Overwatch Best Aim Settings that Give You an Advantage

Overwatch Best Aim Settings
McCree taking aim

What is the Best Setting for You in Overwatch?

Overwatch is a game that has a variety of characters that play in many different ways.

Some characters need the ability to turn quickly while precise aiming isn’t as big of an issue, while others need the ability to aim precisely but their turn speed isn’t nearly as important.

This will be a guide to the best aim settings and how to set them for any type of player and any situation you may find yourself in.

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1. Beginner

These settings are great for getting you into the game for the first time, especially if you're not experienced with first person shooters. These settings are an easy way to ease you into the game’s frenetic pace.

A setting that doesn't require much work. But will get you up to speed in Overwatch until you're used to the controls and abilities of the vast cast of characters.


  • Easy way to get up to the speed of the game
  • Let's you focus on learning all aspects of the game
  • Gives you the ability to find your favorite characters to use and your favorite way to use them.

Applying Skill:

  • Low to Default sensitivity (40-50 horizontal 30-40 vertical) 
  • Desire to learn game

Widowmaker aiming downsights

2. Flick motion aiming

A good setting when using characters that require precise aim and a quick reaction to opponents around reticle. 

Mastering a flick motion requires high amounts of precision and control of your reticle. But, if you can master this type of aiming you will become a sharpshooter your opponent truly fear.  This type of setting allows you to not waste time on lining up shots and to focus on finding a target and hitting it without a moment's hesitation.


  • Quick reaction
  • Little time wasted on aiming
  • Easy transition from most military shooters 

Applying skills:

  • High horizontal and vertical sensitivity (try at least 85/60)
  • Place reticle in general area at target and mentally line up shot 
  • Move reticle quickly towards opponent and as you approach fire your shot
  • Knowledge of the terrain of each of the maps

Baptiste using his ultimate to help his team

3. Strafe aiming

A type of aim for people who don't have the quickest of response times but can excel at staying steady under pressure.

Users  of this style commonly choose characters with a consistent and quick fire rate, commonly referred to as mid range heroes. This play style allows you to be closer to the action helping your team while also giving space to survey the field and react to flankers. 


  • No frenetic flick motion aiming means a smaller learning curve
  • Steadier aim
  • Easy transition from traditional military shooters 

Applying skills:

  • Mid-range sensitivity settings (50-65 for both vertical and horizontal)
  • Characters that require high precision 

Lucio breaks it down

4. Quick turn aiming

A great setting when you're playing fast moving characters or melee characters.

A type of aim that's not necessarily about being precise but about being able to twist and turn around your opponent so that you're always trained on them but they can't get to you.


  • Fast turn speed means quicker scan of your environment
  • Quick reaction to everything around you

Applying Skills:

  • Highest horizontal sensitivity with mid vertical(minimum 90 horizontal 55-70 vertical)
  • Knowledge of map layouts
  • High game sense values
  • Effective use of support cast

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