[Top 10] Horror Games That Became Movies (That Are Fun To Watch)

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Does it really matter if you've missed the entire symbolism behind Pyramid Head if he looks cool?

Gaming movies are quite famous for being very very bad. So I can’t call many movies on this list cinematic masterpieces that will enlighten you and make you view the world in a different way as some objectively better movies or games would. I believe the movies are entertaining for what they are, and they still deserve your time as long as you don’t intend to take them too seriously.

10 . House Of The Dead

House Of The Dead is a game released in 1996. It was a simple arcade title in which your only goal was to shoot at zombies that come at you before they get close enough to kill you. It had unique visuals, a nice way of storytelling, and some fun shooting mechanics.

Unfortunately, 10 years later, the smash-hit arcade game got a movie adaptation. It’s one of the movies that are very poorly rated, but I don’t judge, you can still enjoy it if your cup of tea is mindless zombie shooting.

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9. Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare

Alone In The Dark is a franchise that has been alive since 1992. It’s considered the originator of the survival game genre. Unfortunately, most of the games in the franchise are considered mediocre. The ones that are widely loved and respected are Alone In The Dark and Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare.

Although the movie took inspiration from one of the best Alone In The Dark games (and the newest one at the time), the movie wasn’t received so well. I’d consider this movie if you’re a diehard Alone In The Dark fan.

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8. Resident Evil

The Resident Evil franchise started in 1996. Capcom has carefully and slowly developed its characters and their intertwining stories across multiple games. The universe it has built up is huge and detailed and filled with a lot of interesting characters and enemies.

Unfortunately, the movie adaptations did not impress anybody. The movies barely follow the source material and quite probably destroy all of what they try to follow. It’s filled with inconsistencies and flaws. But, even these movies have a dedicated fanbase, loving the franchise for its absurd and fun action scenes and for seeing their favorite monsters brought to life.

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7. Doom 3

Doom 3 is strangely enough the 5th game in the franchise. It was released in 2004 for the PC. The game was a smash hit and it became THE Doom game for over a decade until the Doom remake was released. It features some choppy graphics since it was released a while ago, but still, it was a very influential game for the franchise.

It was so influential that the Doom movie that was released a year later took most of the plot points and inspiration from Doom 3.

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6. Dead Space

When Dead Space first came out in 2008 it set a new bar for survival horror games. The graphics and sound design paired well with the horrid and creepy enemy designs. The sci-fi setting was sort of unique and very well received. There were 5 more games released after it and a remake is currently in the making.

The animated movie acts as a prequel to the first game. The movie is interesting and well animated and it was quite well received by the fans.

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5. Silent Hill

The Silent Hill games are one of the most popular and well-known games in the horror franchise. Odds are everybody who’s even thought about playing horror games has heard about Silent Hill. The entire franchise is skillfully filled with symbolism and metaphors that will resonate with a player even after he’s long finished playing the games.

While it may not be the best horror movie ever made, and while it missed out on a lot of opportunities. It’s not the most hated movie ever and it can be neat to see some Silent Hill creatures on the big screen.

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4. Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3 was one of those innovative and unique new games. The franchise was already popular by the time Silent Hill 3 was released in 2003. Silent Hill 3 followed the template that was set by its predecessors, but it also pushed the limit of the PS2 graphics.

Confusingly enough, the Silent Hill 2 movie was in fact loosely based on the third game. It is also a sequel to the first Silent Hill movie.

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3. Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within is a social deduction game that brings some classic party games like the mafia to VR. The gameplay is nothing innovative, but it’s still fun to play those types of games with friends that are far away from you.

The movie of the same name is loosely based on the game - but it still implements the social deduction, which is the game’s core. It’s a movie that balances horror and comedy and it has an okay rating.

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2. Detention

Detention is a game taking place in 1960s Taiwan. It takes place during the ominous White Terror period. Two students find themselves trapped in their high school and start looking for a way to escape. After they encounter some ghosts, they realize they’re in more of a predicament than they realized. The game is a 2D puzzle-exploration game with a monochromatic art style. It’s a short and masterful experience that will keep you on edge during the entire playthrough.

I see the Detention movie adaptation as proof that you can make a good video game movie. It takes a lot of inspiration from the game, but it’s still good enough to be a good standalone horror movie.

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1. Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno is a hack-and-slash masterpiece of a video game released in 2010. The game is based on The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. It changes the source material greatly, keeping only the masterful depiction of Hell. The game soon after got an animated movie adaptation.

The movie changes its animation style every 15-20 minutes which is a unique addition I haven’t seen in other animated movies. It’s a great alternative to the game if you want to follow Dante through his hellish adventures.

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