[Top 10] Overwatch Best Genji Skins

Overwatch Best Genji Skins
Genji Attempting to peer into your soul with his intense stare

Genji was one of the original heroes when Overwatch first launched. Since then he's accumulated some of the most exciting and appealing skins. Here’s a list of the best 10.

10. Sparrow

Dashing Genji

A young version of the Shimada brother. A Genji skin without his mask. Although it loses the air of mystery he more than makes up for it with his charming good looks.

  • Not intimidating
  • Knows how to give “the look”
  • Not too much of an eyesore

Loot Box/1000 coins

9. Chrome

So shiny

The flashiest of skins not much different from the original but when you shine you don't need much change. 

  • So shiny
  • Looks great with the his “gold gun”
  • Classic design

Loot Box/750 coins

See chrome skin in action

8. Nihon

Land of the rising sun

For those of you who don't know Nihon translates to Japan which for this skin feels fitting. The red and white mirrors the country's iconic flag.

  • Pays homage to the culture
  • Red makes everything more intimidating
  • Red accents make for a cool aesthetic

Summer loot box/750 coins

See Nihon skin in action

7. Young Genji

Anime hair in Overwatch

Similar to Genji's Sparrow skin except now his hair is green. He'll still kill you but now he can do it with green hair and that makes it okay. Right?

  • Green hair looks cool
  • Clothing colors feel fitting for the character
  • He’s attractive and deadly

Loot Box/1000 coins

See young Genji skin in action

6. Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber is the easiest way to make a robot/android look ten times cooler. Outside of the alternate coloration nothing is different from the base skin, but it's carbon fiber so who cares?

  • Classic Genji look
  • Carbon FIber coloring
  • Carbon Fiber coloration, unfortunately, isn't black

Loot Box/750 coins

See Carbon Fiber skin in action

5. Baihu

The art of the shinobi

Buff Shinobi Genji. Baidu is the Chinese constellation of the white tiger and its influences are apparent. From the white color coat to the feline shoulder pads, this skin is awesome. 

  • Samurai look
  • Tiger Shoulder pads
  • Looks like you could take anyone out without batting an eye
  • Look incredibly buff/powerful

Lunar loot/1000 coins

See Baidu skin in action

4. Sentai

Shift into Turbo Mode!

Clearly inspired by power rangers this skin lets everyone live out the dream of their 8 year old self. 

  • Green Power Ranger
  • Look ready to form into a supergiant robot
  • Live out childhood games

Anniversary/1000 coins

See Sentai skin in action

3. All-Star

Now that's fire!

  • He has a flaming sword. Is there really anything else that needs to be said
  • Flaming Body
  • The weapon looks awesome even without gold weapon skin

Overwatch league coins but currently unavailable

See Genji's All-star skin in action

2. Blackwatch

Would you like to know how I got these scars?

The skin that had forums thirsting for weeks. Blackwatch Genji captures him when he was in the process of being converted to the cyborg ninja we all love.

  • Naturally intimidating
  • Actual relevance to the story of Overwatch
  • Black and red color scheme

Archive/1000 coins

See Blackwatch skin in action

1. Oni

Watch out for the demon hunter

Clearly the best skin to strike fear into your enemies. Oni skin makes Genji death incarnate, changing his appearance more like a demon than that of a man.

  • “The demon becomes me!”
  • Spikes everywhere
  • Shuriken design looks substantially different
  • Intimidating
  • Amazing skin design

Originally a skin exclusive to people who played Heroes for the storm but later made a standalone skin for purchase. Loot Box /1000 coins

See Oni skin in action

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