[Top 15] Games With Demons

Nothing better than a demon... right?

There goes the bump in the night, a knock on the window, a whisper asking you to join the dark. There is something so delicious about being scared, ghost stories whilst camping, the haunted toilet at school, the crazed killer hiding in the woods, and nothing does scary the way that demons do. Demon games are the perfect mix of scare and adventure, getting you to try and save yourself from the legions of evil when the end is usually inevitable you play through your very own horror film. 

A demon game is pretty simple, it can be anything from archaeologists uncovering the cursed tomb to a demon hunter driven to save the world from Hell taking over. For some to be a demon game all you need is a few otherworldly evil creatures but some other characteristics that are needed to make it a proper demon game.

Characteristics of a demon game:

  • Must have otherworldly evil creatures 
  • Must have risk to character life
  • Must have hell, underworld, or dungeons
  • Can be cosy as long as there is a battle
  • Must have humans to save or persecute


15. The Thaumaturge PC only, Console TBA

Thaumaturge Title Page


A brand new game on the scene, The Thaumaturge may only have come out recently but it is one of the most innovative demon games I’ve seen in a long while. The use of emotions as weapons and clues, and the strange salutors that aid in your adventures is a fun new challenge that keeps you guessing throughout the game. In this new RPG, you play as Wiktor Szulski, the Thaumaturge who has returned to his hometown of Warsaw, Poland to discover the truth of his father’s mysterious death. Set in 1905, the environment is full of revolution, rebellion and war, creating stories with political intrigue and legend-making stories. 

A turn-based combat game, the game is less about the conflict and more about uncovering the mysteries and changes to the Warsaw that Wiktor remembered. Like The Witcher and Vampyr, the exciting ghost story weaves real historical events with wild supernatural conflicts creating a unique historical science fiction that keeps you entertained and on the edge of your seat until the end.

Demon hunter Wiktor and the demon Bukavac

Wiktor and demon Bukavac

Demon Bukavac with his stats and information

Demon Bukavac


14. Phasmophobia PC only , Console TBA

Phasmophobia Title Page


The scariest horror game out there, Phasmophobia will have you jumping out of your skin and praying that your friends would shut up. Playing as ghost hunters, you and your team will go to different locations to identify ghosts and complete your contracts. This indie 1st person has taken the world by storm with its unique speech recognition AI which means that items, equipment, and ghosts can hear you strategizing over the mic with your teammates and find you. 

The gameplay is different with a weird twist on hide and seek, with you searching for the ghosts and evidence until your sanity is drained enough for the ghosts to hunt you down to enact their revenge. Juggling gathering evidence and completing objectives whilst also making sure the ghosts can’t find you fill you with a mix of fear and adrenaline that can be your saviour or your doom. Just remember to be quiet!

A ghost

Encountering a ghost!

Some of the ghosts you can encounter

Some of your new ghost friends


13. Demonologist PC Only, Console TBA

Whilst many aspects are similar to Phasmophobia, Demonologist is grounded in a more realistic scenario with true-life stories being the basis of many of the ghosts and demons you might meet in the game. A more interactive world, you can meet people in their safe houses and take part in the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. The spooky ambience, customisable characters and amazing graphics make Demonologist the best game out there for ghost hunting.

Living room of DeadWood House

Going through the living room of the DeadWood House


12. Devil May Cry 5 PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

Updated equipment and expanded abilities keep the gameplay fresh for veterans of the game while the easy to use controls make it fun and accessible for newcomers. The perfect blend of weapons and melee combat means defeating the demons comes with new combos and techniques not seen before. Itsuno’s love letter to the DMC fans, Devil May Cry 5 has everything needed to keep you thrilled and thirsty for demon blood.

Fighting in Qliphoth

Fighting in Qliphoth


11. DOOM Eternal PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

Encountering a demon

Encountering a demon


9. Dungeons 4 PC only, Console TBA

Dungeons 4 Title Page


Now who said demon games can’t be cute? Dungeons 4 is a fun, cosy strategy simulation game that has you work to build a strong army and defend your dungeon from the Overworlders and their allies. Unlike other games on this list, you are technically the enemy, playing as The Absolute Evil and their mysterious - and potentially dangerous - servant Dark Elf Thalya to triumph over good once and for all!

More of an upgrade than a sequel to Dungeons 3, the game continues to combine dungeon building with real-time strategy events, putting every choice made by the player instantly into real-time consequences. Split between two maps, the missions take you between both to invoke chaos or to strengthen the Absolute Evil’s hold over the humans. Fans of Dragon Keeper and Warcraft will definitely enjoy Dungeons 4 with beautiful graphics and unique two-map strategizing. 

Battling against Overworlders

Battling Overworlders 


8. Evil West PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S

Evil West Title Page


Evil West is the perfect gun-toting, rooting-tooting, cowboy game for demon lovers. This 3rd person shooter follows cowboy vampire hunter Jesse Rentier, a secret agent for the supernatural agency, as he tries to save his father, the president, and the world from D’Abano, his crazy daughter and their vampire army. Set in the late 19th century, you work your way through various areas of America, fighting any vampires you meet while trying to find missing and hidden items. With multiple levels of vampires, you use your environment to your advantage and a range of weapons and rare items. Fighting different boss characters and gaining new skills, Evil West is the perfect vampire hunting game, made for Devil May Cry and God of War fans.

