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One weapon to rule them all... not the wrench, obviously

Dash and Slash! Unalive those monsters with this arsenal up your sleeves...

Weapons (obviously!) are a very important part of any game whatsoever. Since the world of Portia offers tons of ruins where the Player can battle various monsters of different levels, having a top-tier weapon becomes a priority.

There are two types of weapons in the game: Melee and Ranged weapons.

Melee weapons are apt for close combat. These weapons include swords, hammers, staffs, and such. Swords and Hammers are capable of dash attacks against monsters.

Range weapons are best for faraway enemies. The ranged weapons require the player to have some ammunition in their inventory, though. Currently, the game only has two ranged weapons. The first is the Triple Barrel Snakebite which uses Venom Darts and the other is Red Hawk which needs Ammo.

It is always a hassle but an utmost need for any player to be able to decide on the best weapon that can enhance one’s gameplay. Nobody wants to be defeated by filthy monsters! And that is why this article was born. I am, henceforth, going to list ten of the most efficient weapons that have helped me immensely in the game.

10. Iron Sword

Iron sharp

Iron sword could possibly be the first decent melee weapon that the player can get from the worktable by enhancing other wooden and bronze swords. It can also be gifted to NPCs like Arlo and Aadit to gain +15 relationship points! So, if you have any Iron swords to spare, go get friendly with these NPCs! Iron swords can be enhanced to higher stats at the forge.

What makes Iron Sword great?

  • Easy to craft using the Worktable
  • Can be sold for 245 Gols at Food Store/ Total Tools
  • Can be gifted to increase relationship points

Iron Sword details:

  • Attack Points: +90
  • Critical Damage: +50%
  • Can be crafted by using Level 2 Worktable
  • Raw materials needed: 15 Iron Bars and 4 Animal Bones

9. Poison Knuckles

Poison them all...

Poison knuckles are a type of melee weapon that the player needs to have in the active inventory slot to be used. It has a very rugged look that I fancy. As the name implies, these weapons poison the enemies on impact which can be pretty handy. However, this weapon doesn’t have a dash attack feature to charge at the enemies automatically.

What makes Poison Knuckles great?

  • Can be easily crafted using the Worktable
  • Can be sold for a fetching price of 1547 Gols at the Food Store/Total Tools

Poison Knuckles details:

  • Attack Points: 120
  • Critical Damage: +100%
  • Can be crafted by using Level 3 Worktable
  • Raw Materials needed: 1 Knuckle, 5 Venoms, and 2 Poison Fangs

8. Lion's Claw

Fight like a lion

Who doesn’t want boxing gloves that look like a lion’s claws?! This melee weapon is perhaps one of the fanciest-looking weapons out there. Although this weapon is fairly powerful when paired with other items that boost attacks and critical chance, they put the player in a dangerous range with the enemies. It has a very slow attack speed and might take the longest time to cool down. This is why they are not very suitable when diving into ruins infested with monsters.

What makes Lion’s Claw awesome?

  • Fancy-looking
  • Can be sold for 250 Gols in the Food Store/Total Tools

Lion’s Claw details:

  • Attack Points: 150
  • Stuns enemies on impact
  • Can be gained in Lv. 4 of Sewage Plant for defeating Chemical Dropout

7. Red Hawk

Red Hawk to the ready!

Red Hawk is a very advanced range weapon that can be crafted by combining different relics. It also needs Ammo as ammunition which can be crafted using the worktable. If, like me, you aren’t a ranged weapon type of person, don’t worry! You can still gift it to certain NPCs. This is a favorite of Sam of the Civil Corps. Gifting this can gain +25 relationship points with her! 

However, if you are a sharpshooter and love hitting your faraway targets, this weapon is probably for you! Using this weapon (or its lesser-known counterpart, Triple Barrel Snakebite) for the first time will earn a letter from the Church of Light condemning the player’s actions. This will lead to a loss of 20 and 10 relationship points with NPCs Lee and Nora, respectively. 

Fun fact: you can avoid the penalty by never opening the letter and indulging all you like in your new toy!

What makes Red Hawk Awesome?

  • Great for attacking faraway monsters
  • Can be sold for 900 Gols in multiple stores (Food Store, Clothing Store, Total Tools, etc.)

Red Hawk details:

  • Attack Points: 200
  • Ranged Critical Damage: +50%
  • Easy to craft using the worktable
  • Raw Materials Needed: 2 Jet Tubes, 6 Manganese Steel, and 5 Gear

6. Nova Sword

A loyal Nova Sword

Nova Sword is a melee weapon that is quite pricey to buy but I would say it’s worth every penny until you find better weapons in the game. I used it for the longest time until finally, I got the Corps Hammer.

