11 Great PC Games Coming Out in 2016

2016 can't come soon enough!
2016 can't come soon enough!

Is the wait killing you? Here are the great PC games of 2016 that we’re just dying to play!

If you’re into PC games, then you already know what a great year 2016 is going to be. So many quality titles have already been announced – with more being announced each week – that the wait is becoming almost unbearable.

In this article, we list the great PC games of 2016 that we’re most excited about. From RPGs to first-person shooters, from fantasy to sci-fi, there’s at least one game for every kind of gamer. So let’s start with our first entry…

11. World of Warcraft: Legion

World of Warcraft is the most successful MMORPG in gaming history, and we can thank Blizzard’s devotion to its fans for that. For years, they’ve been making sure their most popular brand never goes stale; thanks to regular gameplay and story updates, Azeroth is a living, breathing world.

World of Warcraft: Legion is the game’s sixth expansion, and it’s going to be huge. For starters, the Burning Legion are coming back to raise hell on Azeroth. Who are the Burning Legion? Oh, just an army of world-conquering demons who invaded Azeroth several times in the path. They were primary antagonists in Warcraft III, if you can recall. It looks like the Alliance and the Horde will have to put aside their differences (again) to fight off this threat.

And, oh, did we mention Illidan Stormrage, “the Betrayer” himself, is making a comeback, as well? Goes to show that no one stays dead for long in the World of Warcraft!

An enormous new continent called The Broken Isles, a new Demon Hunter class, customizable artifact weapons, a level cap increase, and loads of other goodies await in what will be one of the great PC games of 2016!




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