Overwatch Best Animated Shorts - All Overwatch Animated Shorts Ranked

Overwatch Best Animated Shorts
Who says multiplayer games can't have a story?

Maybe Blizzard should make a full length Overwatch movie?

One of the many reasons Overwatch has continued to thrive for over three years is the wealth of imagination put into its characters. Each is given a unique backstory and a well written personality that is displayed in how they play. While other developers might stop at simply writing a backstory, Blizzard continues to go the extra mile with it’s periodic release of animated shorts giving more detail on the game’s world and characters.

There have been quite a few over the years, each with such high quality that it feels on par with a Pixar film. With the release of Overwatch 2 already on the horizon, let’s take a look back at the best animated shorts from Overwatch.

10. Honor and Glory (70/100)

If it gave you an eye scar, you know it's going to be a cool story.

Honor and Glory explains why Reinhardt became a stalwart defender, while giving us some much needed context about how the omnic crisis affected different parts of the world. You really feel the weight of responsibility Reinhard shoulders after taking up his mentors role in Overwatch, and understand why he would go back when needed. Every blow thunders across the screen, while never losing focus on it’s main character. It also gave us a sneak peek at Bridgette before she became playable, although some gameplay hints would have been nice.

9. Hero (70/100)

Never look back at an explosion!

Hero does go heavy on the buildup to the action, but it adds the proper context. Once the action does start, it’s calculated and never over the top. Hero manages to characterize both the world of Overwatch and Soldier 76 without the need for exposition. We understand that this world desperately needs a hero, and that hero appears exactly when he’s needed. Props for also incorporating Soldier 76’s Ult and Helix rocket into it to show off his gameplay style.

8. Recall (80/100)

I wish I sounded that badass shouting "I'm a scientist!"

There’s a melancholy spirit to Recall that becomes hopeful as it reaches its climax. We see how isolated Winston feels, as it juxtaposes his own need for other people with the world’s need for Overwatch. Recall also gave us our first glimpse of the game overarching villain, The Talon Organization, effectively setting the stakes for the story as a whole.

7. Alive (80/100)

Might feel a bit guilty now for oversexualizing Widowmaker.

Alive is made all the more tragic by Widowmaker’s origin story. For those who don’t know, Widowmakers real name is Amelie Lacroix. Amelie was the wife of an Overwatch agent, but she was kidnapped, tortured, and brainwashed by Talon. The brainwashing removed all her emotions, which makes it even worse when she says that killing is the only thing that makes her alive. Her fight with Tracer is all the more devastating since we know she has no choice and is simply acting on her programming.

6. Shooting Star (85/100)

Proof that videogames give you practical skills!

Shooting star gives a peek behind the mask  that D.Va wears. While the character usually has an overly positive demeanor, we see that she also bears an enormous burden from her role as both a celebrity and a protector to her people. We see why she pushes herself beyond her limits, and learn at the same time we need others to make us stronger. Bonus points for letting us know why self-destruct is D.Va’s ult

5. Infiltration (85/100)

Why can't real hacking be this cool?

After the months of frustrating teases and hints, Infiltration finally gave us a good look at Sombra. Surprisingly, it also gave us a complete look at her moveset while weaving a compelling narrative. Sombra’s aloof and playful personality shines through, yet her mysterious nature and duplicitous motivations end up intriguing us. It’s a shame every new character doesn’t get a short this well done.

4. Rise and Shine (90/100)

Wake up Mrs. Zhou, wake up and smell the ashes.

Rise and Shine utterly embodies the hope in the face of adversary theme that permeates Overwatch. It feels like we are on the journey with Mei, even though we know in the back of our mind that of course she makes it out okay; otherwise she wouldn’t be playable in the game. Yet there’s real tension and relief when we see Mei begin her long trek home, filled with confidence that things are going to get better.

3. Reunion (95/100)

Justice ain't gonna dispense itself.

Ever wonder what happened on Route 66? Reunion finally gives us an explanation, as well as proof that Mcree really is all he’s cracked up to be. In addition to introducing us to fantastic new DPS Ashe, the mysterious tease at the end for the hero Echo and her purpose leave players desperate for more to be revealed. But Reunion gives just enough to get us hooked without having to spoil what’s to come.

2. Dragons (95/100)

I'd pay untold amounts of money for this to be a feature film

Dragons crackles with energy in every scene. Deftly mixing mythology with a personal tale of betrayal and redemption, Dragons grabs the viewers attention immediately and doesn’t let go. We stand enraptured as the duel between Hanzo and Genji changes blow by blow, wondering who will win. Yet its ending speaks to a higher idea than simple victory, as the two brothers leave with just a bit more of their souls intact.

1. The Last Bastion (100/100)

I can already hear the comments section hating on Bastion.

Who would have imagined that we’d feel sorry for Bastion? The fandom always had a distaste for the character until this short, when we find out he’s actually a shattered veteran of the omnic crisis who’s just looking for peace. It speaks to Blizzards writing ability that they were able to craft a tale of a machine becoming alive yet make it beautifully sad and poignant. The look Bastion gives the small bird speaks volumes without ever saying a word.

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