My Time at Portia Best Wife (All Wives Ranked Worst To Best)

My Time at Portia Best Wife
Looking for "The One" for You in Portia?

My Time at Portia Wife Guide. Who's The One For You?

So you think you've found the Portian lady of your dreams? Read on to see how she stacks up against the other ladies!

11. Sonia

Sonia is a waitress at The Round Table restaurant in Portia. She is a social girl, always looking to talk and gossip. And now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she also loves fashion, food, and money. She would probably run you out of your money and endanger your business.

Sonia Review:

  • She is inclined to gossip and always talking.
  • Sonia only likes rich men who can take her places.
  • She has no real stat benefits unless you shop at The Round Table often. Which no one likely does, considering it’s a videogame and you don’t have to eat to survive.

Wife Rating: 0/100

10. Merlin

Merlin is a bit of an oddball and not much to look at. She is quirky, awkward, and not at all socially inclined. She doesn’t seem to be interested in friends and prefers to focus on science. Her most redeeming quality is her fantastic work ethic and powerful mind. She prefers the company of research papers more than human warmth. She is also really indecisive and ungrateful. At one point, she actually forces you to go on a date with her (whoa, lady) and then tells you how “meh” it was. I bought you food and swung with you on the swingset. So ungrateful.

Merlin Review:

  • Smart and successful.
  • Independent.
  • Socially awkward and not inclined to developing friendships.
  • Can be a bit aggressive, threatening even, for affection that she doesn’t want. She’s basically a cat in woman form.

Wife Rating: 10/100

9. Mei

Mei enjoys writing, photography, and journalism. She is the head of The Portia Times, the local newspaper production company. Her life revolves around her work and you rarely see her out doing anything other than finding new topics for the paper. Her only friend is her colleague, Erwa. Everyone is different, but I personally wouldn’t want to come home to papers everywhere and my wife hanging out constantly with some chunky dude.

Mei Review:

  • Never stops working, so not much time for anyone or anything else.
  • Has one friend, and it’s a guy.
  • Constantly asks you to perform quests, projecting her workaholism onto you. Mei please, can we just have a nice dinner? I built that cooking set for a reason.

Wife Rating: 0/100

8. Alice

Alice is the girl next door. She is sweet, quiet, quirky, and loves literature. Although she doesn’t have a large presence or personality, you can appreciate Alice for her substance. She is a kind person who cares for her crafts: gardening and writing. She is a drama-free and creative soul. She is however, a bit awkward. Like that chick who sneezes into her hands and offers you a handshake awkward.

Alice Review:

  • Stays out of the way, simply around to talk to as you please.
  • Has two hobbies that she loves and is a successful businesswoman.
  • Kind-hearted and soft-spoken.
  • Discounts on flowers, if you’re into that.

Wife Rating: 50/100

7. Emily

Emily is a farm girl who isn’t afraid to get dirty and loves animals. She is generous enough to gift you with a free planter box recipe to get you started on your farming and gardening. She passes by your farm every day, so she is easy to find and speak to. She will always greet you with a cheery demeanor. The only downside to Emily’s prospects as a wife, is that Sophie won’t let her go without a fight. Actually, she probably cares more about her grandmother than you, so there’s that.

Emily Review:

  • Starts you off with a free planter box and seeds.
  • Lives close to your home and passes by your door daily.
  • Kind-hearted and optimistic.
  • Loves animals.
  • You must jump over Sophie’s hurdles in order to marry Emily, which is a huge pain.
  • Sophie will actually completely disable all chances of you getting with Emily if you don’t meet her control-freak demands. Make sure you really know what you’re getting into on this one.

Wife Rating: 50/100

6. Lucy

Lucy is the local school teacher. She’s educated, kind, hardworking, and good with kids. Lucy never asks for much, but when she does, she asks kindly. Lucy cares about the future of Portia’s youth and makes it her goal every day to better the children at the school. Other than that, she sits around the house not really doing anything. I can’t blame her though, have you ever really been friends with a teacher?

Lucy Review:

  • Does most of her own work and rarely asks you to do daunting, endless tasks.
  • Cares about kids and her occupation.
  • Never complains and appreciates your work ethic.
  • Doesn’t do housework, though...

Wife Rating: 50/10

5. Petra

Petra is the most intelligent person in Portia next to Merlin. She cares deeply about her work, research, and the furthering of human development through technology. Petra is a curious and hardworking girl with looks to boot. She is ambitious and always looking for the next big discovery. Her only downside is that she can be very sarcastic, making you feel like an idiot, which compared to her: you are.

