Overwatch Best Epic Skins For Each Character

Overwatch Best Epic Skins
Wrecking ball being an ablsoute boss in his summer skin.

Overwatch The Best and Most Epic Skins for Each Hero

Overwatch, considered to be one of the best multiplayer shooter games in the last couple of years since it’s release. Having won over 100 Game of the Year awards and being called “Superb” and “Endlessly entertaining” by such critics as, Gamespot and Game Informer. Though we are not here to talk about Overwatch’s gameplay or anything of the sort. No, today we are going to go over another fun aspect of the game. That being the skins that you can get and collect for all the Overwatch heroes. So please join me as I share what I believe to be some of the best and most epic skins that you can acquire while playing the game.


Default Skin

A former Overwatch Captain now turned bounty hunter/ protector of her homeland Cairo, Egypt, Ana’s one goal is to protect the ones she loves no matter the cost to herself. (Ana is also the mother of Pharah who is another playable Overwatch hero.) Out of all of Ana’s skins, the best one to me is the “Captain Amari” skin.

Captain Amari Skin

Captain Amari is the best skin because it gives us insight into what the wise and determined Ana looked like when she was still a Captain in Overwatch. Also, this skin can be found in several of the Overwatch comics which makes playing in this skin just that much cooler. (This skin is available all year round.)

Ana full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/ana/

See Captain Amari in action:


 Ashe is the classic case of the born rich, turned outlaw trope. She is head (alongside her butler B.O.B) of the Deadlock Gang, which operates in Gorge; Arizona, USA.  I feel that her most epic skin of all time is the “Warlock” skin.   

Warlock Skin

Just released last year, this skin is the right combination of magical and haunting at the same time. By far one of Ashe’s most exciting and detailed skins in the game as of right now. (This skin is only available during Overwatch’s Halloween Event)

 Ashe full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/ashe/

 See Warlock in action:


Default Skin

Former Talon operative who was orphaned by the Omnic Crisis, Baptiste is a surprisingly positive person who now uses his medic skills to help those whose lives are impacted by war. Now speaking of Talon, that leads me to what I believe is Baptiste’s most epic skin “Talon.”

Talon Skin

Just like with Ana’s “Captain Amari” skin, Baptiste’s “Talon” skin gives us (the players) a glimpse into a younger Baptiste before he forsook the ways of Talon. Besides just being a story plot skin, it is also a lot of fun to play bad guy Batiste once in a while. (This skin is only available during the Archive Event)

Batiste full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/baptiste/

See Talon in action:


Default Skin

Once one of the most feared Omnics in the Omnic Crisis, E54 Bastion now spends it’s life exploring the world and being fascinated by nature. It even has a cute little bird companion that follows wherever Bastion goes. As for Bastion’s top skin though, I believe that it is 110% the “Avalanche” Skin.   

Avalanche Skin

This skin makes the curious and somewhat murderous Bastion look very adorable and as if it is ready to build a snowman with you. Even Bastion’s bird companion (name unknown) gets a re-skin and is transformed into a sweet, little snow owl. (This skin is only available during the Winter Wonderland Event)

Bastion full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/bastion/

See Avalanche action:


Default Skin

Brigitte, daughter to Torbjorn, and squire to Reinhardt (both of which are playable Overwatch heroes) fights to protect those who need to be defended for she is their shield. Brigitte has many fun and interesting skins, but the best ones are “Mani and Sol.”

Mani Skin

Sol Skin

I know that these are technically two skins, but since one is basically a reskin of the other I felt that I needed to show both. These skins have always given off a Dark Souls vibe for one reason or another. So it makes playing in these skins feel quite nostalgic. Especially, when you find the Dark Souls easter egg in the Eichenwald map while wearing these skins. (These skins are available all year round)

Brigitte full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/brigitte/

See Mani and Sol in action:




Default Skin

A pro gamer turned mech pilot, D.Va defends her homeland of Busan, South Korea from the Omnic threats that keep rising from the depths of the East China Sea. She also streams her fights which has made her a famous icon in the world of Overwatch. D.Va has quite a few cute skins that are considered epic, but one of her more recent skins has become quite popular amongst Overwatch players. That skin being the “Academy” skin.

Academy Skin

Even though this skin is supposed to be just cute, it holds an air of attitude and spunk. You may feel like quite the sassy individual while playing in this skin.  (This skin is only available during the Anniversary Event)

D.Va full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/dva/  

See Academy in action:


Default Skin

After killing his teacher, Ogundimu took on the mantle as the new Doomfist and became a key operative in the Talon ranks. He is truly a force to be feared with his eponymous gauntlet. Especially with his belief that only through conflict can humanity be made stronger. Truly one of the best Doomfist skins is the “Formal” skin.

