[Top 10] Overwatch Best Soldier 76 Skins

Overwatch Best Soldier 76 Skins
You talkin to me?

[Top 10] Overwatch Best Soldier 76 Skins

He's got you in his sights.

Soldier 76 may be the most basic of all of Overwatch’s heroes, but he’s undeniably effective. Whether on offense or defense, it’s always a good idea to have a Soldier 76 as he’s both a balanced DPS and can heal teammates in a pinch. He doesn’t require a lot of skill to play, so any newcomer to the game is recommended to try their first few matches as Soldier.

    Well even if your not new to the game, it may be advisable to give Soldier another try. As the game has become more and more complicated, Soldier has always maintained his status as an effective hero who can counter most other players. So to honor what was essentially everyones main when the game started, let’s look at the best Soldier 76 skins out now.

10.) Golden (Epic)

Never tarnishes.

Why it’s Awesome: Golden, like Soldier 76 himself, comes across more resolute than flashy. The gold trimming doesn’t seem to be about style so much as sturdiness, and mixed with it’s black coloring gives out a sense that it’s armor rather than an outfit. Perfect choice for the pragmatic player preparing a round packed with kills. 

How to Get it: Golden is an easy skin to acquire, and you may have already gotten it from a loot box. If not, just pay 250 credits to unlock it.

Skin Rating: 7/10

Skin in Action:

I guess all that glitters is gold.

9. Immortal (Epic)

Brains! Braaaaaains!

Why it’s Awesome: Immortal is one of those skins playing off the personality of it’s heroes. Soldier 76 is an old man, but despite his age his fighting spirit will never die. Let the other team know with this skin that no matter how many times you get killed, you will always come back for them like a vengeful spirit who won't stop until victory is achieved.

How to Get It: Only unlockable during the annual Halloween event, by loot box or paying 250 credits.  

Skin Rating: 7/10

Skin in Action:

How can you kill that which is already dead?

8. Venom (Epic)

I'm getting a Grey Fox vibe from this.

Why It’s Awesome: Venom certainly lives up to its name, as its entire design feels like an oncoming assault. The ideal skin for pushing the payload (cause if you’re playing soldier no one else is going to do it!). This skin shows that you are the DPS to lead the team, so after the match you’ll be showered with shot call endorsements.

How to Get it: Only available during the anniversary event, but with a low purchase price of 250 credits.

Skin Rating: 7.5/10

Skin in Action:

Robot or suit of armor?

7. Cyborg 76 (Legendary)

Not even death can stop him!

Why It’s Awesome: Do you frequently get gold medals for eliminations? o you break your own record for kills every match? You need Cyborg 76. Show the world that you are an unstoppable killing machine who dominates every team that dares stand in your way.

How to Get It: Another Anniversary skin, so the window to unlock this one is pretty narrow. It also has a much higher price at 1000 credits.

Skin Rating: 8/10

Skin in Action:

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

6. Commando (Legendary)

Get to the chopper!

Why It’s Awesome: Any fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger here? If you use this skin, you are the type of player who isn’t afraid to go behind enemy lines. Ever gotten behind the entire enemy team and used tactical visor? It's a move that won’t earn you a lot of love, but it will earn you a win for the match. 

How to Get It: Another legendary skins, but one available year round. Just wait for the loot drop or pay 1000 credits.

Skin Rating: 8/10

Skin in Action:

Are Schwarzenegger references too old?

5. Daredevil (Legendary)

Never dare a daredevil!

Why It’s Awesome: So that’s what young soldier looked like! Besides being a throwback to famous daredevil Evel Knievel, this is the skin you use when you want to be fearless. You are the player who sprints right into frontlines and starts firing. It works more often than you’d think.

How to Get It: A Legendary skin skin so either pay 1000 credits or wait for the inevitable loot box.

Skin Rating: 8.5/10

Skin in Action:

I prefer him with the mask off.

4. Alpine 76 (Legendary)

For when snowball fights go too far.

Why It’s Awesome: One of the few skins that can offer a tactical advantage in the right scenario. Alpine can effectively blend into the snowy background in Nepal and Volskaya, giving that much needed edge when capturing the point. Plus it looks badass, always a positive! 

How to Get It: Only available during the annual Winter Wonderland event, and pricey at that. This one will set you back 3000 credits.

Skin Rating: 9/10

Skin in Action:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

3. GrillMaster 76 (Legendary)

You'll take it the way he makes it.

Why It’s Awesome: This skin shows that for you, excellence is simply effortless. You’re not a try hard, yet you still somehow rack up kill after kill. Use this skin when you want to have a nice relaxing match, where you crush any and all adversaries with a blast of your helix rockets.

How to Get It: You’ll have to wait for the summer games event to unlock it, and wait for a loot drop or pay 1000 credits.

Skin Rating: 9/10

Skin in Action:

Don't mess with a man's grill!

2. Strike Commander Morrison (Legendary)

Man he aged well.

Why It’s Awesome: A skin that just screams cocked, locked, and ready to rock. Everyone instinctively looks to you as the leader with this skin, so you better live up to the responsibility. Likely the best skin for competitive play, as everyone will you know you take things seriously.

How to Get It:  This is the rarest skin for Soldier, as you need the origins edition of the game to unlock it. Which means you need to purchase another copy if you really want this one.

Skin Rating: 9.5/10

Skin in Action:

They make a live action movie, get Brad Pitt to play soldier.

1. Slasher 76

He'd definately win a fight agianst Freddy Krueger.

Why It’s Awesome: For all the strategy, all planning, all the tactics, sometimes what you need is to just start dropping people. The other team can’t win if the other team is dead, and that’s why I personally use Slasher 76. This the ultimate skin for eliminations and nothing else. 

How to Get It: Only available during Halloween events, and one of the most expensive at 3000 credits!

Skin Rating: 10/10

Skin in Action:

Do yourself a favor and watch Friday the 13th Part 3

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