[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Baptiste Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome

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Baptiste flashes the camera a charming smile

Are Baptiste's Skins Diverse?

Baptiste is a popular support hero who is like a mini-DPS. His skins range from sci-fi to supernatural, which gives him a diverse set of skins to choose from. With so many cosmetics to choose from, it's difficult to know where to put your money. Not without help, at least.


10. Wasteland (250 Credits)

Wasteland Baptiste gets ready for deathmatch

See wasteland in action: 

Epic skins may not have as many changes as legendary skins, but the wasteland Baptiste skin is absolutely sick. If you’re a fan of the Fallout games, this skin is perfect for you. It definitely has a Fallout vibe thanks to the rusty armor and helmet. It feels like a design that’d fit well into a game like Fallout 3.

Going to war in rusty armor sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what the wasteland skin does. It has a bleak color palette that blends in with the environment around you. If you’re looking for a skin that helps you blend in, then this skin is for you.

Baptiste having a mask makes this skin special. It’s the biggest change on the skin, and it’s a good one. The mask looks amazing, to say the least. It’s channeling its inner sci-fi and giving players a look at what Baptiste would look like in the apocalypse.

How To Get Wasteland

Wasteland is an epic skin you can get at any time using credits. As long as you have enough credits, you can purchase it.


9. Spec Ops (1000 Credits)

Baptiste fires away at his opponents

See spec ops in action: 

This is one of Baptiste’s first legendary skins. It’s one of the skins that came when the hero was initially released. Now, it’s still a solid one, even when compared to his recent ones. It’s simple but effective. If you’re a COD player, this skin is perfect for you since it feels like something straight out of the COD universe.

Since many of the new Overwatch maps are set at night, the spec ops skin is perfect for blending in. The dark armor has a soft glow that makes it easy for your teammates to see from up close but hard for your enemies to see from far away. Seeing as you’ll be playing in the back, far away from the enemy, this is a good choice.

Along with that, the skin itself looks awesome. It’s like he’s a combat specialist. It has a slight sci-fi vibe, but it’s grounded enough that you can feel like an awesome soldier while playing Overwatch 2.

How To Get Spec Ops

Spec ops is a legendary skin you can purchase at any time. All you have to do is get enough credits to buy it.


8. Pirate (1000 Credits)

Pirate Baptiste gets ready to save his teammates

See pirate in action: 

Pirate Baptiste is another legendary skin that sees Bap donning a pirate’s gear. The pirate’s gear has darker colors and, like spec ops, blends in well with the darker maps. This skin is awesome for people who love pirates. You can pretend you’re Captain Jack Sparrow while running around the familiar maps Overwatch 2 has to offer.

Along with that, much detail went into crafting this skin. For example, there are little ropes coming out of his shoulder plate, as you can see in the image above. There’s also an anchor patch near his torso and a bandana covering his head. They captured the pirate feel without making it feel too overbearing.

The pirate skin mixes functionality with fashion, making it a great choice. Like spec ops, it’s one of the first skins he got. Since it’s one of the first ones, not many people use it and prefer to stick to the newer ones. If you want to stand out, try using the pirate skin.

How To Get Pirate

Pirate is a legendary skin you can purchase at any time. All you have to do is get enough credits to buy it.


7. Terracotta Medic (Lunar New Year)

Baptiste tries to move even though he's covered in stone

See terracotta in action: 

This skin is extremely unique since it makes Baptiste look like a clay object. He almost looks like a victim of the deadly Medusa. It may not be the most colorful or creative skin, but seeing as Overwatch 2 is in a huge mythology phase right now, it’s very fitting. If you want to fit in with the current theme, try using this skin.

This skin is great for maps with lots of stone, concrete, and other pale objects. You can blend in no matter what time of day it is. This skin is especially useful for deathmatch rounds, whether they are 3v3 or 4v4 rounds. The reason why is because support players tend to be the last players remaining. You can hide and sneak around easier using this stealthy skin.

Aesthetically, this skin doesn’t have too much to offer other than the stone-like look. However, the stone look is solid (no pun intended). It’s simple but clean. Unlike other skins that use too many colors, this skin decides to keep it minimal. If you’re someone who likes minimal but practical skins, then this one's for you.

How To Get Terracotta Medic

Since this is a Lunar New Year skin, you have to look in the shop during the Lunar New Year event. It won’t be available during any other times.


6. Tropical (1000 Credits)

Baptiste shows off his tropical rifle

See tropical in action: 

Tropical is a very good skin that has light summer vibes. Despite how many summer games skins there are, tropical Baptiste still manages to be creative and funky in its own unique way. Well, let’s be honest, it’s mostly because of the coconut design his ammunition has. Whenever he reloads, it’s like he drops an entire coconut on the ground.

Of course, how can I forget the umbrella on the back of his kit or the leaf hanging off the front of his gun? And who put him in that funky shirt? Seeing Baptiste in this getup is hilarious. Most of his skins are serious, like spec ops and talon, but this one is goofy. Sometimes the oddest skins are the best.