Formal Skin

Probably one of the most classy skins that are available in Overwatch, this skin will make you feel like quite the gentleman as you rocket punch a Tracer into next week. (This skin is only available during the Anniversary Event)

Doomfist full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/doomfist/

See Formal in action:


Default Skin

Echo is an artificial intelligence that was created by a Singaporean scientist, Dr. Mina Liao (who was one of the founding members of Overwatch) before she was killed in an attack on Overwatch. After the death of Echo’s creator, she was quarantined for a short time before being released by Jesse McCree (another playable Overwatch hero). Echo is the newest hero introduced (as of the writing this article) in the Overwatch roster therefore, she doesn’t have very many skins out at the very moment. Though one skin, in particular, stood out, that skin being the “Butterfly” skin.

Butterfly Skin

This skin is not only very pretty, but also very elegant. It truly suits the character when she adorns this skin, as she gracefully glides across the skies while in the heat of battle. (This skin is available all year round)

Echo full Details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/echo/ 

See Butterfly in action:


Default Skin

Being on the brink of death after a violent confrontation with his old brother Hanzo, (another playable Overwatch hero) Genji was saved by Overwatch and Dr.Angela Ziegler (aka Mercy, another playable Overwatch hero). The fight between him and Hanzo left Genji greatly hurt,  the only way to save him was through a cybernetic body. For a long time, Genji hated his new body, but thanks to an omnic monk known as Zenyatta (another playable Overwatch Hero) Genji came to accept his body and forgive his older brother. Now Genji being a “green cyborg ninja dude” (Genji’s words to be exact) he has a lot of extremely creative/ epic skins, but of course, one outdoes them all. The “Baihu'' skin.

Baihu Skin

This skin has a paranormal flair to it that makes it so much fun to play in (especially on the darker Overwatch maps). It is like you are playing as the ghost of a warrior who is brought back to life once a year to exact his revenge or to protect those in the world of the living. (This skin is only available during the Lunar Event)

Genji full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/genji/

See Baihu in action:


Default Skin

Older brother to Genji (another playable Overwatch hero), Hanzo was a prodigy in strategy, martial arts, swordplay, and bowmanship. After being forced to kill his brother by the Shimada clan, which broke Hanzo’s heart, he left the Shimada clan and became a wanderer. He now tries to restore his honor and perfect his skills as a warrior. Hanzo (just like most of the Overwatch heroes) has some really epic skins, but when this skin dropped (about two years back) the entire Overwatch community erupted with excitement. This skin was the“Casual” skin.

Casual Skin

After this skin made an appearance in the Overwatch comic Reflections, every Overwatch fan wanted this skin to be a reality. Overwatch listened and during the “Winter Wonderland” event the skin was released. This skin is certainly a 180* from his normal attire, which is what makes this skin very appealing. (This skin is only available during the Winter Wonderland Event)

Hanzo full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/hanzo/

See Casual in action:


Default Skin

Junkrat is an insane, explosion obsessed, demolitionist from down under (aka Australia). But as of late he has been going around the world thieving and causing havoc alongside his companion/ bodyguard Roadhog (also a playable Overwatch hero) As for his skins, there is one, in particular, that stands out. The “Krampus” skin.

Krampus Skin

This skin is a fun twist on the Krampus folklore which most people are familiar with (thanks to some movies that came out in the last couple of years). Also, this skin is a bit creepy so it is like having a festive Halloween outfit for the Christmas Season. (This skin is only available during the Winter Wonderland Event)

Junkrat full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/junkrat/

 See Krampus in action:



Default Skin 

Even though he grew up poor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Lucio became an extremely Popular DJ in the universe of Overwatch. Like Baptiste,(another playable Overwatch hero) Lucio is a very positive person and seeks to change the world through his actions and Music. Now, I bring to you what I believe is the most epic Lucio skin as of right now. The “Gorgan” skin.

Gorgan Skin

This skin takes our sweet, beloved Lucio and turns him into the being of nightmares as he boops you off a cliff. Luckily though, you won’t turn to stone if you stare into his eyes for too long. (This skin is only available during the Halloween Event)

Lucio full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/lucio/

See Gorgan in action:


Default Skin

Jesse McCree, a former Deadlock gang and Blackwatch Member, now travels around as a gun for hire. He is a massive talent with his Peacekeeper and will fight in causes that he believes are just. Now introducing the best McCree skin…the “Sherlock” Skin.