Petra Review:

  • Has a practical function in the game by processing data disks for you. She is an essential character that you see often and progresses the story through her dialogue and skills.
  • Ambitious spirit and loves her job. Petra is always on schedule and makes good on her promises.
  • Cute and humble personality, but confident in herself.
  • Definitely more intelligent than you.

Wife Rating: 90/100

4. Nora

Nora is a missionary of the church and pure of heart. She only wants the best for everyone and has a level head, always considering both sides of the coin. Although part of the church, she does not force her ideals on the citizens of Portia, but gently coerces them into the church. Nora tries to avoid confrontation and violence at all costs. If you think she is the partner for you, act quickly, she does harbor feelings for Arlo, leader of the Portia Civil Corps.

Nora Review:

  • Sells you important seeds for your farm which can become discounted as your relationship grows.
  • Loves nature and all things in it.
  • Kind-hearted, beautiful, and level-headed.
  • Does not knock on your door and try to bombard you with pamphlets saying, “ Have you found our lord and savior: plants?”

Wife Rating: 90/100

3. Ginger

Ginger is the daughter of Mayor Gale, sister to Gust, and victim to a tragic backstory. During her birth, her mother passed away. This story follows her wherever she roams in Portia. She also cannot come into contact with direct sunlight, as it weakens her. (Suspiciously vampire-like if you ask me.) She is cute, soft-spoken, and crafty. She enjoys making trinkets, reading, and other indoor hobbies since she can’t do much outside with her parasol. She is often protected and accompanied by Gust every time she ventures out of the house. If you’re dating Ginger, you’re dating Gust, too.

Ginger Review:

  • Has a very unique and useful marriage perk: Gale will give you stipends. You get paid to marry her.
  • Youthful and very feminine.
  • Soft-spoken, crafty, and easy to find gifts for.
  • She can be a little depressing to be around since you’re constantly reminded about her tragic backstory.
  • Essentially killed her mother, but like, don’t bring it up.

Wife Rating: 90/100

2. Sam

Sam is a hardcore tomboy and a strong woman. She is a bit one-dimensional but pleasant to be around nonetheless. Sam is a member of the Portia Civil Corps and always looking to improve her health and strength. You can often find her exercising or asking for advice on how to improve herself.

Sam review:

  • Headstrong, valiant, and uplifting personality.
  • Though she isn’t the most interesting bachelorette, marrying her increases your resilience by a significant percentage. Civil Corps commission times take less time to complete.
  • Marrying her also increases your relationship with Arlo and Remington, which increase other important combat stats, which are essential to game progression.
  • Always says you look nice, which is nice coming from someone other than your mom.

Wife Rating: 95/100

1. Phyllis

Phyllis is a dream girl. She’s beautiful, has a wealthy family, and she is intelligent. Phyllis by far has the most prominent… “assets” in Portia, but she is so much more than her looks. Her passion lies in medicine and healing others. She is ambitious and hopes to one day open her own clinic. She is pleasant to talk to and has a soothing voice. She is a top tier woman, nurse, and bachelorette. I can never stop staring into her...eyes.

Phyllis Review:

  • Ambitious, caring, proud, and confident.
  • Kind and nurturing personality.
  • Beautiful to boot.
  • Relationship progression offers a discount on acupuncture at the Clinic and extra stamina points. Acupuncture is a very useful feature if you decide you want a different play style without having to complete start over.
  • Literally gorgeous.
  • A queen.
  • Phyllis, please notice me.

Wife Rating: 100/100

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NamiS's picture

NamiS 2 months 2 weeks ago

Merlin isn't romanceable

Disloyal_Illustrator's picture

Disloyal_Illustrator 2 months 2 weeks ago

I was curious about their personalities and things they do, and some benefits they give since you can just romance 1 person per game, but this whole 'guide' kinda seems sexist to me, like some weirdo creep wrote this who has no life and always needs to mention the characters looks and writing "Youthful" as a benefit is really pedo ngl

Flicefer's picture

Flicefer 1 year 7 months ago

ginger is good and bad at the same time coz gust always follow ginger even after married n plus ginger only go out during night or rainy rarely see her during daylight, i would rate ginger around 20%

WhiskeyGamer's picture

WhiskeyGamer 2 years 6 months ago

Phyllis is definitely Queen

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