10 PC Games That Feature Hell and Demons

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The Doom Guy Is Ready For Hell

Slay Demons and Push Back The Forces of Hell

Leave it to video games to make hell a fun place to be. Developers have been centered on this subject for years. Many attempts on portraying the gruesome nature of hell and demons have been very successful. If you want to escape into a world packed with demons to destroy, then this is the perfect list for you. These are some of the most nightmarish worlds ever created.

1. Dante’s Inferno

Dante was a Templar Knight before he went into hell

Dante’s Inferno is a hack & slash adventure game that sees you going through nine circles of hell to save your love Beatrice who’s been imprisoned by Lucifer. Each circle has various demons to fight, and a boss you must defeat in order to proceed deeper into the pits of hell.

The first circle is Limbo. Here you will encounter ghoulish demon babies whose hands are replaced with deadly blades. These are unbaptized babies according to Dante Alighieri’s original book – “Inferno”. According to his book, the deeper you venture into hell, the greater the sin of those imprisoned is.

The unbaptized babies reside in Limbo, often called “the edge of hell“,  since they have not commited any wrongdoings aside from not being freed from the “original sin“.

Some demons you’ll encounter in the circle of Lust are grotesque naked women, representing the strong sexual desires of lustful individuals. The boss demon reflects the entirety of each circles title. For example, the boss in the circle of Lust is Cleopatra. The reason being that she cheated on Julius Caesar. She is a demon who attempts to seduce you into sin with her physical appearance.

Cleopatra was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, and is very well known as a symbol of beauty. She is stuck in this circle for cheating on Julius Caesar with Marc Antony, a Roman politician and general.

In Gluttony you'll fight a creature with three large mouths, as well as other fat and hideous monsters. These enemies symbolize the sin of overeating.

The circle of Greed contains demons holding various golden items, which plainly portrays their greedy nature. The boss of this circle is named Alighiero (a name derived from Dante Alighieri's last name).

The main protagonist, Dante, uses a large scythe throughout the entire game. Dante acquires this weapon from Death who comes to take him to hell when he is stabbed in the back. He fights Death, not accepting his sentence to hell, and later uses the weapon to eviscerate every single demon in the nine circles of hell. With its grisly and hideous atmosphere and scenery, this game brings forth one of the best representations of hell in gaming history.

Death, whom Dante fights to avoid his eternal damnation to hell.

Dante's Inferno - Gameplay

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