[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Duos That Are Amazing

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Baptiste opens a matrix for his teammates

Why Duos Are Important

With the limited team size in Overwatch 2 allowing more room for individual growth, you need to know which heroes pair well together so you can perform at your highest potential. Along with that, the more you combo, the less likely the enemy team will be able to keep up with you. To become a better player, know which hero duos to play.


10. Mercy + Soldier 76

Mercy and Soldier walking down the streets of Hanamura

Mercy and Soldier 76 are a duo that work out perfectly. Mercy’s damage boost makes Soldier’s already high damage output even higher. His ultimate is also extremely powerful. With a Mercy pocket, Soldier 76 is unstoppable in his ultimate. This combo works best when you have two main healers on your team, so Mercy can focus on sticking by Soldier’s side for most of the game.

Soldier 76 is one of the most powerful DPS in the game currently. His high damage and dangerous ultimate make him a fearsome foe. However, by using Mercy, Soldier becomes a bigger threat. Along with that, Mercy and Soldier work well together because they’re both fast heroes. Soldier can sprint, and Mercy can keep up with his fast pace.

If you need a combo that’s fast and has high damage potential, try using Mercy and Soldier 76. At the very least, have Mercy damage boost Soldier 76 during his ultimate to get the most damage possible out of it.

What Makes Mercy + Soldier 76 Great

  • Powerful damage capabilities
  • Team wipe potential
  • Soldier becomes unstoppable during his ultimate
  • Both heroes are fast and agile


9. Genji + Zarya

Genji and Zarya in battle

Genji and Zarya are an underrated and powerful duo. Not only are their ultimates great together, but Zarya and Genji have a similar playstyle that makes them work well together. Genji and Zarya players are aggressive, meaning they can push the fight together. Since Genji is a flanker and Zarya is an off-tank, they have to coordinate with each other in order to produce the best results.

Genji loves jumping in and initiating fights. Zarya loves doing the same. This makes them work well together and play in sync with one another. Along with that, Genji tends to stay in the middle of a fight. In order to get a high charge, Zarya needs to use her bubbles. The best way to get this high charge is to bubble Genji while he’s in the middle of a fight.

Try the Genji + Zarya combo if you're an aggressive player. You’ll find their offensive ults work well together, and Zarya’s defensive capabilities mixed with Genji’s offensive capabilities make for fluid gameplay.

What Makes Genji + Zarya Great

  • Similar aggressive playstyle
  • Zarya’s bubbles can protect Genji
  • Their ultimates work well together


8. D.Va + Zenyatta

Zenyatta and D.Va protecting the paylord on Hollywood

D.Va and Zenyatta are a deadly duo because of their high-damage combo. Zenyatta’s discord orb and D.Va’s mobility allow them to have fluid gameplay. As soon as Zenyatta puts a discord orb on a target, D.Va can jump in and take them out with her damage capabilities. Since D.Va is fast and Zen is slow, D.Va can peel back to protect Zen whenever he needs it.

Opposites really do attract. D.Va is a fast, agile, and bulky target. Zenyatta is a slow, immobile, and frail target. Together, D.Va gets a huge damage increase from Zen, and Zen gets a fast savior from D.Va. D.Va is a great pick for helping out slow support heroes. Zen is a great pick specifically for D.Va because she can hop in, eliminate a discorded target, then hop out without losing too much health.

Try using the Zen and D.Va combo for dynamic gameplay. Team fights will consist of D.Va jumping on weak, discorded targets, then she’ll peel back and support her Zen. This combo leads to perfect synergy within the team.

What Makes D.Va + Zenyatta Great

  • D.Va can protect Zen
  • They both do high damage
  • D.Va can dive discorded targets


7. Ramattra + Ana

Ramattra in his nemesis form

Ana will make an appearance on this list several times because of her ranged healing and nano boost. These two factors work perfectly for the new tank hero, Ramattra. Ramattra is a powerful tank when played right. His ultimate is dangerous, and with a nano boost, he’s unstoppable. Ana can throw a grenade on the enemy while Ramattra finishes them off with his ult, making for perfect teamwork.

Overwatch players have mixed feelings about Ramattra, but when it comes to his ultimate, they all agree: it’s powerful. Now imagine combining an extremely powerful ultimate with another extremely powerful ultimate. That's what happens when Ramattra and Ana are on the same team.

