[Top 5] Fire Emblem 3 Houses Best Dancers

 Fire Emblem 3 Houses Best Dancers
Dance the night away with this unique class

There’s a secret class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses called the Dancer class - and you definitely don’t wanna miss out on this unique class and its special abilities. Here, we break down exactly what the Dancer class is, how to unlock it, and who the best candidates are for the Dancer. 

What is the Dancer Class? 

The official class description is as follows:

The Dancer class energizes allies with inspiring movement, allowing them to act again. This class also wields magic. 

In other words, the Dancer has a special ability to grant allies who’ve already moved the chance to move again, giving your team another opportunity to attack enemies. Therefore, one unit could defeat two enemies in a single turn! It’s a pretty great ability, especially in tough battles when you have five or six enemies planning to attack one of your allies. In order for the Dancer to use their special Dance ability, all they have to do is move next to the unit they want to move again, and the “dance” option should pop up. Plus you’ll be treated to a fun animation of the character dancing. 

But this Dance ability isn’t the only reward that comes with this class. The Dancer receives the “Sword Dance” Combat Arts move, unlocking a new sword ability that grants bonus damage based on the Dancer’s charm level. Additionally, the Dancer’s avoidance rate goes up by 20 points whenever they’re using a sword, making it easy to dodge any attacks while sword-wielding. 

How to Unlock The Dancer Class

There’s a special event held during Part 1 called the “White Heron Cup” which takes place on 12/16. On either 12/7 or 12/14, you must explore the Monastery and talk to Rhea, who explains that the White Heron Cup is an annual dance competition between students. She gives you a quest, where you must simply choose a student representative from your house to compete. (If you’ve recruited any professors to your house, unfortunately, you can’t choose them, as they’ll be judging the White Heron Cup within the context of the story.)  At the end of the month, if your student wins the competition, they can be reclassed as a Dancer. To win the competition, your representative must have at least 13 points of charm. You’ll also have the opportunity to “practice” before the competition with your representative, which will give them an extra 5 points of charm. 

Who Are the Best Dancers?

Any student can become a Dancer, but here are some characters who we feel are the best options, given their stats and abilities.

A weak fighter, but a great healer

5. Flayn (No starting house; will join your house immediately in Chapter 7)

When Flayn joins your house, she’s much weaker than the rest of your students, which means she’ll likely be in the back of your team during battle. This makes her a great choice for Dancer, as she can still stay far behind, but provide support by running up to her other allies and allowing them to move forward and attack again. Plus, with the additional avoidance points she’ll get when holding a sword, it’ll be easier for her to dodge attacks should they come her way. 

Kind-spirited, excellent at healing, and not half bad when it comes to swords 

4. Marianne (Golden Deer)

Like Flayn, Marianne takes on more of a support/healer role, so she can safely stand in the back of the team while still using the Dance ability. Though her starting stats are lower than Flayn’s, remember that Flayn doesn’t join your house until Chapter 7. Therefore, if you’re playing the Golden Deer route or have recruited Marianne earlier on, she may have higher overall stats and be a stronger choice for Dancer. Plus, her Charm is also pretty high from the start of the game, and one of her strengths is sword-fighting.

An energetic and talented mage who won't hesitate to help out an ally

3. Annette (Blue Lions)

As a strong, but not the strongest, magic wielder, Annette is a solid choice for the Dancer class. Her personal ability is “Perseverance”, which allows her to use Rally to grant +4 Strength to an ally; so she’ll still be able to provide support even when not dancing. Additionally, her strengths are in reason and authority which fit the Dancer class. She’s neutral when it comes to swords, but you can focus her Dancer abilities on supporting allies rather than using them when fighting enemies. But maybe put a sword in her hand so her avoidance rate goes up in battle. 

A skilled sword-fighter who'll cut down any enemy to size

2. Felix (Blue Lions)

Felix is one of the best sword-fighters in the game, so making him a Dancer and granting him the extra bonus stats that come with sword-wielding is a good choice. Though Reason starts off as one of his weaknesses, it’s also his budding talent - so with just a little extra tutoring, he’ll become a pro. Plus, if he masters Reason, he’ll get an extra +10 avoidance when using black magic. Combine that with his +20 avoidance when sword-fighting, and he’s unstoppable! 

Skilled in both magic and sword-fighting, the best choice for the Dancer class

1. Dorothea (Black Eagles)

Dorothea is easily the best option for a Dancer, given that all her strengths and stats align with the class. One of her strengths is sword fighting, which is perfect when using the unique Sword Dance attack. Plus, her long-range magic attacks allow her to still fight from far behind since she’ll have to stay close to other allies to utilize the Dance ability. Additionally, she begins the game with one of the highest charm ratings, so by the time Month 12 rolls around, you won’t need to prepare too much before the competition. 

Again, any student can win the White Heron Cup and become a Dancer with the right training. Don’t miss out on this unique class and its exclusive abilities!


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