5 Things We Want from Anthem

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Javelins are high powered customizable exosuits worn by players when exploring the world of Anthem

Anthem is a new online action-RPG by Bioware set to release in early 2019. Bioware is most known for its work on different types of role-playing games. Developers have stated that they are focusing on both Anthem and the Dragon Age franchise. With an estimated release date already announced for Anthem, fans are hopeful that Bioware will deliver a great game.

But, what is it that fans want with Anthem? What do they expect from the developers who’ve delayed this project twice already?

1. Customization

Few games today offer customization for a player’s in-game avatar. Those that do offer customization offer very little in the way of changing a character’s looks. Gamers looking forward to the game hope to see things like customizing colors, decals, and enhancing weapons to deliver as much death as possible to your enemies. With the right loadout, even a pair of Javelins may be able to take out hordes of enemies. Some have stated that the customization model for Warframe is a good example to follow.

2. Raids, Guild Battles, Dungeons

Many online games offer missions like raids or guild battles. A raid can be things like taking on a very powerful boss-level enemy, taking on other players on the field of battle, and challenging your skill against other groups in a player vs. environment where you fight computer-controlled enemies.

3. Offline Mode

Bioware has stated that it will offer a single-player campaign for Anthem. There are many players excited about the opportunity to play solo, but a few have worries about what it may mean. Many gamers prefer to experience such a story solo so they can get a feel for the game before taking on squad-based missions.

4. Affordable DLC

Most new games being released carry a hefty price tag of around $60. For some, this includes only the main game and none of the DLC. For others, it may mean some DLC and future payments for the rest of the extra content.

For Anthem, players are hoping that all DLC will be included. Reddit user OzTheGreat2020 put it the way other players are likely thinking: “I’m cool with a season pass, but it should cover all of the DLC.”

5. Flight

With the trailer and a majority of screenshots showing Javelins zipping through the sky, players are hoping for a decent focus on this feature of the exosuits. There are some who’ve said they hope the suits allow for unlimited flight and no need to refuel. Dark Void is a good example of the flight mechanics people are looking for in Anthem. There was no need to refuel the flying device, and players stopped flying when their feet touched the ground.

Are you looking forward to Anthem? What are you hoping Bioware does with the title?

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