Top 10 Best Mass Effect: Andromeda Weapons (And Why They’re Deadly)

Best Mass Effect: Andromeda Weapons
Grab one of these great weapons and suit up in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Looking For The Best ME Andromeda Weapons? Try one of these on for size.

The Mass Effect franchise has always provided players with a plethora of weapons and the latest installment, Mass Effect: Andromeda is no different. Not only does it bring back series classics like the Black Widow sniper rifle and the Revenant assault rifle, it also brings in new weapons that are unique to Andromeda. With the increased amount of gear available to all the Pathfinders out there, we’ve compiled the top 10 best Mass Effect: Andromeda weapons and explain exactly why they’re deadly, making it easier for you to build your own unique style of combat.

10. Carnifex

The Carnifex is a semi-automatic pistol that you can craft as soon as you can access a research station, most likely in Eos Site 1: Promise.

The Carnifex is far from being one of the top 10 weapons, but as far as the beginning of the game is concerned, it’s probably the most reliable and cost-effective weapon you’ll find.


Mass Effect: Andromeda-Carnifex

  • Damage: 244
  • Rate of Fire: 100
  • Clip Size: 6
  • Max Ammo: 36
  • Accuracy: 60
  • Weight: 10
  • Augmentation Slots: 2

This gun does very reliable damage against unshielded early game enemies (like Roekaar Raiders, Remnant Assemblers, and Kett Chosen) and is very easy to craft and upgrade. With your ammo type of choice, the Carnifex  can easily turn into your go-to for quickly getting rid of pesky shields.

Carnifex I Crafting Recipe

  • Omni-Gel Canister x20
  • Iron x80
  • Lithium x40
  • Element Zero x10

Don’t you wish you had your Carnifex? This weapon is one of the first must have weapons you’ll find.

See the Carnifex in action

9. Raptor

Mass Effect: Andromeda-Raptor

The Raptor is a fully automatic sniper rifle that can be used just like an assault rifle. This is another early game gem that can really rack up damage on individual enemies really quickly.

Damage: 49

Rate of Fire: 550

Clip Size: 15

Max Ammo: 135

Accuracy: 84

Weight: 40

Augmentation Slots: 2

The Assault-Sniper Rifle! For those times when you can’t figure out if you want to run n’ gun or snipe the bad guys down, here’s the “Why Not Both?” of Mass Effect weapons! This weapon is best used as a mid-range weapon against enemies with a lot of cover, especially shielded enemies like Kett Anointed. The only problem with this weapon however, is that although it’s a great fusion of ARs and Sniper Rifles, It’s a jack-of-all-trades, master of none deal. If you’re in a firmly long distance battle, then use a true sniper rifle. If you’re dealing with a frantic, fast paced, close-to-mid range battle, then use a true assault rifle.

Raptor I Crafting Recipe

Omni-Gel Canister x20

Iron x80

Fluorite x40

Vanadium x10

Long Range and Long Clips. The Best of Both Worlds.

8. Dhan

Mass Effect: Andromeda-Dhan​

Damage: 649-805

Rate of Fire: 95

Clip Size: 2

Max Ammo: 20-22

Accuracy: 42-52

Weight: 30

Augmentation Slots: 4

It’s a heat seeking plasma cannon shotgun. Heat Seeking. Plasma Cannon. It disrespects enemy cover by homing in on the target, and it’s got some of the highest per-shot damage in the game. On top of all of this, it has a lot of Aug Slots, so you can make it even more overpowered than it already is. With the right armors and mods, this gun can potentially be game breaking. While the Dhan’s only got two shots in the clip, the homing capability and high damage really goes a long way towards lowering the costliness of such a low-capacity clip.

Dhan I Crafting Recipe 

Unlocked with 150 Heleus Research Points

Kett Alloy x30

Scale Fibers x28

Nickel x60

Vanadium x10

When you’re REALLY confident in your shotgun’s power…

Dealing damage with the Dhan

7. Talon

Mass Effect: Andromeda-Talon Pistol​

The Talon is a semi-automatic revolver-like pistol that does solid damage. This gun is a great companion piece to a shotgun or assault rifle, and does exceedingly well when used in defensive situations.

