[Top 3] Mass Effect 3 Best Armors And How To Get Them

Who said you couldn't look pretty killing aliens?

To anyone first playing the Mass Effect Trilogy, it can be a bit daunting to try figuring out which armor to use, which is why most new players tend to stick with the default armor. And that’s not a bad choice in itself; the default armor comes with its own perks! But as soon as you start looking into the different armors available to you in Mass Effect, you realize how broad your choices are, and how many different powerful characters you can make.

Just like with weapons, the armor you pick for your Shepard depends entirely on your playstyle and which class you choose. In this guide, you will learn about the three best armors in Mass Effect 3, one for each type of player – offensive players, support classes, and infiltrators.

Collector Armor for Soldiers and Vanguards

If you play as a soldier or vanguard in Mass Effect 3, or if you simply love being in the thick of things smashing enemies, you want to get your hands on the Collector Armor. It not only will give you +20% shield regeneration, you will also get +20% shields and +20% health.

Cerberus created this chitinous armor using Collector technology, making the wearer look like a Collector–which is both cool and unsettling. This armor is not only more flexible than regular armors made of ballistic fibers, it is also more resistant. Built from organic matter, it has a self-healing, regenerating ability that is particularly useful in the midst of battle. Its texture, similar to muscle texture, keeps it comfortable and easy to move with despite its heavy weight.

What makes the Collector Armor great: 

  • Purchasable in-game
  • Full armor set–no need to hunt for each piece!
  • Powerful boost in health and shield protection for offensive players

The Collector armor can be bought at the Nos Astra Sporting Good on the Citadel for 50,000 credits.

How to get the Collector Armor

Blood Dragon Armor for Support Classes

If you like playing as an adept, sentinel, or engineer in Mass Effect 3, the Blood Dragon armor is for you. With its +10% power recharge speed, +20% shields, and +30% power damage, it is perfect for support classes.

The Blood Dragon Armor was originally created for and worn by members of the Earth's Urban Combat Championship league. It may not be the most modern-looking armor, it has done its share of field time. Thanks to its integrated microframe computer, it works smoothly with any type of omnitools, kinetic barrier, or biotic implants. 

This armor does not only look aesthetically pleasing, with its chest and shoulder pieces bearing the logo of the Edmonton Blood Dragons, it was designed to give its wearer a significant technical and power advantage. If you play as a class that relies heavily on power and how fast they recharge, this armor will deliver; it will also give you more freedom to fight in the open, instead of spending most of your time behind cover.

What makes the Blood Dragon Armor great:

  • Purchasable in-game
  • Full armor set–no need to hunt for each piece!
  • Boost power recharge time
  • Extra protection for support classes

The Blood Dragon Armor can be obtained from Kanala Exports on the Citadel for 50,000 credits.

How to get the Blood Dragon Armor

Blood Dragon Armor Wiki Page

Hahne-Kedar Armor Set + Kuwashii Visor for Infiltrators

Mass Effect 3 does not simply offer full sets of armors; the game also gives players the opportunity to build their own depending on their individual needs. If you love playing as an infiltrator, the following build is one of the best. It will give you +45% weapon damage, along with +10% headshot damage. Here is a guide on each piece and where to find them:

  • Kuwashii Visor: Gives you +5% weapon damage and +10% headshot damage. It can be purchased from Aegohr Munitions after the ‘Priority: Tuchanka’ mission.
  • Hahne-Kedar Chest: Gives you +10% weapon damage. It can be acquired during ‘Mission Tuchanka: Turian Platoon’, or bought from Cipritine, Presidium Commons Armory on the Citadel.
  • Hahne-Kedar Shoulders: Give you +10% weapon damage. They can be purchased from Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies on the Citadel after the ‘Priority: Rannoch’ mission.
  • Hahne-Kedar Arms: Give you +10% weapon damage. They can be bought at Kanala Exports on the Citadel after the ‘Citadel: Hanar Diplomat’ mission.
  • Hahne-Kedar Legs: Give you +10% weapon damage. They can be acquired during the ‘Priority: Palaven’ mission or bought from Batarian State Arms on the Citadel.

What Makes this Armor Set great:

  • Fully customizable–if you find another piece that works better for you, you can switch!
  • Combined with a good sniper rifle, weapon damage becomes insanely high
  • For people who love having a goal, getting all the pieces is a fun scavenger hunt!

Armor Customization Wiki Page

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