Nova sword can be gained by defeating Rock-on in the Upper Level of the Ingall’s Mine Hazardous Ruin. The Rescue in Ingall’s Mine mission must be completed for the sword to be available in Total Tools for 3,600 Gols. The sword can be revised to higher stats in the Forge.

What makes Nova Sword awesome?

  • Can be gifted to Aadit or Arlo for +20 relationship points
  • Can be sold for 900 Gols in Food Store/ Total Tools
  • Great for combat while exploring ruins

Nova Sword details:

  • Attack Points: 200
  • Critical Damage: +50%
  • Found in Ingall’s Mine/purchasable from Total Tools

5. Corps Hammer

Iron will of the Civil Corps

The Corps Hammer is no less than the symbol of the Civil Corps. It represents their iron will and dedication to the free cities. It is a commendable melee weapon and has served me loyally for a long time in the world of Portia.

The hammer is given to the player by Remington during the Rescue in Ingall’s Mine mission. It also becomes purchasable after the mission in Total Tools for 1,200 Gols. The hammer dash with this weapon allows the player to hit multiple enemies and stun them.

Fun Fact: The weapon can be used repeatedly to incapacitate enemy bosses without taking much damage.

What makes Corps Hammer awesome?

  • Can be sold for 300 Gols in Total Tools/Food Store
  • High attack and can stun enemies

Corps Hammer details:

  • Attack Points: 200
  • Stuns enemies on impact
  • Obtained from Rescue in Ingall’s Mine mission/purchasable from Total Tools

4. War Hammer

No battle without a War Hammer

War Hammer is another formidable melee weapon that can never go wrong in a battle. It has a slow attack speed but a high attack point and stuns enemies on impact. The hammer dash technique can be used with this weapon as well.

The War Hammer can be found in one of the chests under the stairs in the final room of the Computer Lab Ruin during Adventures with Mali mission. The hammer can also be purchased at Total Tools for a whopping 3000 Gols.

What makes War Hammer awesome?

  • Seriously? It’s in the name. Who doesn’t want a War Hammer?
  • Can be sold for 750 Gols in Food Store/Total Tools
  • High attack and stun capabilities

War Hammer details:

  • Attack Points: 280
  • Stuns enemies on impact
  • Can be obtained in Adventures with Mali mission/purchasable from Total Tools

3. Obsidian Edge

An ancient weapon with a split body

Obsidian Edge is one of the surviving ancient weapons that the player can earn as a reward for beating the 10th floor of the Deepest Ruin. It is, by any measure, no small feat to do this but worth every difficulty to earn this sweet and deadly weapon. This weapon was my go-to after I got over my faithful Nova Sword and loyal Corps Hammer. This weapon will not fail you. 

What makes Obsidian Edge awesome?

  • Cool design
  • Handy
  • +100% critical damage inflicted on enemies! What’s not to love?
  • Can be sold for 500 Gols in Food Store/Total Tools 

Obsidian Edge details:

  • Attack Points: 220
  • Critical Damage: +100%
  • Can be obtained from Deepest Ruin

2. Golden Staff

Legendary weapon of The Monkey King

The Golden Staff is a unique and fascinating weapon. It is a part of the Saint’s set or the Monkey King set. The developers announced on April 26, 2019, that the outfit (top, trouser, and headgear) was inspired by the Monkey King (Sun Wukong) and the staff is the Jingu Bang staff used by the legendary warrior himself. 

Along with being associated with the much popular figure of the Monkey King, the staff doesn’t disappoint as a weapon. This weapon can be obtained by completing level 110 of the Deepest Ruin.

What makes Golden Staff awesome?

  • Legendary weapon
  • Very high attack

Golden Staff details:

  • Attack Points: 480
  • Critical Damage: +100%
  • Obtained from Deepest Ruin

1. Rogue Knight's Sword

One weapon to rule them all!

Finally, we come to my most favorite weapon of all time! This sword can be picked up from the ground in Central Plaza where it was dropped by the Rogue Knight in a very epic battle involving the player, several NPCs, and, of course, the Rogue Knight himself.

This sword is no child’s play! The player needs to reach level 50 to be able to pull the sword from the ground (sword in the stone vibes, y’all). The Rogue Knight’s sword is perhaps the most powerful weapon. One sword to beat them all!

What makes Rogue Knight’s Sword awesome?

  • Took a bunch of Portians to beat the Rogue Knight. His sword must be awesome (duh!)
  • Imparts +100 % critical damage to enemies
  • Great animation and combos related to this swordplay

Rogue Knight’s Sword details:

  • Attack Points: 480
  • Critical Damage: +100%
  • Obtained after The Final Battle mission


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