11 Things You Will Understand Only if You Have Played The Division

Save What Remains The Division
These 11 things are what makes The Division so satisfying and frustrating at the same time

1. Knowing where enemies come from and waiting for the dialogue to finish so you can continue the mission

The example that pops into my head is waiting on the roof of the Lexington Event Center with a flame grenade so that all the enemies will try to pat themselves out while I unmercilessly mow them down.

2.Every extraction zone ever

Waiting for someone to do something stupid, begging for someone to do something stupid.

3. That guy who thinks he is invincible and rushes ahead to his death

We basically just hate noobs. But who doesn't?

4. When you finally finish a mission that took hours and countless deaths

This is the real reason we play video games isn't it? Unfortunately the missions are only this hard when you play them several levels above your own.

5. Getting a new piece of equipment and feeling so powerful

If you get a piece of armor that doulbes your health or a gun that just shreds enemies.

6. Going Rogue is so satisfying

That moment when you successfully go rogue and kill other players. It bring a little Machiavellian joy to your day knowing you ruined theirs.

7. When someone tries to go rogue on you but you turn the tables and kill them instead

This is the best thing in the world. You get to steal their equipment, collect a bounty & get their keys. All without going rogue yourself

8. Successfully extracting an awesome piece of equipment

Running around the DZ with a really good piece in your backpack can make you paranoid. But extracting gets a literal and figurative weight off your back. Then all you wanna do is run out of the DZ so you can equip it.

9. When you figure out a way to increase all your stats without any new equipment

The Recalibration station is your best friend. Spending time to lean how stats actually work and how you can maximise them can dramatically increase your damage, health, and/or skills power. All of it can be improved with a little time and no grinding.

10. When you die in the Dark Zone with an awesome piece of equipment

The most frustrating part of the game. When you get so close but just has to ruin your day (cause you never do it to someone else. Ever). Maybe it karma or maybe its a bad thing happening to a good person. Either way. It sucks. Time to get revenge.

11. Getting a new piece of equipment that you have wanted for ages

Envy is 1 of the 7 sins. But is it really so bad in The Division? You did a mission with someone who had an awesome SMG or LMG and you had to have it. So you spent hours cleaning up the Dark Zone or running missions to get Phoenix Credits and buy it or wiat for it to drop. When you get it, you can stop grinding but not grinning.


Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments what you think is a quintessential part of playing The Division.


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