Sherlock Homes Skin 

Not only is it a fun call back to a character that is still having games and movies made about him. It is also hilarious to think that they gave such a classy and gentlemen-esk skin to a somewhat sarcastic cowboy who probably doesn’t bathe, but once a month. (This skin is only available during the Anniversary Event)

McCree full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/mccree/

See Sherlock in action:


Default Skin

A brilliant climatologist/ inventor, Mie was the only survivor when ( at Watchpoint: Antarctica) her fellow scientist’s cryostasis chambers malfunctioned during a massive blizzard that had them stranded at the base. Mei now lives to continue the work that her and her companions began. The skin that is truly the best in Mei’s collection is the “Pajamei” Skin.

Pajamei Skin

This very, very cute skin actually drives from the Mei short “Rise and Shine.” After this short’s release, the skin became a quick favorite amongst Overwatch players and as of right now she is the only hero to have her pajamas be a skin. (This skin is only available during the Archive Event)

Mie full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/mei/

See Pajamei in action:


Default Skin

Dr. Angela Ziegler (better known as Mercy) is a Swiss surgeon who was once head of Overwatch’s medical research before it was terminated. She is a true pacifist at heart and tries to handle every situation as peacefully as possible. Mercy has many pretty skins, but the “Zhuque” is by far the most beautiful.

Zhuque Skin

This skin just speaks elegance and beauty at it’s finest. Mercy is truly a sight to behold as she glides from teammate to teammate while she is in this skin. (This skin is only available during the New Years Event)

Mercy full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/mercy/ 

See Zhuque in action:


Defaults Skin

Former Blackwatch member turned Talon operative, Moira O’Deorain is a brilliant yet controversial geneticist. She will do anything that leads to a scientific breakthrough. No matter the cost. Moira has quite a few unique skins in her cosmetics; however, the most epic/ popular Moira skin is the “Blackwatch” skin.

Blackwatch Skin

This skin makes Moira look like a confident and collected military fighter. The skin gained popularity after being shown in the Archive Event: Retribution. (This skin is only available during the Archive Event)

Moira full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/moira/

See Blackwatch in action:


Default Skin

Orisa is an omnic that was created to be a Guardian Robot by her eleven-year-old inventor, Efi Oladele. Though Orisa still has much to learn when it comes to being a Guardian she still tries to do her best and learn from her mistakes. Luckily for us, last Halloween Orisa was given a really, really epic skin. It was the “Demon” Skin.

Demon Skin

A skin that rose from brimstone and ash, this skin takes the optimistic Orisa and turns her into a horrifying spawn of hell. This skin will certainly  make your enemies think twice before attacking you (This skin is only available during the Halloween Event)

Orisa full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/orisa/

See Demon in action:


Default Skin

The daughter of Ana (another playable Overwatch Hero), Pharah has dreamed of joining Overwatch since she was little, but when Overwatch disintegrated so did her dream. So when she grew up she decided to join the Helix Security so she could still protect the innocents just like her mother before her. Just picking out one of Pharah’s skins as the most epic was really hard, but after some deliberation, I believe that the “Aviator” skin is the coolest.

Aviator Skin

Another canon skin in the Overwatch universe, this skin makes Pharah look like she is here to kick butt and chew gum, and she is all out of gum. I am also pretty sure this is one of the very few skins where the hero is wearing blue jeans in the game. (This skin is only available during the Archive Event)  

Pharah full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/pharah/

See Aviator in action:


Default Skin

Reaper is a violent terrorist operative for Talon who is responsible for many terrorist attacks around the world of Overwatch. Though very few know his true identity which was Gabriel Reyes, Commander of Blackwatch who is believed to be dead. Out of all of Reaper's epic skins, only one of them is truly epic and fits him perfectly. I am talking about the  “Hellfire” skin.

Hellfire Skin

Hell has no fury like that of the reaper, especially when you did him wrong. This skin fits what most of Reaper's victims see as he yells “Die! Die! Die!” (This skin is available all year round)

Reaper full details:http://https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/reaper/

See Hellfire in action:


Default Skin

Reinhardt Wilhelm was a Crusader turned Overwatch operative. He served up into his late fifties when he was given mandatory retirement from combat operations; however, Reinhardt wasn’t ready to put down his hammer. Even after Overwatch disbanded, Reinhardt still fought for justice and honor aside his squire Brigitte (another playable Overwatch hero). Reinhardt’s “Crusader” skin is truly the best skin that the hero has been given thus far.