While Ramattra holds down the front, Ana can heal him from afar. Both Ana and Ramattra have "panic buttons" to save lives. Ramattra can turn into his nemesis form to gain health, and Ana can use her nano boost to save her teammates from certain death. In this situation, if Ramattra’s nemesis form doesn’t work, nano boost will.

With the combined strength of nano boost and Ramattra’s nemesis form, Ramattra becomes unstoppable. He will shred any enemy in front of him. If you’re looking for a combo that dominates the game, try using Ana and Ramattra.

What Makes Ramattra + Ana Great

  • Ana can charge her ult fast thanks to Ramattra’s high health
  • Nano boost makes Ramattra’s ultimate even more dangerous
  • Ana can heal Ramattra fast after he takes a lot of damage


6. Genji + Ana

Genji gets a nano boost during his ultimate

Genji and Ana are both making their second appearance on this list, but for good reason. Together, these two are dangerous. Although there are jokes about Genji players constantly dodging Ana’s healing, the nano boost she gives him during his ultimate makes all those jokes worth it. The nano boost to Genji’s ultimate is an amazing combo you should try if you play either Genji or Ana.

Genji and Ana are a classic duo that have been popular since Ana came out in July 2016. Genji is a powerful flanker DPS hero, while Ana is a slow main healer. She can heal Genji when he’s flanking the enemy, even when he’s dozens of feet away. If he’s ever in a tricky situation, she can nano him and save his life.

In general, Ana’s nano works perfectly with Genji’s ult because of how powerful Genji’s ult is on its own. The main problem Genji’s ultimate has is how little health Genji has. 200 health isn’t a lot to work with when you’re the main target of five enemies. That’s why nano boost is so great for Genji: it reduces the threat of dying.

Nano boost instantly heals Genji and gives him damage reduction. Now, Genji is at full health and is immune to 50% of incoming damage. For eight whole seconds, Genji is a menace to the enemy team. If you want a combo that’s guaranteed to get team wipes, try using Genji and Ana.

What Makes Genji + Ana Great

  • The nano boost combo is deadly
  • Ana can heal Genji from far distances
  • Genji is fast enough to protect Ana


5. Reinhardt + Lucio

Reinhardt and Lucio fighting at the choke

Close your eyes and imagine a giant, armored German man running at you with a hammer larger than your entire body. Now imagine him running at you at twice the speed. That’s what happens when you combo Reinhardt with Lucio. Lucio’s speed boost is perfect for Reinhardt’s melee attack, allowing him to close the distance in team fights.

Like with D.Va and Zen, opposites attract. Lucio and Rein have different play styles since one is fast and the other is slow. However, Reinhardt becomes a force to be reckoned with when Lucio boosts him into the fight. Lucio is a fast, hard-to-hit target, which means Reinhardt doesn’t have to worry about peeling to protect him very often. Thanks to this, Reinhardt can focus on swinging his hammer and eliminating the enemy team.

This combo is great for getting kills. The speed, when combined with Reinhardt’s powerful melee, means he gets eliminations in only two quick hammer swings. No target will be able to escape Reinhardt’s wrath. As long as he has Lucio with him, Reinhardt is unstoppable.

What Makes Reinhardt + Lucio Great

  • Reinhardt’s slow attack is made more useful with Lucio’s speed
  • Reinhardt can protect Lucio with his large body
  • Lucio’s speed boost can bring a slow Reinhardt back from spawn quickly


4. Reinhardt + Ana

Reinhardt gets powered up by Ana

Yet another Ana combo, but Ana’s ultimate is extremely powerful. Reinhardt already does high damage, but with Ana’s nano, his damage output becomes much higher. Reinhardt’s kit is perfect for Ana’s since she can heal him even if he charges too far into the enemy team. Ana and Reinhardt pose a huge threat to their opponents thanks to how hard it is to kill them.

Unlike the last combo, this one combines two slower heroes. What they lack in speed, they make up for in power. Reinhardt is a hero meant to take a lot of damage. While Lucio is a solid ally for Reinhardt, Ana is a bit better because she does much more healing; therefore, she can save Reinhardt’s life more and give him higher survivability.

