25 Best Japanese Games To Play on Your PC right now

best japanese games

The Otaku craze will never die in America as Japanese video games continue to dominate the market. Now they’ve crossed over into the PC markets and continues to grow in fandom

Have you brushed up on your Nihongo lately? If you've been looking for some new pc games, or wanting to looking for a change from the same boring storyline, then you've plugged into the right article. This list is diving into the hottest games currently being played and how they measure in stats and appeal. Japanese gaming has made a niche into the PC gaming industry and is soaring past in popularity. So sit back and follow the top 25 Best Japanese Games to play on your PC right now.

25. Attack on Titan / A.O.T. Wings of Freedom

<A.O.T. Wings of Freedom> Gameplay

Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom starts up after the anime. Eren and the group are once again defending the last of Humanity from the Titans, which are massive Humanoid creatures that devour Humans like pieces of Turkey. You play the game as one of the characters from the Garrison Regiment, using grappling hooks to suspend and fly through the town as you annihilate the Titan threat from eating the last of the Humans behind the last two walls of Rose and Sheena.

The plot thickens as the main character, Eren Yeager, learns that not only can he also turn into one of those Titans, but how and why he obtained the ability to turn into a blood-thirsty Human killing machine.

<A.O.T. Wings of Freedom> Soar through the air  with the help of the Garrison Regimes’ Vertical Maneuvering Equipment

<A.O.T. Wings of Freedom> Chop down the Titans in their weak spots to destroy them.

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