Confronting a Sanguisuge

Confronting a Sanguisuge


7. Diablo IV PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S,

Diablo IV Title Page


Fifty years after the slaughter of millions a new power has gripped Sanctuary, Lilith - daughter of Mephisto - has taken control over the denizens and turned the world into a dark cruel place. In Diablo IV, you play as The Wanderer, hunting Lilith across Sanctuary coming into conflict with her followers, discovering keys and portals to both Heaven and Hell, and killing any demons that come in your way. An RPG, Diablo IV can be played solo or with friends across a shared world platform where you can engage with other parties in battle or co-op. The huge map gives people the chance to explore new areas and find legendary items that will aid them in the ultimate battles against the demon overlords. Though it is a shared world, each player’s perspective is unique to their progress through the game. Another winner in the Diablo series, Diablo IV is a deeply layered game with stunning graphics and an intense storyline.

Soulhewn battle

Soulhewn battle


6. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch

Sakuna Title Page


Another cosy game, Sakuna: Rice and Ruin is a sweet RPG that follows the spoiled goddess Princess Sakuna after her banishment from the Lofty Realm. As part of her punishment, Sakuna has to look after a small band of humans and clear their little isle from the monsters that want to attack them. Looking after the humans means feeding them so as well as defending them from monsters you have to cultivate rice. With interesting magical items and a strategic fighting style, the fun mini-games and overarching story make Sakuna: RaR an interesting cosy game with beautiful artwork and fun gameplay.

Sakuna battling a boss demon

Sakuna battling a boss demon


5. Shadow Warrior 2 PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One,

Shadow Warrior 2 Title Page


Lo Wang the Shadow Warrior is back with vengeance, once again trying to save the world from the Yakuza. In this 1st person shooter sequel to Shadow Warrior, you play as Lo Wang or one of his friends, battling through the levels trying to save souls from being taken by the Yakuza and the demons trying to take over. After being tasked with what was supposed to be a simple mission, Lo Wang is dragged into a battle between the Yakuza, Orochi Zilla, and the demonic forces. Using his magic, lethal weapons, and a plethora of abilities to save the world. The immersive co-op gameplay and stunning graphics make the reimagining of Lo Wang and the whole Shadow Warrior series a pleasure to play. The difficulty may be high but the satisfaction of defeating everyone and becoming the ultimate warrior leaves you thirsty for more.

Lo Wang fighting demonic forces

Lo Wang fighting demonic forces.


4. Bloody Hell PC only

Bloody Hell Title Page


A short, sweet, free game Bloody Hell has you as an Angel on a demon-killing spree. Travel through all the areas of hell as you take down as many creatures as you can on your way to killing Satan. A 2D side-scrolling game, the cute 8-bit style artwork and the simple gameplay make this game fun and innovative. The game really leans into the bullet hell and metroidvania making each level chaotic and delightful. The only downside to this fun free game is that it is only a short game, 3 hours of active gameplay. A worthwhile download for anyone who likes a good killing spree.


3. Metal: Hellsinger PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

Metal HellSinger Title Page


With a thumping, heavy metal soundtrack, Metal: Hellsinger brings you a fresh take on the shooter genre, by combining the mechanics of a rhythm game with the raw violence of Doom. Following the story of the lost soul known to the players as The Unknown, you work with dubious ally Paz to travel through the levels of hell using your musical rhythmic abilities to defeat demons and finally face the Red Judge to gain your voice, memories, and powers back to ascend as the Hellsinger. With unique gameplay, Metal: Hellsinger mixes elements of traditional 1st person shooters with fun rhythm games, creating a genre defying game. Divided over the nine layers of hell, the expansive map is littered with interesting items, side quests and demons to defeat. A unique blend of musical elements and shooter game techniques makes this an engaging, multifaceted story to play through. Perfect for any metalhead or demonhunter fan.

The Unknown fighting a boss demon

The Unknwon fighting a boss demon


2. Solium Infernum PC only

Solium Infernum Title Page


The rebooted 2009 turn-based strategy game has been a cult classic in the demon game world, where you get to play as one of the eight powerful Archfiends to become the new Overlord of the Hell. Use your abilities and military tactics to command legions of demons, enlist champions - or assassins - and trick your rivals to gain your advantage. The gameplay requires the players to think further out of the box than usual, using intellect, patience and a drop of cunning. For some it may be a bit of a slower paced game but fans of traditional board games such as Risk or lovers of Dragon Keepers will adore the interesting gameplay and different strategy techniques needed to win. The best feeling comes from getting your enemies to take each other out leaving the path to power free and easy. A reboot that has got everyone excited, Solium Infernum is a definite must for strategists.

Archfiend Astaroth

Archfiend Astaroth

Demon Crusade

Demon Crusade


1. Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

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