Along with that, Ana’s nano boost is perfect for Reinhardt’s ultimate. When he stuns the enemies, the nano boost is amazing for securing the kills in a timely manner. Reinhardt is slow, so even after he stuns the enemies, he needs a few moments to do damage. With the nano boost, the damage he has the time to do becomes much more impactful.

If you’re looking for a high damage and healing combo, try using Reinhardt and Ana. Save Ana’s nano boost for Reinhardt’s ult, and see how many kills he gets because of it.

What Makes Reinhardt + Ana Great

  • Reinhardt becomes more powerful with a nano boost
  • Ana can dodge enemy fire behind Reinhardt’s shield
  • Ana can heal Reinhardt even when he charges in far


3. Pharah + Mercy

Pharah using her ultimate while Mercy protects her

Pharmercy, or Pharah and Mercy, are a perfect duo thanks to their abilities. Both of them can fly. Mercy can fly to Pharah at any time, and with a damage boost, Pharah’s rockets can one-shot enemies who are half health or lower. Pharah becomes a far deadlier opponent when she has a Mercy attached to her.

Pharah and Mercy are both one of the best and most annoying combos in the game. It’s hard to play against them because Pharah becomes nearly impossible to kill. By the time you do a lot of damage to Pharah, she’s already getting healed up by Mercy. By that point, she’s close enough to kill you.

Because it's always been a good pairing, the Pharmacy combo has been around for years. Mercy stays safe in the sky, and Pharah gains greater opportunities to do damage. Pharah is already a high-damage hero. With Mercy’s damage boost, she becomes a powerful foe who can shred through her opponents.

What Makes Pharah + Mercy Great

  • Pharah helps Mercy survive
  • Pharah is almost unkillable with a Mercy pocket
  • Mercy has an avenue of escape if she’s in trouble


2. Hanzo + Widowmaker

Hanzo flees from a sniping Widowmaker

Hanzo and Widowmaker may seem like an unlikely duo, but the two snipers balance each other out perfectly. Widowmaker is the sniper who sits on high ground. Hanzo is a sniper who can jump into the fight at any time. Any damage Widowmaker does, Hanzo can follow through with since he’s closer to the battlefield than she is.

Hanzo can follow up on any damage Widowmaker does from a distance and finish the target. One of the most difficult parts of Overwatch is damage follow-through. Not enough DPS players collaborate to capitalize on the damage done by their DPS teammate. Hanzo and Widowmaker solve this issue since they’re both snipers, only one is on the battlefield, and the other is on high ground far away.

Hanzo players have an eye for the red beams Widowmaker players fire. Snipers tend to have an eye for detail and can pick up on that red line quickly. From there, the Hanzo player can finish off the enemy Widowmaker damaged. Along with that, when Hanzo is under fire, Widowmaker can save him by providing cover fire. The same is true in reverse: Hanzo can scale walls and rush to Widow's aid if she ever gets into trouble.

If you’re looking for a combo that makes you play more in sync with your DPS teammate, try using Hanzo and Widow.

What Makes Hanzo + Widowmaker Great

  • Long range primary fire
  • High damage output
  • Widow and Hanzo can use their kits to work together to survive


1. Kiriko + Roadhog

Kiriko cleanses her team of negative effects

In Overwatch 2, Kiriko and Roadhog are an unstoppable, unkillable duo thanks to Kiriko's ability to cleanse any negative effects from Roadhog. If Ana tries to anti-heal him, Kiriko can cleanse him. Now, Roadhog’s biggest counter is rendered less of a counter and more of a mild inconvenience.

Roadhog is one of the most powerful heroes in the game right now. Some would argue he is the most powerful hero in the game because of how much health he has, his hook, and how much healing he does. The one main counter to him was Ana’s anti-healing grenade. That’s where Kiriko comes in.

Kiriko has a Suzu that cleanses negative effects like anti-healing. After getting hit with a grenade, Roadhog can’t heal and is left vulnerable for several seconds. Kiriko fixes that, meaning the hard counter to Roadhog disappears. Along with that, Kiriko’s ult is powerful and mixes well with every hero in the game.

If you want an unstoppable duo, try playing Roadhog and Kiriko. Their abilities mix well together since Roadhog can focus on healing while Kiriko hides behind his large body and lays suppressive fire down on the enemies.

What Makes Kiriko + Roadhog Great

  • Kiriko can cleanse Roadhog
  • Her ult combined with his makes a deadly combo
  • High healing capabilities


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