfaction from gruesomely dismembering my opponents and bathing in their blood.

You’ll be able to play as one out of  4 classes, each class has its specializations that you can choose. Opponents will either come in large swarms and be easier to kill or in smaller numbers but way tougher to kill.

7. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

This video will show you perfectly what it does to the mental health of fellow gamers. Now you might say, why would I destroy my keyboard playing this game, when I can play a different fu-ing game? Well…

This game is a lot like Dark Souls, you’ll be playing against OP bosses, fail multiple times, but feel an enormous dopamine rush each time you succeed. Graphics are gorgeous and the combat system is hard as hell to master, but I can assure you that you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something for finishing this game. You’ll earn the title of a pRo GaMeR!

6. Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™

A game where you can shame somebody to the point where they betray you, where you can either treat your foes with mercy or annihilation - a game where you will slaughter plenty of orcs with hideous faces and bad tempers!

Go on a journey where you’ll encounter special mobs, maybe slaughter them in a gruesome fashion, take over forts, recruit cool orcs or be betrayed by uncool orcs, collect loot and spend millions of hours in this game!

5. Monster Hunter: World

What do you do in this game? You go on a journey where you’ll either go fishing or collect monster tracks where they’ll lead you to an epic boss fight - afterward you can carve out their heart and use it to improve your gear.

Slaughter the monsters you encounter with a long list of weapons in this gorgeous and diverse world of many threats and kinder surprise eggs.

4. Nioh 2

If you want to continue playing a game that will pretty much never end, then Nioh 2 is for you - it provides endless gameplay till you’re sick and bored of it. Besides the challenging and complex combat system and general difficulty of the game, you’ll fall in love with the graphics and the storyline!

Some people might complain about controls in this game, but you’ll easily adapt to them after a couple of hours of gameplay. You can also come up with your builds, so you don’t get bored too fast. IMO, the developers put their heart into this game and delivered a sweet cake!


A weeb Dark Souls game. Nuff Said… Just kidding, this game lets you design your character in many ways, so you can always feel unique. Yay. In terms of weapons and combat, you can equip yourself with massive 2-handed swords that you’ll wield like it’s nothing, or you could just use magic.

The game in terms of progress is pretty linear and simple, you’ll have to use your currency properly to keep up with upcoming foes and bosses, graphics also seem pretty and slightly cartoonish, which in my opinion, is a nice thing in terms of being unique. Try it out, you might fall in love with this weeb-y game!


This is where tears begin. This is where you’ll die at least 30 times before defeating a boss. You need 2 things in this game - patience, and determination, this game also does a great job at creating a sense of progress as you continue on your journey.

The unremastered version had problems with bugs and FPS, but this cupcake does a great job at fixing those issues and offering gorgeous graphics in this dark fantasy world. Also, don’t listen to the people saying that it’s too hard - you’ll love this game anyways!

1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

An intense, action-packed, gore-filled video game where you’ll be playing as a badass cyborg called Raiden. You’ll be able to slice your foes in whichever direction you want them to be sliced in, but you could also take a more stealthy approach towards your enemies. 

What I liked the most about this game are the bosses and their personalities - one of my favorites was the politician Armstrong - he gave out a speech that was the baddest thing I’ve ever heard about America which holds true to this day!

With an epic storyline and intense gameplay at all times, there’s no other game that deserves the first spot in my opinion. Even though the game was released back in 2013, you will still find this game to be incredible. Hands-down, a masterpiece of the previous decade!

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