Overwatch 2: How To Play D.Va Effectively

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D.Va points her pistol at the camera

Who Is D.Va?

D.Va is one of the tank heroes in Overwatch 2. She has always been a powerful hero in Overwatch 2, but her popularity is growing due to how mobile she is and how much she can do with her Defense Matrix. However, many people picking up D.Va don’t know how to play her properly.


D.Va Intro

D.Va is a tank hero with dual fusion cannons, micro missiles, boosters, Defense Matrix, a self-destruct ultimate, and a baby D.Va form when her mech gets destroyed. D.Va has a simple kit but plenty of abilities. She’s one of the only heroes in the game that has more than one form, making her unique and fun to play.

D.Va has an aggressive play style, but she does the most for her team when she’s hopping in and out of battle, jumping on enemy hitscans or flying heroes (Mercy, Pharah, etc.), or using her Defense Matrix to aid others.

Overall, D.Va combos well with many supports and DPS. She does well with heroes like Ana and Mercy because, with her boosters, she can keep up with them by either flying with Mercy or flying back to get to Ana if she’s in trouble. However, the enemy can counter her with heroes like Symmetra, Zarya, and Mei. All of them are heroes who bypass her Defense Matrix.

In order to succeed on D.Va, you need to know the secrets to playing her right. Here are fifteen tips for how to play D.Va effectively.


15. The Nuke

D.Va’s ultimate is her self-destruct, which is a powerful bomb that can kill anyone nearby as long as they are in line of sight. However, self-destruct is useful for more than just eliminating enemies. In fact, I’d argue you’d be a better D.Va player if you used it for other scenarios more often than you used it for killing others.

For example, in the first scenario, getting the enemy off the objective. During a tense Overtime battle, if the enemies leave the objective for even one second, they could lose the game. That means if you use your bomb to force enemies to relocate, put themselves in compromising positions, or even get off the point, you are creating stronger odds for your team to win.

You can also use it to get a new mech. D.Va is most useful when in her mech, so using self-destruct for the sole purpose of getting a new mech in three seconds is not a bad idea. If you don’t want to use it for either of those scenarios, then you can use it to pick off one or two people instead of going for a team wipe. Try throwing it at the enemy Mercy, who just used her fly; she won’t be able to fly again for 1.5 seconds, which is half of the timer on the bomb. By the time she starts flying away, she’ll be dead.


14. Bunny Hop

D.Va’s boosters are useful for more than mobility. As much as that is their primary function, they also deal damage and give a slight knockback when they hit enemies. The best Overwatch players use her boosters to finish off weak enemies or knock others off the map.

Although it is rare that you will get kills from your boosters alone, knowing when to use boosters to add additional damage to the enemies is crucial. By giving it that extra damage, you are contributing to another kill.

As for knockback kills, those are the best since they give you lots of ult charge. Her knockback isn’t as far as most other heroes, like Lucio, but she can get someone if they’re standing close to a ledge. Be mindful of your surroundings and look for an opening to trick someone into going near a ledge.


13. The Trials And Tribulations Of Baby D.Va

Baby D.Va is the term Overwatch players use to refer to D.Va’s out-of-mech form. Her real name is Hana, but no, we don’t use real names here. Baby D.Va is weak, sporting only 150 health and a pistol; her goal is to get back into her mech as soon as possible. Although her mech charges quickly, it’s dangerous to run into fights with little health.

Try to look for high ground and sprinkle in damage to build your mech. Or you can try staying with your DPS to have some protection while you get your mech back. When you get it, use it as soon as you can so you can get back in the fight and initiate the push on the enemies.

D.Va’s mech can now instantly kill squishies that get too close to the mech landing zone. If you want to take a risk, try charging a squishy and using your mech on them. It can secure an extra kill, but be cautious since it could cost you your life. Sometimes it’s better to just call the mech and try for kills later.


12. Playing With DPS

DPS are your midline, while you are the frontline. That means DPS are responsible for doing some of the things tanks used to do in Overwatch 1, such as peeling for the supports. Despite how they take on some of your responsibilities, you still have plenty to handle, which means you and the DPS need to work together for the best results.

