[TOP 5] DMC 5 Best Red Orb Farm Methods

DMC 5 Best Red Orb Farm
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Do you want to learn how to be a Red Orb millionnaire?

I think it’s safe to say that in Devil May Cry, style is everything. Sometimes, it’s even synonymous with each other. But to be stylish means to get upgrades. To get upgrades means needing more Red Orbs to spend.

The big problem for most players is either they don’t have time or patience. I mean, it’s not surprising that we love to get unlimited orbs. Most of the time, that’s not the case. We have to play the game over and over again to get to maybe 1,000,000.

But what if I told you there were ways to farm and get red orbs with little to no effort? I’ll be revealing all of the best farm methods in DMC 5 and how to get millions of Red Orbs instantly.

5. Save Wizard (3rd party extension)

Save Wizard tutorial

This first method is the easiest one, but it does require having to get an extension for your PC, laptop, or console. I do not condone pirating things and stealing over the internet, but this is a good way to get almost the maximum number of orbs. It just needs a little bit of time and expert handiwork.

The Save Wizard is at #5 because it does require having to quit the game and doing a little more technical things. It’s a quick and easy method, but mainly only for those who don’t have the time of day or any patience to go through the game over and over again. 

This method is an instant success story when it comes to obtaining red orbs. You have to load the software into your gaming set and let the magic happen (which is why it’s called the Save Wizard). This guarantees a max number of Red Orbs (at 99,999,999) in around 2 hours.

How Save Wizard works 

  • Completely close the game
  • Load in Save Wizard
  • Instant cash out
  • A bit of patience

4. Cheesing Red Orb spawning trees

Red Orb trees location

This method is one of the basic ones in all of Devil May Cry. In the game, some trees spawn a collection of Red Orbs. What’s great about these trees is that they always produce the amount of Red Orbs depending on the rank on your style meter. In simple terms, the higher your style, the higher your red orbs are from this tree. 

That whole higher style, higher red orbs are going to come back later on in this list. For now, you have to know that you can cheese these Red Orb spawning trees. This method is lower on the list because it does take some time. It’s tedious to keep going back to these trees.

It’s best to keep reloading the mission and get these trees on your side. The red orbs are never really on a fixed rate when they come off the tree, so it’s best you stick to keeping that style rank up. You’re guaranteed at least 5,000 every time you get to the tree, so if you’re faster and more skilled, it’s more rewarding.

How Cheesing Red Orb trees work

  • Higher ranks, more orbs
  • Reload the mission, make the dream work
  • Combat practice for higher style points

3. Higher difficulty, higher style rankings, higher orbs

Crazy high-difficulty combo

This next method has something to do with the previous one, they’re just in very different situations. The premise for the whole thing is almost the same as the previous one on this list. The main difference is how exactly you get to farm orbs this way.

You need to be a more skilled player to get more red orbs this way. The number of orbs you get can even skyrocket if you play it this way correctly. It’s especially impressive if you can get sick combos in higher difficulties. Players who play this way (much like most veterans) are rewarded more.

Just like the Red Orb trees, the number of red orbs isn’t guaranteed with this method. Its variation depends on how skilled the player is. This means exactly what you think it means. If you can pull off near-impossible combos such as aerial ones, this is the method for you.

Not only is it rewarding as a player, but you also get to the pinnacle of what the game is essentially about - killing demons with utmost style.

How High difficulty, high style rank, high orbs works

  • Sicker combos = sicker amounts of Red Orbs
  • Rewards higher levels of style
  • Beat enemies to an absolute pulp

2. Red Orb Cache (Secret areas)

Red Orb cache locations

This Red Orb farming method has been a staple in the Devil May Cry franchise since its third installment. More than a heart-pounding, gut-wrenching tactic to get the orbs, this method requires a keen eye.

The developers put secret locations where you can get crazy amounts of Red Orbs. If you knew where these locations were back then, you were considered a god amongst men. They’re usually in places that have such small success boxes when you jump. It just means that you have to time everything correctly - from the jump to where you’re going to jump.

The number of Red Orbs you can obtain through this method is dependent on the mission. It is also highly dependent on how fast you can clear areas to get there. It’s a matter of speed and precision.

How Red Orb cache works

  • Practice timing jumps
  • Make sure you already have air hike
  • Discover the Red Orb cache hotspots

1. Dr. Faust exploit

Dr. Faust exploit tutorial

This method is the cream of the crop of Red Orb exploits in Devil May Cry 5. After all, it is the only exploit that existed back then. Unfortunately, Capcom patched this up with the release of new updates and other DLC packs. Nonetheless, it’s a perfect time to review how this exploit worked and why so many people were amazed by it.

This method was the best way to exploit the game for that extra amount of red orbs. If you had some time to spare and a little sanity to lose, then this is the perfect method for you. It doesn’t take much effort to do, but it does become a little tedious the longer you do this.

With this method, all you need is a comfy chair, your console or laptop charger, and your trusty thumb. Just doing this alone, you can get a maximum amount of 5 million orbs per hour. That’s a steal for having to press one button.

How Dr. Faust exploit works

  • Open up the game to Mission 13
  • Make sure you have the Dr. Faust hat equipped and upgraded to max level (4)
  • Make sure your the Gunslinger style (G-stance) is equipped
  • When you go in-game, make your way to the Divinity Statue
  • Drop down to where the enemies are
  • Lock-on to the enemies and press O
  • Keep doing this until there are one or two enemies remaining
  • This will automatically save your data
  • Pause the game and reload at the checkpoint
  • Rinse, repeat, and cash out

I do hope you get all the orbs you need, especially when facing Vergil. You have to be in your best shape when fighting him. Hopefully, these Red Orb farming methods will get you there with no trouble at all!


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