Crusader Skin

This skin was released when the Reinhardt short Honor and Glory came out. This skin shows us what the kind-hearted and sometimes reckless Reinhardt looked like when he was still a Crusader before joining Overwatch. (This skin is available all year round)

Reinhardt full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/reinhardt/

See Crusader in action:


Default Skin

A ruthless killer from down under, Roadhog ( once known as Mako Rutledge) has now left his homeland of Australia to serve as a bodyguard to Junkrat (another playable Overwatch hero) and together they cause a great deal of chaos wherever they go. For Roadhog I found that his most unique skin, “Toxic”, was his best skin.

Toxic Skin

This skin is like staring into the face of a creepypasta. It makes the cruel, murderous Roadhog look like an SCP that should be avoided at all costs. (This skin is only available during the Anniversary Event)

Roadhog full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/roadhog/

See Toxic in action:


Default Skin

Once a truly brilliant astrophysicist, Dr. Sibren de Kuiper’s mind was fractured when an experiment went wrong and he was put into a secret government facility under the name “Subject Sigma”. Then Talon broke him out and now use and manipulate him into doing their bidding. The “Rime” skin is the absolute best skin that Sigma has.

Rime Skin

The “Rime” skin reminds a lot of veteran video game players of another Blizzard  (the company that made Overwatch) game known as “World of Warcraft '' and more specifically the “Lich King”. This skin brings players a wave of nostalgia and reminds them of the glory days of WoW. (This skin is only available during the Winter Wonderland Event )

Sigma full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/sigma/

See Rime in action:

Soldier 76

Default Skin

Former Strike Commander of Overwatch, Jack Morrison (who was believed to be dead) now goes under the alias Soldier 76. He now fights as a vigilante as he tries to search for those behind the downfall of Overwatch. Now onto his skins, out of all his skins, the best one is the “Slasher: 76” skin.

Slasher: 76 Skin

This skin is amazing for one reason ( other than just looking awesome) it was inspired by Jason  Voorhees. One of the most popular horror figures in pop culture who starred in the movie series Friday the 13th. (This skin is only available during the Halloween Event)

Soldier 76 full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/soldier-76/

See Slasher: 76 in action:


Default Skin

Orphaned by the Omnic Crisis, Sombra (real name unknown) was an amazing hacker who was first taken in by the Los Muertos gang and then by Talon. Sombra uses her hacking skills to blackmail those with power and manipulates them into doing her bidding. One of Sombra’s more recent skins, the “Face Changer” skin, is one of the best skins at this time. 

Face Changer Skin

Now what makes this skin the best and so much fun to play in is that (like the name of the skin implies) her mask can change up to six different types of masks in the span of a minute. Also, this skin is one of Sombra’s more elegant skins out of her roster. (This skin is only available during the New Year’s Event)

Sombra full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/sombra/

See Face Changer in action:


Default Skin

Satya Vaswani (better known as Symmetra) is one of the very few people who are capable of Light bending architecture in the Overwatch universe. She was taken in by the Vishkar Corporation at a very young age, where she studied and trained in her abilities. Symmetra believes that only through law and order can one truly achieve peace. One of Symmetra’s best skins has to be her “Magician” skin.

Magician Skin

This skin has quite the sassy, gentlemen feel to it as you play in this skin. It also plays with the fact that when you are putting up turrets and teleporters it feels like you're creating them out of thin air. Just like how a magician pulls a rabbit out of nowhere from his hat. (This skin is only available during the Anniversary Event)

Symmetra full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/symmetra/

See Magician in action:


Default Skin

Torbjorn Lindholm was a former Overwatch operative who was a genius engineer, who’s inventions helped end the Omnic Crisis that he felt responsible for. After Overwatch's destruction, many of Torbjorn's inventions were stolen or locked away around the world. Torbjorn now seeks out those who try to use his creations and stops them before they can use them to hurt the innocent. The best skin that Torbjorn has right now is his “Magni” skin.

Magni Skin

This skin ( just like the Rime skin) was obviously heavily inspired by  “World of -Warcraft” (another of Blizzard's games) which has been loved by many veteran gamers over the years. This skin also was released at the same time that the Blizzard World map came out in Overwatch. (This skin is available all year round)

Torbjorn full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/torbjorn/

See Magni in action:


Default Skin

Tracer (also known as Lena Oxton) was involved in a serious experimental flight accident. The consequences of which gave her “chronal disassociation”.  Luckily for her, her friend Winston (another playable Overwatch hero) was able to make her a chronal accelerator device which helped her to control her new abilities thanks to the accident. She now uses her powers to right the wrongs of this world and to protect those she cares for. Tracer has a really fun personality so only one skin could do her justice... the “Punk” skin.

