[Top 5] My Time at Portia Best Armors

My Time at Portia Best Armors
Portian lethal fashion

Do you want to be fatal but fashionable in Portia? You have come to the right place!

A player’s armor is their clothes in My Time at Portia. Although one’s clothes might not define one’s personality, the player in the game would do well to choose a clothing set with higher stats when it comes to defense, health, and stamina points. Hence, clothing in the game is not only about style but also about being a fashionable killing machine.

Various types of clothing pieces are available in Carol’s Clothing Store or can be gained as mission awards! Once the player completes Carol’s Sewing Machine mission, Carol will revise any clothing if certain materials are provided.

For all your fashionable as well as fighting needs in Portia, I am here with this list of clothes that you can obtain by various means to be the most formidable, yet stylish player Portia has ever seen!

5. Work Clothes

Smooth and Wrinkle-free

Work Clothes are perhaps the first useful attire that I found in the game. I remember getting excited when buying them from the Clothing Store for the very first time and getting rid of my simple shirt and jeans that I got when I first started. 

The Work Clothes has a top and a bottom piece. They can be bought from Carol’s Clothing Store for a reasonable price. But if you want to get rid of it, you can either sell them for some Gols or gift them to Remington or Siwa for +8 relationship points!

What makes Work Clothes great?

  • Easy to get
  • Reasonable priced
  • Suitable for working and building because it’s smooth with no wrinkles!
  • can be revised for higher stats for 6 leather (at the Clothing Store)
  • Can be gifted to Remington or Siwa for relationship points

Work Clothes details:

  • Defence: +30 (Top), +30 (Bottom)
  • Stamina Points (SP): +15 (Top), +15 (Bottom)
  • Purchase Price: 420 Gols (Top) and 460 Gols (Bottom)
  • Sell Price: 105 Gols (Top) and 115 Gols(Bottom)
  • Can be bought from Carol’s Clothing Store

4. Elegant Dress Set

Want to feel angelic? This is the way to go

The Elegant Dress set has Elegant Dress Attire (Top), Elegant Dress Bottom, and Elegant Dress Headgear. This stylish set is available from the Church Store. The player looks downright angelic in this set while boosting their defense and stamina points.

What makes Elegant Dress Set great?

  • Easily available from Church Store
  • A little pricey but worth it
  • Can be revised for 3 Flexible Fibre and 3 Leather

Elegant Dress Set details:

  • Defence: +120 (Top), +120 (Bottom)
  • SP: +30 (Top), +30 (Bottom)
  • HP: +280 (Headgear)
  • Purchase Price: 8000 Gols (Top), 8000 Gols (Bottom), 4000 Gols (Headgear)
  • Sell Price: 2000 Gols (Top), 2000 Gols (Bottom), 1000 Gols (Headgear)

3.  Traveler’s Set

All you need is travel

The Traveler’s set comprises the Traveler’s Jacket, Traveler’s Shorts, and Traveler’s Hat. Although the set has a fancy and carefree look, I wish the color was anything else than green.  

The Travellers Jacket can be obtained as a reward for completing the Lowest Level of Ingall’s Mine for the very first time, while the Traveler’s Shorts is a reward for completing the Adventures with Mali mission. These two pieces aren’t purchasable. The Traveler’s hat, though, can be bought from the Clothing Store or can be found in the Computer Lab Ruin on the Western Plateau.

What makes Traveler’s Set Great?

  • Can be obtained as rewards
  • Can be sold for a higher price
  • Carefree look (despite the color)
  • Can be revised for higher stats for 8 Flexible Fibre each

Traveler’s Set details:

  • Defence: +180 (Jacket), +180 (Shorts)
  • SP: +40 (Jacket), +40 (Shorts)
  • HP: +400 (Hat)
  • Purchase Price: Jacket and Shorts cannot be purchased. The Hat costs 40 Flexible Fibre
  • Sell Price: 7000 Gols (Jacket), 7000 Gols (Shorts), 3,500 Gols (Hat)
  • From Ingall’s Mine, Lowest Level (Jacket), Computer lab Ruin

2. Adventurer’s Set

For the adventurous soul

The adventurer’s set is a very matter-of-fact, no-nonsense kind of attire. The Adventurer’s Jacket, Pants, and Cap make up this set. It is implied that the first settlers of the Free Cities wore something like this. Hence in Post-apocalyptic Portia, this set is the go-to for any aspiring or professional adventurer.

The Adventurer’s Jacket and Pants are received as a reward after completing Road to the Marsh mission. The Cap is obtained after completing the deepest level of Ingall’s Mine. Alternatively, all the pieces in this set can be purchased at the Clothing Store if you are willing to go broke.

What makes Adventurer’s Set great?

  • Received as rewards (so the player doesn’t need to go broke buying these)
  • Looks cool
  • Lots of pockets!

Adventurer’s Set details:

  • Defence: +280 (Jacket), +280 (Pants)
  • SP: +50 (jacket), +50 (Pants)
  • HP: +600 (Cap)
  • Need to be level 45 to wear them
  • Purchase Price: 50,000 Gols (Jacket), 50,000 Gols (Pants), 32,000 Gols (Cap)
  • Sell price: 12,500 Gols (Jacket), 12,500 Gols (Pants), 8000 Gols (Cap)
  • Can be obtained as rewards

1. Saint's Set

Legendary Saint's Set

The Saint’s Set has the highest stats of all in the game. It can only be obtained on a treasure hunt mission. The player gets a letter from Sam which contains the treasure map. This set is found in a chest hidden behind a unique rock which only becomes visible after the player receives the letter.

This clothing set contains three pieces: The Saint’s Top, Saint’s Trouser, and Saint’s Headgear. Another weapon that belongs with this set is the Golden Staff, but this can only be obtained after completing level 110 of the Deepest Ruin.

What makes Saint’s Set great?

  • Highest stats!
  • The outfit was inspired by The Monkey King
  • Looks very regal and legendary

Saint’s Set details:

  • Defence: +320 (Top), +320 (Trousers)
  • SP: +55 (Top), +55 (Trousers)
  • HP: +700 (Headgear)
  • Cannot be purchased
  • Sell Price: 15,000 Gols (Top), 15.000 Gols (Trousers) 10,000 Gols (Headgear)
  • Obtained from a special treasure chest in Sombre Marsh (After receiving a map from Sam)


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