[Top 7] Elden Ring Best Crossbows (Ranked Worst To Best)

 [Top 7] Elden Ring Best Crossbows (Ranked Worst To Best)
Bow, crossbow, and all the other bows.

Will be grinding bird runes easily with these crossbows.


As Elden Ring has a diverse weapons list, why not use a crossbow with that katana, or use double crossbows for a real challenge. Sadly Elden Ring only has 7 crossbows, but don't let this put you down, as there are a few great crossbows in the game. Elden Ring has a lot of different weapons that will pair amazingly with a crossbow like the Blasphemous Blade or the Sword of Night and Flame to name a few and Elden Ring is beatable on level 1 with your fists, this means you can beat Elden Ring with a crossbow, but for anyone brave enough to try this, I wish you good luck.


7. Soldier’s Crossbow

Soldier of Godrick won’t stand a chance…

As Soldier of Godrick is probably the hardest boss in any souls game, up there with Mist Noble and Pinwheel. It’s no surprise that their crossbow isn't amazing, with requirements of 10 strength and 8 dex, and no scaling, you will have a great challenge run if you wish to only use this weapon.

Why the Soldier’s Crossbow is great:

  • As it is a crossbow, it’ll pair well with a better weapon in your main hand.
  • Can deal ranged damage.

How to get the Soldier’s Crossbow:

  • Can drop from Foot Soldiers and Exile Soldiers in Limgrave at a 4% drop rate at 100 discovery.

Soldier’s Crossbow details: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Soldier's+Crossbow


6. Heavy Crossbow

A Heavy Crossbow can still be carried in one hand at least.

With 14 strength and 10 dex needed, this crossbow will be dealing damage and looking cool. The weapon pairs well with other weapons in the main hand.

Why the Heavy Crossbow is great:

  • Good damage.
  • Good range.
  • Pairs well with most weapons for the extension of ranged combat.

How  to get the Heavy Crossbow:

  • Can drop from any Godrick, Raya Lucaria, Radhan, Mausoleum, Leyndell and Haligtree soldier that wields it.
  • 2% drop rate at 100 discovery.

Heavy Crossbow details: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Heavy+Crossbow


5. Light Crossbow

The Light Crossbow will do light work with enemies.

The Light Crossbow, with 8 dex and 12 strength needed you too can wield this weapon. 

Why the Light Crossbow is great:

  • Fast reload.
  • Good damage.
  • Great to pair with other weapons.

How to get the Light Crossbow:

  • Go to Weeping Peninsula.
  • At the merchant, it can be purchased for 1500 runes.

Light Crossbow details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Light+Crossbow


4. Arbalest

Not the best looking but the hardest hitting.

With the requirements of 18 strength and 12 dex, this weapon doesn’t need a lot of stats to use.

Why the Arbalest is great:

  • The highest base damage of any crossbow.
  • Great when paired with other weapons.

How to get the Arbalest:

  • Go to Stormveil Castle.
  • Pass the Castle guards, to the rampart and jump up the side on the rocky outcrop.
  • The Arbalest is past the enemy close to the wall.

Arbalest details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Arbalest


3. Pulley Crossbow

Pulling arrows since 1802.

The Pulley Crossbow, a beautifully crafted and amazing weapon, with requirements of 16 dex and strength, you will be able to use this amazing weapon.

  • Why the Pulley Crossbow is great:
  • Fires three bolts instead of one.
  • Does good damage.

How to get the Pulley Crossbow:

  • Go to the Craftsmen's Shack.
  • Can be found next to the site of Grace.

Pulley Crossbow details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Pulley+Crossbow


2. Crepu’s Black-Key Crossbow



The snipers preferred crossbow.

The Crepu’s Black-Key Crossbow, is the sniper's choice of weapon, as it has amazing range. With the only requirements being 14 strength and 16 dex.

Why the Crepu’s Black-Key Crossbow is great:

  • Great range.
  • Good damage.
  • How to get the Crepu’s Black-Key Crossbow:

Go to the Roundtable hold.

  • At the bottom of the stairs past Hewg.
  • Open the first Stonesword key locked fog door.
  • It will be in a chest.

Crepu’s Black-Key Crossbow details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Crepus's+Black-Key+Crossbow


1. Full Moon Crossbow

Even Radhan liked this crossbow.

The Full Moon Crossbow is a beautifully crafted weapon, that has two circles spin when reloading. With some of the best lore hidden in this weapon, it is a must-use for magic users. With requirements of strength and dex of 10 and 14 intelligence, this weapon will be great as an off-hand weapon for mages.

Why the Full Moon Crossbow is great:

  • Has scaling, even if it is with strength.
  • Has a unique interaction with magic bolts.
  • Good damage.

How to get the Full Moon Crossbow:

  • Go to Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • Head to the rooftops.
  • Climb up the ladder and past the enemies.
  • You will see a bell tower, where the crossbow can be found.

Full Moon Crossbow details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Full+Moon+Crossbow


This concludes our list of the best crossbows in Elden Ring, and remember that crossbows work best as an off-handed weapon. If you enjoyed this article, check out these ones as well.

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