Doom Eternal Weapons, Ranked Worst to Best

Doom Eternal Weapons
Ready for the Baron of Hell?

What Are The Coolest Doom Eternal Weapons?


Okay Doomers, kicking demon ass isn’t all fun and games. In order to banish these bloodthirsty monsters back to whence they came, we’re going to need some serious firepower. Fans of the Doom 2016 reboot got to handle some incredible weaponry to aid in their conquest of the powers of Hell. However, as many of us seasoned in Doom, we know we all have our faves. Those weapons we just have to use even if it makes the fight miserable (for me, it was my shotgun, yes, that shotgun). Then there were those packing the heat but causing more concussions and loading screens than we probably cared to suffer through. Let those trigger fingers tingle because Doom Eternal brings not only some old friends back to the battlefield but some new faces to aid in ploughing demon maw into the ground. Or exploding in gory bits, pick your pleasure!

11) The Chainsaw

Gamers of Doom recognize this iconic blood and rust covered mauler. It has some serious damage causing ability and can be helpful when your ammo is running low (or it’s gone). In Doom 2016, we got a hold of this popular (yes, apparently chainsaws can kill sharks flying through the air) after finding it lodged in a dead body. However, despite its ability to decapitate, yank off limbs and make imps scream for their moms, the chainsaw’s limited reach and quick consumption of gas made it hard to end a battle fast. Unless Doomguy was the poor soul who fell. Hopefully that wasn’t the case. Something fun to know, apparently it became banned by the UAC due to “its lack of practical uses.” I guess they didn’t count on Hell taking over. In Doom Eternal it retains these functions including its limitations but in order to find out just how strong it is, well, we’re going to have to wait.

10) Doomblade

Like the chainsaw, the Doomblade is a weapon requiring the player to put their ranged weapon away (I’d recommend during Glory Kills or for weaker opponents, but that’s just me) and get into the fanged face of an ugly range of foes. In Doom Eternal, this is the primary weapon used in glory kills and gives some truly gory finishers fans are bound to love. As this weapon is a newcomer to the realm of Doom Eternal, players can only imagine what its power is from the gameplay announced at QuakeCon. In an interview at QuakeCon, Hugo Martin comments on the wide array of glory kills the Doomblade rewards the players. With a serrated edge capable of pulling out chunks of skull and brain matter, who wouldn’t want to use it?

9) Flamethrower

The shoulder mounted stream of demonic death known as the flamethrower possesses some devastating effects. Who doesn’t love to see their enemies burning and writhing as their hit points plummet? In Doom Eternal, our Doomslayer can fires a stream of pure heat at multiple enemies. Why then, you might be asking, is it number eight on the list? While the flamethrower can handle multiple foes, the damage it deals is on an “over time” basis. Relying on it during such times might result in a gruesome death for poor Doomguy. Don’t count it out though, it might just be the weapon that provides you with a victory grabbed from the drooling demonic jaws of defeat.

8) Rocket Launcher

Veterans of the Doomi-verse will remember this gruesome powerhouse from its re-emergence in Doom 2016. The rocket launcher hits number seven mostly due to the limitations of its ammo and the amount of time it took in Doom 2016 to reload, lock on and fire. However, I wouldn’t pass it up. Like the flamethrower, this weapon can often be the last one in your arsenal (ammo wise at least). It’s a powerful projectile can be used against flyers like the Cacodemon and the Pain Elemental. For me, handling a Revenant, Baron of Hell and the Mancubus were made easy by simply blowing them up..

7) Grenade Launcher

While veterans of Doom aren't new to the frag grenade, the idea of having on your shoulder is. As if blowing demons to bits with the rocket launcher wasn’t enough, why not haul an explosive at oncoming hordes. Before becoming a casualty, run like hell (pun intended)! During the reveal at QuakeCon, players were given a preview of what they could expect from the new and improved grenade launcher during a battle with a Hell Knight. Hope you brought your umbrella because even though the Hell Knight might not explode with one round, a horde of Zombiemen might leave you with guts all over your visor.

6) Ballista

Ah, the Ballista, topping the charts at number five. Fans of the original Gauss Cannon from Doom 2016 will probably be familiar with how this manta-shaped spear gun works. What you hold in your hands is a weapon capable of spearing a demon with the power of a rail gun. What makes this weapon so powerful is the sheer force behind the projectile itself and the capability to make demons explode into teeny tiny, microscopic bits. For those who used the Gauss Cannon, you are well aware of the pain this railgun can cause. As Doom Eternal has yet to be released, it’s not known just how powerful this weapon really is.

