Mass Effect 4: Andromeda: 10 Interesting Facts About This Awesome Game

Mass Effect 4: Andromeda
The stars await...

We can't stand the wait - let's talk about the fourth Mass Effect before our medi-gel explodes!

Mass Effect: Andromeda, the fourth title in the titular Mass Effect series. Everyone is abuzz with excitement and whispers have been abundant on what the new installment will offer.

There is also hope that it will be a welcome revival after the badly received ending of Mass Effect 3.

With all that in mind, here are 10 interesting facts about this awesome game!

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1. New Characters And Species Are Set To Make An Appearance

The Wild West in space.

Little leaks of information from the developers have shown that Bioware plans on introducing new characters. That was a given, considering the last entry on this list, but what has most fans excited is the reveal of new alien species.

The possibilities of entire new species being added to the mix, or crew, is a definite thought-provoker. It's definitely a thinker.

I'm sure many people are wondering which will be romanceable as well. Maybe all of us.

2. The Mako Is Back!

The Mako, surprisingly not upside down .

Yes, everyone's favorite gravity-defying land rover is coming back! The Mako has been confirmed for a return in Andromeda. It will make a grand entrance.

For many fans, this means more fun times of running things over and trying to flip right-side up. You never know. Perhaps as an added bonus, we'll be able to hear the crew mates complaining inside?

One can only dream.

3. Old Characters Are Rumored To Return

The abyss staring back.

Though they obviously haven't been in a rush to give names, Bioware has hinted that some old characters will make a return, or at least a cameo, in Andromeda. Fans are speculating who it will be, but that's the fun of waiting, right?

Many are hoping that newer trailers might provide a bit of fan service with a brief show of an old face or two, but who knows.

I know I'm personally still pretending that FemShep and Garrus are happily married with an adopted kid. La la la, I can't hear you, reality!

4. There Will Be Hundreds of Solar Systems To Explore

595 Solar Systems to go...

In previous installments, Mass Effect provided quite the exploratory element by allowing players to swoop between solar systems and planets on the hunt for minerals, missions and other interesting tidbits.

However, Andromeda is already claiming there will be HUNDREDS of new solar systems to explore. The sheer size of that kind of claim is staggering. For how much the game seems to be focusing on exploration, colonization and conquest, it is sure to be an interesting voyage.

One can only imagine how long Andromeda will take to fully explore.

5. There Will Be a Fresh New Take On Dialogue

This bodes well.

One of the defining elements of prior Mass Effect games were the unique dialogue options, most notably: Paragon and Renegade.

Andromeda has teased some interesting new additions to the branching-dialogue theme and how it adds to the story. The ability to interupt conversations is one noted difference as well as more cinematic responses when it comes to player choice.

But can we kill Kai Leng again?

6. Players Will Be Able To Create Settlements On Distant Worlds

Where should the pool table go?

If the idea of massively expanded exploration isn't enough to get you interested, how about the idea of colonization?

Yes, Andromeda has stated that the player will now be able to create settlements on new planets and manage how they are run. From all the context clues, it really seems like Bioware is focusing on exploration more than it is narrative this time around.

I'd like an entire settlement of sexy Turians, please.

7. The Crafting System Will See A Major Overhaul

No signs of Reapers yet...

Previous entries had seen a fairly limited crafting system. Upgrades were available for the Normandy, armor, weapons, etc. You could also turn unwanted items into omni-gel. Beyond that, crafting took a backseat to the story and over-arching action.

Andromeda is revamping the crafting system, however. It seems like every tiny detail of personalization will be up to the player – a wise move to reward the exploration aspect. With other mentions in this article, it seems like crafting will play as big a role as it did in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

You can craft a jet pack. Enough said.

8. Multi-player Will Make A Return With All New Bonuses

Not even done and it already looks gorgeous.

Multi-player will see a return as well. Coming back with classics such as horde mode, co-op on waves and specialized missions, it will be another chance for ME fans to battle together. A fight to the death.

However, there have been some upgrades added in: permanent perks and bonuses, special crafting and management capabilities, and the ability to customize harder difficulties.

They just keep piling on the goodies!

9. The Introduction of Strike Missions Has Been Announced

When you wish upon a gives you Mass Effect 4.

Not a fan of all those silly, time-consuming side missions from the previous games? How dare you!

I kid. With the leak on Andromeda, the introduction of strike missions were noted. The player will have the capability to hire on AI-controlled crew to carry out these missions while they focus on the main story.

If that isn't service with a smile, I don't know what is.

10. It Will Not Feature Commander Shepard

You shouldn't go : (

Yes, unfortunately, Andromeda will have nothing to do with old Shepard. The Andromeda galaxy has been noted as being in an entirely different galaxy from Shephard's, and thus was far removed from the events of the first three games.

Regardless, the player will still have the undertaking of recruiting a crew, playing the story and surviving all new threats.

If there isn't mention of calibrations, Bioware can expect a riot.

Do you know anything interesting about Mass Effect: Andromeda? What do you think it's going to be like? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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