Seeing as Baptiste is a witty, comedic combat medic, this silly skin fits his personality perfectly. Beyond that, it also looks stylish. If you like summer skins with a bit of a goofy charm to them, then try the tropical skin.

How To Get Tropical

This is a summer games skin. As a result, you can only purchase it during the summer games event. 


5. Arctic Ops (1000 Credits)

Baptiste pretends he isn't cold while standing in freezing temperatures

See arctic ops in action: 

This skin will make you feel like a snowtrooper from Star Wars. The recoloring makes it much better than the spec ops skin, not to mention it makes you easier to see. This may sound like a disadvantage, but it’ll help your teammates locate you in the heat of the battle. As Baptiste, you’re very rarely going to be hiding, so needing to blend in isn’t a concern.

All the perks of the spec ops skin apply here. Out of all the remixed skins, this one is one of the best. I always thought the remixed skins were lazy, but this one came out looking sick. The small details, like the cyan glow of his armor and the snowflakes on his suit, make this skin stand out from the others.

Overall, it’s a solid skin that feels like you’re walking through a snowy mountain on a secret mission. If that sounds cool to you, then you should try the arctic ops skin.

How To Get Arctic Ops

Arctic ops is an Overwatch anniversary event skin. You can only purchase it during the Overwatch anniversary event.


4. Snowboarder (1000 Credits)

Snowboarder Baptiste tries to see his enemies from behind those giant goggles

See snowboarder in action: 

Snowboarder is a solid skin that gives you winter vibes. The hat and goggles are what make this skin so interesting. Baptiste has always had a goofy nature about him. During battles, he’s witty and charming. So, the snowboarder having his own wit and charm makes sense for his character.

How can you look at this skin and not get a smile out of it? Like the tropical skin, this skin is goofy when compared to his more serious skins. He has giant, bulging goggles on and snowboards on his back. It makes the skin colorful without feeling like it’s taking itself too seriously.

Overwatch 2 is supposed to be a silly game. This is a game with a hamster that has a talking mech and a javelin-throwing robot with more personality than most people I know. Seeing skins like this one is refreshing and fits in with the game's theme, which is why you should try out the snowboarder skin.

How To Get Snowboarder

This is a winter wonderland skin. You can only purchase this skin during the winter wonderland event.


3. Combat Medic (Challenges)

Baptiste gets ready in the training area

See combat medic in action: 

This skin is only an epic, but it’s so cool that it deserves a high spot on this list. Maybe this is nostalgia talking, but the skin kind of reminds me of Emet from Evolve. I used to play Evolve all the time, and when I saw the combat medic skin, the first thing I thought of was Emet.

The color scheme is perfect. The white mixed with the dark blue blends together very well. It makes the skin pop without being too obnoxious. Like the arctic ops skin, if you’re playing in a snowy environment, then this skin is great for blending in.

What’s not to like about this skin? It has practical uses for in-game benefits, but it's also stylish. If you’re someone who likes simple, clean skins, then combat medic is for you.

How To Get Combat Medic

Nowadays, you can’t get this skin. It was a special challenge event where you had to win nine games. Unless they’re going to sell it in the shop, there’s no way to get this skin in Overwatch in 2023.


2. Talon (1000 Credits)

Talon Baptiste gears up for battle

See talon in action: 

I've always been a sucker for skins with a backstory. Talon Baptiste is a lore-filled skin that has a beautiful color scheme mixed with a cool-looking weapon. Seeing as Baptiste has a lot of interesting lore, getting a skin to represent it is a huge step in the right direction for exploring more about our favorite combat medic.

The whites and reds mix together well, and the black accents make it pop even more. Seeing as Baptiste has a lot of brighter skins, like tropical and the next one on this list, this is a more relaxed take on the character. The darker shades mixed with the white create a great balance that looks fantastic in-game.

You simply cannot go wrong with talon skin. It has lore and style. If you like lore-based skins, then talon is perfect for you.

How To Get Talon

Since this is an archives event skin, you have to wait until the event comes around to purchase the talon skin.


1. Funky (1000 Credits)

Funky Baptiste fires on his enemies

See funky in action: 

Alright, I may be a bit biased with this one. The reason why is because jazzy Lucio is my favorite Lucio skin. Funky reminds me so much of jazzy Lucio, and the good vibes I get from both skins make me smile every time I play with them equipped. It’s impossible to have a bad time while playing the funky Baptiste skin.

This skin has a brighter color palette due to the bright gold jewelry and shirt he has on. It’s, well, funky. If I’m being honest, my favorite part of this skin is his jacket. That jacket looks like something I’d want to wear in real life, so I’m jealous Baptiste gets it in-game. Overall, the skin looks amazing, detailed, and well-polished.

The gun itself looks awesome, especially the scope. Seeing as the gun is what you see the most of, that’s a huge benefit to getting the skin. If you like themed skins, then funky is the perfect choice for you.

How To Get Funky

This is an Overwatch anniversary event skin. To unlock this skin, you have to purchase it during the Overwatch anniversary event.


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