The Top 25 Best Japanese Games for PC

Japanese games for pc
Japanese games have shaped the video game industry.

Get Ready For Some Explosive Action In These Best Japanese Games for PC

Japanese games have created a powerful impact in the video game industry. Marked with originality and creativity, they are not your typical kind of video games . Get to know the some of the best Japanese developed games for PC in this top 25 list.

25. Attack on Titan 2

ATTACK ON TITAN 2 - Reiner / Armored Titan Transformation Gameplay (4k 60fps)

Attack On Titan 2 is an action RPG based on the anime called "Shingeki no Kyojin", or more commonly known as Attack On Titan. The setting of the game takes place during the anime's second season,where more mysteries about the titans are still left unanswered. The game was released on March 2018 and was developed by Koei Tecmo for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and PC. 

The mysterious and terrifying titans still lurk outside the city walls. Fear still lingers and spreads among the victims of titan attacks. Fight to avenge your fallen comrades and create your own anime character, a trainee titan fighter, and get the chance to befriend the cast of characters from the anime. The thrilling events and battles from the manga and anime version can be fully experienced within the game as you progress through the story.

Attack On Titan 2 is more than just an adaptation of the anime into a video game. It is also a titan hunting simulator.

Unique features of the game:

  • create your own original character that will be part of the Attack On Titan universe
  • know how it feels to use the specialized titan hunting tools like the grappling hook,known as the "vertical maneuvering equipment"
  • target and destroy titan body parts to disable them
  • build and defend bases to defend yourself from titan attacks
  • look for more titan hunters in online multiplayer
  • sneak up on titans for an instant stealth kill

Use the specialized titan hunting tools like the grappling hook known as the "vertical maneuvering equipment".

Create your own titan hunter in Attack On Titan 2's character creator.

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