Damage: 333-422

Rate of Fire: 75

Clip Size: 4

Max Ammo: 28-31

Accuracy: 42-50

Weight: 23-30

Augmentation Slots: 4

Very powerful gun limited by a base four-4 shot clip. In the hands of an expert player who’s got great aim, this gun can get you through a close range shootout. The TalonThis gun is definitely the late game, grown man’s Carnifex. As seen in the linked video by the Star Wars Shop, this gun compliments Vanguard skills and overwhelms armored enemies. The Talon plus Incendiary Ammo will serve you well against the enemies on Kadara and other Milky Way based enemies, or more specifically, their armor and armored tech.

Talon I Crafting Recipe 

Unlocked by 125 Milky Way RD.

Omni-Gel Canister x20

Graphite x100

Nickel x50

Element Zero x10

When running in guns blazing actually works.

Everything you want to know about the Talon

6. N7 Hurricane

Mass Effect: Andromeda-N7 Hurricane

An Automatic Sub-Machine Gun under the Pistols category. Very lightweight, but has both a very high rate of fire and is very accurate for an SMG. Ultra-Rare N7 Weapon.

Damage: 25-32

Rate of Fire: 925

Clip Size: 40

Max Ammo: 280-311


Weight: 19-25

Augmentation Slots: 4

The N7 Hurricane is the most accurate submachine gun in the game, and has the highest rate of fire of any SMG in the game as well. That’s a lot of bullets put exactly where you want them, and can strip defenses really quickly. A Soldier Class with “Turbocharge” can really bring out the most from this gun. It’s a great companion weapon to a sniper rifle, grenade launcher, or a Heleus weapon that requires charging. If you run a Biotic Pathfinder, this gun will be a great gun to shoot bad guys while they’re helplessly floating through the air via Pull. Just mind your ammo.

N7 Hurricane I Crafting Recipe

Unlocked with 150 Milky Way RD

Omni-Gel Canister x30

Iron x120

Fluorite x60

Element Zero x10

When you can’t afford to waste ammo, use the Hurricane to wash the Kett away!

Check out this review of the N7 Hurricane

5. Revenant

Mass Effect: Andromeda-Revenant

A rare, automatic assault rifle that has a 60-round clip, the Revenant is a very reliable mid-range offensive weapon and a Mass Effect series favorite.

Damage: 36-45

Rate of Fire: 620

Clip Size: 60

Max Ammo: 360-400

Accuracy: 42-50

Weight: 32-42

Augmentation Slots: 3

The assault rifle’s assault rifle. With a big clip and decent damage, the Revenant functions like pest spray on the battlefield, because it will quickly dispatch lesser foes, allowing you to save your tech and biotics on the more powerful enemies like Ascendants and Destined. It’s great for making an advance and the long clip helps you to leave enemies with no breathing room whatsoever.

Revenant I Crafting Recipe 

Unlocked with 125 Milky Way RD

Omni-Gel Canister x20

Copper x100

Cadmium x50

Element Zero x10

Overcompensation and a 60-round clip. The Revenant drives every foe back into cover or caskets.

Check out the Revenant in all its glory

4. L-89 Halberd

Mass Effect: Andromeda-L-89 Halberd

A Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle that, unlike most assault rifles, favors precision over rate of fire or clip size. An upgraded version of the Mattock.

Damage: 103

Rate of Fire: 300

Clip Size: 17

Max Ammo: 97

Accuracy: 111

Weight: 25

Augmentation Slots: 2

This weapon is great for mid-range marksmen who specialize in exploiting enemy weak points as opposed to just drowning the bad guys in bullets like the Revenant or Cyclone. Bringing out the best in the Halberd does require a specific playstyle, and it isn’t as user ready like the Revenant, but it has higher potential, especially with Incendiary Ammo applied to the weapon. Aiming for center of mass does not apply with this weapon.

