Overwatch Best Aim Techniques That Give You an Advantage

Overwatch aim techniques for console and PC
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Overwatch is all about aiming. We’ve all had that panicked moment where we can’t get that final shot to line up and we die thinking if only I had been a little more accurate, as the person you’re facing off goes off to get healed, needing only one more hit for you to be the victor. This guide may not prevent that from ever happening again, but it will give you the tools that you need to make sure that it happens far less. It will give you various aim techniques across PC and console to help you decide what type of technique would be the best fit for your playstyle and situation. Ultimately everything comes down to preference but this guide will be a good place to start so you can decide what is your best fit.

PC techniques

1. Wrist aiming

Wrist aiming involves using your wrist for all reticle adjustments. With this type of aiming you tend to use less of your mousepad so you want to use higher sensitivity. This technique allows for finer and more precise movements when aiming with this technique you can make the short quick adjustments needed to take down your opponents.

Set sensitivity to the higher end (over 70 for both horizontal and  vertical)

Use short quick movements of your wrist for fast and small adjustments 

Use a flicking motion of your wrist for longer adjustments 

2. Arm aiming

This aim technique is great for fast actions that involve large changes in the position of your reticle. It’s helpful for when you want to do constant quick rotations, especially when needing to do 180 degree turns. Great when you have a larger mousepad but still useful with a standard size pad.

Set sensitivity to under 60 for both vertical and horizontal (need to be able to at least turn 180 degrees from one end of the mousepad to the other)

Large sweeping arm movements for quick turns

Small arm and wrist movements for fine tuning aim

Console techniques

1. Exponential ramp

A great aim technique if you need constant quick motion turning. Exponential Ramp gives you the quickest ramp to your quickest turn speed. After all, speed kills. 

Use small movements just outside the dead zone of the control sticks for a smaller and more precise aim

Use medium to full range movement of the sticks for faster turns and looking around 

2. Linear  ramp

A great aim technique if you want your cursor movement to feel one to one with your control stick movement. It is the simplest type of ramp and probably what most people are used to their aim feeling. 

The more you want to turn the more you move your stick 

Set your sensitivity to whatever feels most comfortable for you

3. Dual zone

This technique has the best of both worlds. You get both benefits from high and low sensitivity ranges. A great choice for those who find themselves losing fights either due to not being precise or not able to react quickly enough.

Move the sticks no further than the halfway mark for a "low sensitivity mode"

Move sticks at least past halfway for a "high sensitivity mode"

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