The most important part is communicating the damage. DPS are your damage heroes, but that doesn’t mean you’re not doing damage too, especially on the enemy tank. When you get an enemy low on health, tell your DPS so they know to finish off your target.

If that doesn’t work because you aren’t using your microphone, try using the ping feature. Still, there are other ways to work with your DPS. For example, you have boosters to jump up and help them on the high ground if they need it. Keep an eye on them and keep them safe; otherwise, all the work you’re doing on the front lines won’t matter.


11. Playing Against The Enemy Tank

The enemy tank is your priority, as you have the health and damage to overtake them. As D.Va, your obvious weaknesses are Winston and Zarya, but Orisa can also be a problem if you aren’t careful. Her kit is strong, but you can outmatch her if you play smart and matrix her javelin throw, preventing her from stunning you.

Playing against other D.Va players is extremely fun. A tip I would give you would be to matrix the D.Va’s micro missiles. The same applies to you: wait until the enemy D.Va uses most, if not all, of her Defense Matrix, then use your missiles for the most extra damage. Aim for headshots to capitalize the most on your fusion cannons.

For other tanks, make sure to try to eat their abilities. Dodge the stun abilities as best you can; otherwise, you’re leaving yourself open to a huge amount of damage. Lastly, the most popular tank in the game is Reinhardt due to his high pick rate. Use your matrix to terrorize him and eat all his fire strikes.


10. Playing With Supports

Your supports will thank you if you help them out every once in a while. Again, it is the responsibility of the DPS to help them most of the time, but that doesn’t mean you should just leave the supports high and dry when they’re the ones keeping you alive.

For example, you shouldn’t jump in when you’re low on health. The reason why is because the supports will want to go with you so they can keep you alive. Most of the time, they won’t be successful because you’re taking far too much damage. That means you’re getting killed, and two of your teammates are too. Instead of a possible victory, you’re losing by default because you’re getting your supports killed.

Beyond that, you have the mobility to check on your supports every once in a while. If you’re playing with Mercy, consider flying up when danger is incoming so she can fly up with you and stay safe. It can also trick the enemy into thinking you’re using your ult, which could force them to reposition.


9. Micro Missiles

D.Va’s micro missiles aren’t very powerful, but they do extra damage that can finish off enemies. However, they do pack a powerful punch at close range, especially against enemy tanks since they’re easier to hit with their large hitboxes. Try to close the distance with your boosters and use your micro missiles at the same time.

The extra damage could destroy barriers, weaken enemies, or build ult charge. As mentioned earlier, the best players utilize all of D.Va’s kit instead of leaving one element out. Micro missiles have a decent cooldown, so you should be using them as often as you can to get the most out of them.


8. D.Va Versus Squishies

D.Va does well against squishies since she moves fast and has high damage at close range. She does best against squishies like Zen and Ana. They are slow-moving targets that she can keep up with and kill in a matter of seconds.

If you want to be a good D.Va player, make sure you’re keeping an eye on where the enemy squishies are. Most of the time, a game of Overwatch is not static. Enemies are going to use different positions to try and get an advantage. Many times, that involves getting on the high ground. D.Va has the ability to counter that, so use it.


7. Combos

D.Va’s ultimate is powerful on its own, but it’s even more powerful when other ultimates and abilities are combined with it. For example, one powerful combo is Sombra and D.Va. You can combine their ultimates, or at the very least, combine Sombra’s hack with D.Va’s ultimate.

The best example of this is when there is a Reinhardt on the enemy team. Throw your bomb in and instruct Sombra to hack the enemy Reinhardt. That way, the shield will go down and allow you to secure more kills. You can also do this with Sombra’s EMP.

Another ultimate that’s great with D.Va’s is Mei’s. Her freeze ability leaves enemies helpless against D.Va’s ultimate. Mei’s ult is not the strongest because sometimes she doesn’t have enough time to eliminate all the enemies before the ult wears off. However, by using D.Va’s ult, you get rid of that problem.


6. Her Primary Fire

D.Va’s primary fire is infinite and never has to reload. That makes her a useful hero for diving on enemies. She can shoot infinitely, which means you shouldn’t be scared to shoot even when you don’t think you’ll secure a kill. It gives you ult charge, so why not?