The L-89 Halberd can’t be crafted like it’s cousin the Mattock, but it can be purchased on Kadara from the weapons merchant.

Just check out the 25:36 mark of this video on the Kadara Market. You’ll see the Halberd sitting pretty and ready to be bought.

For the Discerning Marksman and the Opulent Outlaw

The L-89 Halberd is perfect for those who are more strategic with where they place their aim.

3. Isharay

Mass Effect: Andromeda-Isharay

A one shot Angaran sniper rifle. One of the highest per-shot weapons in the game. It may be a rare weapon, but the Isharay is surprisingly easy to get a hold of.

Damage: 615-1433

Rate of Fire: 75

Clip Size: 1

Max Ammo: 14-16


Weight: 60-47

Augmentation Slots: 4

Angaran for “Goodbye.” It’s the most powerful sniper rifle, bar none, and can put just about anything down with a clean head shot. It only has one shot in the clip, but that one shot is sufficient to put anything without a shield or armor down for the count. The only drawback to this weapon, is that it's useless against close range enemies so missed shots are costly, especially when the enemy is advancing. A good shotgun or pistol is needed to cover all your bases.

Isharay I Crafting Recipe

The blueprint is available after meeting Evfra on Aya for the first time during “A Trail of Hope.” and using 125 of your precious Heleus RD.

Angaran Meditation Crystal x20

Shell Filaments x24

Fluorite x50

Vanadium x10

One Shot, One Kill. For Sharpshooters Only.

Say "hello" to the Isharay and "goodbye" to anyone dumb enough to stick their head in your crosshairs

2. Ushior

Mass Effect: Andromeda-Ushior

The Ushior is an Angaran heavy pistol and contains two very powerful shots in the thermal clip. Like the Isharay, the blueprints for the Ushior become available after your little excursion (read: desperate escape) to Aya.

Damage: 529-656

Rate of Fire: 70

Clip Size: 2

Max Ammo: 18-20

Accuracy: 63-74

Weight: 25-19

Augmentation Slots: 4

The Ushior is a powerful hand cannon that is very effective at dropping shields and making your enemies vulnerable. If you're trying to use a skill that requires your target to have no defenses up, you just might want to consider adding this to your repertoire. On its own, it is the strongest pistol, bar none, and the raw damage alone is very attractive.

Ushior I Crafting Recipe 

Blueprint available after meeting Evfra and using 150 Heleus RD

Angaran Meditation Crystal x30

Shell Filaments x28

Lithium x60

Vanadium x10 (Ushior levels VI and above will use Element Zero instead)

Big things and small packages. This pistol’s punch exceeds its class.

Two rounds, but plenty of damage dealt.

1. Black Widow

Mass Effect: Andromeda-Black Widow

Where its predecessor the Widow only held a single shot per thermal clip, the Black Widow has three, meaning more dead bad guys before watching that pesky reload animation. It is a little heavy, but the power and precision make it worth it.

Damage: 465-576

Rate of Fire: 65

Clip Size: 3

Max Ammo: 24-27

Accuracy: 68-80

Weight: 55-43

Augmentation Slots: 4

My favorite sniper rifle in the game. It has three shots, so, unlike the Isharay, if you miss the first shot, you're not immediately scrambling to reload or switch weapons. The Black Widow is best used against mechs and armored enemies. It punches through plates and shields like loose leaf paper. Just bring along a good, rapid fire, side weapon to deal with closer enemies and shielded foes, though a single clip from the Black Widow can bring down most shields.

Black Widow I Crafting Recipe

Unlocked with 150 Milky Way RD

Omni-Gel Canister x30

Beryllium x120

Lithium x60

Element Zero x10

No shield is safe from the Black Widow’s bite.

I'd use it just for the name, but if you'd like to know more about this beauty, check the video above.


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