Punk Skin

The “Punk” skin suits Tracer's spunkiness and playfulness. It is really funny to see our somewhat “posh” Tracer look like she is ready to hit up the goth clubs and hold nothing back. (This skin is available all year round)

Tracer full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/tracer/

See Punk in action:



Default Skin

Widowmaker once was a young woman known as Amelie Lacroix who was married to Overwatch agent, Gerard Lacroix. Talon, trying to get at Gerard, kidnapped Amelie. Eventually, Overwatch agents found her and took her back home not knowing that Amelie had been killed (figuratively) and in her place now lived the widowmaker. After two weeks of being returned home, Widowmaker killed Gerard in his sleep and went back to Talon with a mission well done. After going through all of Widowmaker's skins, I found the most epic one to be the “Nova” skin.

Nova Skin

This skin was a nod to one of Blizzard's other games “StarCraft”. It was a (not exact) replica of the outfit that the character Kerrigan wears. This skin looks amazing and is very nostalgic for any “StarCraft” player. (This skin is available all year round)

Widowmaker full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/widowmaker/

See Nova in action:


Default Skin

Winston is a genetically engineered gorilla who used to live on The Horizon Lunar Colony with his caretaker, Dr. Harold Winston. The other gorillas of the station retaliated against their scientist masters and killed them all. Including Winston's beloved caretaker. Winston fled to earth where he was taken in by Overwatch. Even though Overwatch is no more, Winston still holds its principles close to his heart and hopes one day that Overwatch will be reunited. I find that the “Yeti” is one of Winston’s best skins in his collection thus far.

Yeti Skin

I don’t think there could ever be a more fitting skin for Winston (for very obvious reasons). And the best part about this skin is that they kept Winston's glasses. (This skin is only available during the Winter Wonderland Event)

Winston full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/winston/

See Yeti in action:

Wrecking Ball

Default Skin

Just like Winston (another playable Overwatch hero), Hammond’s (also known as Wrecking Ball) beginning was on the Horizon Lunar Colony and he too was also genetically experimented on. When Winston was escaping (during the revolt of the other gorillas in the station) Hammond secretly hitched a ride. But when they reached earth's orbit Hammond’s pod broke off and landed in Australia. Hammond then modified his shuttle into a mech to keep him safe from the elements of Australia. Now he travels freely and goes on his own little adventures. Now there could be no better or more epic skin for Hammond than the  “Lucioball”  skin.

Lucioball Skin

This skin was created after one of the best/competitive event games ever made, Lucioball! Because of this skin, now when a player hits the ball in Lucioball you can hear Hammond squeak from the inside. (This skin is only available during the Summer Event)

Hammond full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/wrecking-ball/

See Lucioball in action:


Default Skin

Aleksandra Zaryanova (better known as Zarya to Overwatch players) was born in the wake of the Omnic Crisis’s devastation of her remote Siberian village. As she grew up she became a weightlifter and started competing in competitions. On the day of her championships, her village was attacked by what was thought to be a dormant omnic. She abandoned her fortune and fame and signed up for the local defense force so she could protect her loved ones and keep her homeland safe from omnic attacks. The best and most epic of Zarya’s skins is the “Barbarian” skin that was released about a year ago.

Barbarian Skin

The “Barbarian” skin was released on the same day as the Blizzard World map. This skin will certainly make you feel like a confident, hard-hitting Viking warrior. The skin is just absolutely stunning and is just brimming with detail. (This skin is available all year round)

Zarya full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/zarya/

See Barbarian in action:



Default Skin

Zenyatta is a wandering omnic monk who helps those he encounters find inner peace while on his journeys. He is the same monk who helped Genji (another playable Overwatch hero) find peace with his new body. Though Zenyatta maybe a monk that doesn’t mean he won’t put up a fight if someone tries to hurt those who can’t defend themselves. Zenyatta probably has one of the most epic skins in Overwatch history thus far, the “Cultist” skin.

Cultist skin 

Cthulhu is probably what comes to the mind of many gamers when they see this skin. Truly a skin that brings terror into the hearts of your enemies as you round the corner ready to pelt them with your orbs. (This skin is only available during the Halloween Event)

Zenyatta full details:https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/zenyatta/

See Cultist in action:

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