5) The Chaingun(?)

I’m not entirely sure what this machine-gun like shredder of demon flesh is but theories can be drawn for it being the new and improved chaingun. I say this because of the gatling feature in the barrel and the rapid fire of the bullets. QuakeCon attendees got to see a Mancubus have slimy bits of its toxic flesh torn off with rapid-firing rounds of pure awesomeness.

4) Heavy Cannon

The Heavy Cannon, for those who want to get the perfect headshot, is a returning contender in our countdown. to What makes it so powerful and brings it to the top of the charts? Well, for one, who doesn’t enjoy a good sniper’s scope? It’s great for picking off heavily populated areas or for those moments when the Pain Elemental just won’t blow the hell up. Veterans of Doom 2016 will get a familiar vibe from the Heavy Cannon. Why? You guessed it, the Heavy Cannon replaced the Heavy Assault Rifle. As much as I would love to, I can’t really give you a real feel for how powerful this bad boy is. However, as an avid user of its predecessor in the previous game, I’m pretty sure we can expect some pain and demonic body parts.

3) Plasma Rifle

Topping number three in our countdown is the Plasma Rifle. Introduced in Doom, Doom 3 and then again in Doom 2016, this hot plasma shooting cannon is back in Doom Eternal to bring an easy kill from even the most powerful of enemies. But what is it that makes the Plasma Rifle so powerful? Well, how about the ability to raise the body’s temperature so high, it actually explodes in a mix of guts and plasma? We won’t know just how strong it is until the game is released in 2019. Don’t know about you but my trigger finger is dying to get a hold of this thing.

2) Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun stands in the top two for the powerhouses of Doom. Gamers, both old and new to the Doom universe will recognize this iconic weapon. So, you’re probably asking, why the top two? Well if you’ve gotten the chance to view the gameplay, you will see why this weapon has to be up here. With the ability to shred demon flesh with a heavily concentrated blast, quick reload and reliability in the ammo department, the Combat Shotgun is a must against Hell’s worst. We don’t know if this version will be equipped with the ability to get upgraded as it did in Doom 2016. From what Bethesda showed at QuakeCon, you can expect some exceptional performance from the Combat Shotgun.

1) Super Shotgun

Imagine something, there’s a Pain Elemental hanging out in the sky, you have to get across a chasm. What do you do? Well in Doom Eternal, you pull out the Super Shotgun. This staple weapon got introduced in Doom and only got more badass from there. So, why number one? Well, other than its massive impact power as indicated in Doom 2016, there’s also the meathook. No longer do you have to suffer those pesky Imps taking cheap shots. Get a hold of them before they have a chance to mess up your new suit. Nothing like getting a hot glass of revenge with the meathook around demon neck while planting two shells into its brain. Like the other examples of pure badassery in the shape of all kinds of artillery, we don’t yet know the power rating of the Super Shotgun, unfortunately. I know, with the demons, the environment, a badass soundtrack, etc, we’re all wondering the same things: When is Doom Eternal coming out? And how fast can I pre-order?

And because we can, let’s add these ass kickers:


Fans of Doom will recognize the make of this mounted cannon. Welcome the return of the BFG. This bad ass-blasting machine sits in the “because we can” list because we have yet to know if it’s even a playable weapon or if Doomguy gets to wield it from a control panel. Looks a bit big to lug around so I’m not sure if a power ranking besides “Demons run for your life” is appropriate. It’s curious to see how the developers will make the BFG playable. Of course, maybe a more rage-filled Doomguy will find a way to get a hold of one of his favorite weapons. I mean, could we even call it Doom without the BFG?


I want to add this demonic blade to the “because we can” due to its nature. The Crucible appears to be an instance weapon. Meaning it can only be wielded in certain areas in the game. Gamers who played Doom 2016 were introduced to the Crucible when Doomguy obtains it near the end of the game. As a demonic artifact, it’s capable of consuming demonic energy, hence why we see Doomguy wielding it against the Arch-vile at the end of the trailer of Doom Eternal. The true nature of its power has yet to be revealed to us but one shouldn’t be too quick to discount it. We’re all in the waiting pool together, gamers. Hang on just a little longer.


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