Her primary weapon is most effective at close range. You should close the distance and use your weapons from there. Along with that, many people think that as a tank, you don’t need to aim for headshots since you’re the big, bulky figure leading the fight. That’s absolutely not true.

You should aim for headshots at all times. The more damage you do, the more likely it is that you’ll earn an elimination. Along with that, the kill will be secured faster, leaving less room for the enemy supports to heal the person you’re targeting.


5. High Ground

D.Va has boosters to easily take her to and from the high ground. As the tank, you’re expected to make space and maintain the frontline, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the high ground. In fact, you should. Especially when the enemy has Soldier and Cassidy.

The high ground is one of the most useful spots in Overwatch 2. There are countless high ground points you need to take advantage of. By repositioning yourself, you’re forcing the enemy to reposition too. They need to change their play style to adjust to your plans, which leaves them vulnerable to attacks from your DPS.

Along with that, by dominating the high ground, you’re preventing the enemy from getting on it. I’m not saying you should play on high ground all the time, but it can be a useful tool you should keep in the back of your mind.


4. Know Your Kit

Knowing your kit is essential to playing Overwatch, but it’s especially essential for D.Va since you have quite a few abilities, not to mention you’re taking much of the damage as you are the frontline. Her Defense Matrix isn’t infinite like her cannons, and you need to keep that in mind when diving in. The same applies to her boosters: they don’t recharge in a split second; you need to wait.

Knowing your kit doesn’t mean simply knowing what abilities you possess. You need to know the cooldowns, the damage, and how to use them. You can also work on combining your abilities to create a deadlier effect. For example, using your missiles, primary fire, and boosters at the same time while chasing a fleeing squishy.

Take time in the practice range to use her kit. Get a feel for how far her boosters go, how many micro missiles you launch, how long your Defense Matrix lasts, etc.


3. Awareness

Awareness is an essential part of being a tank, but especially for D.Va, as she is one of the more agile tanks. She can move from point A to point B in a matter of seconds, not to mention that her Defense Matrix is a walking get-out-of jail-free card. You need to be aware of where your teammates are, even when you’re diving on an enemy.

If your teammates are about to die, use your Defense Matrix to save them. By keeping yourself aware of your surroundings, you’re keeping your team safe. It’s like driving. You shouldn’t only be focusing on the road ahead. Although the road is your main goal, you can’t get to the end of the road if you get hit by a car you didn't see because you weren’t being observant enough.

However, awareness extends to more than just saving people. You should also be aware of where the enemy team is. You should know what abilities they used. For example, if the enemy has a Kiriko, wait until she uses her Suzu, then you can ult. Or, try to break the enemy's barriers before using it. Or, wait until Baptiste uses his Immortality Field. By looking out for these things, you’re becoming a better Overwatch player.


2. Movement

D.Va has incredible movement. For a tank hero, she has insane mobility. She isn’t quite as good as Mercy and Doomfist when it comes to movement, but she has high power for someone who is a tank. She does high damage and maintains good movement throughout the game as long as you are capitalizing on that.

Don’t be a static D.Va player. You should be moving almost all the time. Get on the high ground, use different routes to get to your destination, fly back to save supports, etc. Don’t stay in one place all the time. Not only does that make you an easy target, but it also makes the gameplay boring. The entire point of D.Va is to be able to move around and get kills.


1. The Defense Matrix

The most useful part of D.Va’s kit is her Defense Matrix, which is an ability that eats projectiles, including projectile ultimates. For example, she can eat Tracer and Mei’s ultimates. There isn’t one specific tip I can give you to use Defense Matrix well because it’s one of those abilities that’s almost always useful no matter how you use it.

With that being said, you shouldn’t just use it willy-nilly. You should save it for enemy ultimates. Although you shouldn’t really play D.Va against Zarya, if you’re going to, you should do your best to eat her ultimate; that way, you’re at least eating the thing you’re probably charging. The same applies to ultimates like Mei’s.

Be wary of enemies trying to force you out of mech. That’s a big sign they’re going to use their ultimates. Warn your team and ask for help so you don’t go down; therefore, you’re preventing them from using their ult and getting an advantage in the fight.


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