[Top 10] Overwatch Best Comps That Wreck Hard

Overwatch Best Comps, overwatch best combo heroes
Ana surveys the current battle field

10. Hammond+Winston


Hamster to victory!

Hamster dive

Basically the same as normal dive but with Hammond. A likely the worse dive tank option because of the weird spot Hammond is at in the current meta but still a great dive option.

  • Push opponents to separate from rest of the team
  • Can deal damage going in and out of combat with Hammond
  • High dual health pool makes it difficult for opponents to take down either tank before they escape 

9. Winston+D.Va

D.Va and Winston posing in their Overwatch Anniversary 2019 skins


The classic dive duo. Wimston and D.Va both possess high mobility. And with that mobility comes the chance to move in and out of combat between different targets taking them down and wreaking havoc.

  • Quickly take out low health opponents 
  • Diving back line leaves opponents exposed for DPS characters to get value
  • Constantly causes opponent to shift attention
  • Easily attack characters on high ground along with anyone on the ground floor

8. Orisa+Reinhard+Bastion+Baptiste

Rreinhardt protecting his Bastion on the payload


Not quite as powerful as it used to be but a good option. The goal of this is to protect Bastion at all costs. If bastion goes down this whole composition falls apart which to be fair has always been the issue with Bastion centered team comps. 

  • High damage
  • High survivability
  • High sustainability 
  • High shield break

7. Pharmercy

Pharah and Mercy flying together


A classic Overwatch duo. Every Mercy main has been asked to pocket a Pharah more than they can count. This tried and true duo may not be the most powerful but with a Pharah who can position well it's definitely a solid choice 

  • Damage buff to a high damage hero
  • High maneuverability for escape
  • Constant healing provided whenever needed

6. Roadhog+Brigitte+McCree 

Roadhog using his ultimate while Brigitte has her shield up


This comp is great for when you go against fast annoying characters, flankers, or anyone that has an ultimate that can be easily cancelled, i.e. reaper, McCree.

  • Ultimate cancelation
  • Stop annoying flankers from a low health Tracer to potentially infinite healthHammond
  • HIgh damage outside of stuns for additional value

5. Junkrat+Hanzo

Hanzo during the "Dragons" animation

Shield Break

Shields are the staple of Overwatch. It’s nearly impossible to win a match without a main shield tank since the game started and that has never changed. But shields have a finite amount of damage they can absorb before being rendered useless, and this is one of the best duos to accomplish just that. 

  • High damage to destroy shields 
  • Junkrat can cover Hanzo from flankers on the ground
  • Hanzo can cover Junkrat from flankers in the sky
  • High damage specifically to opponents after shields are down

4. Reinhardt+Zarya+Brigitte 

Brigitte and Reinhardt with their shield up


The point of this comp is to get in the enemies face and give them no room to breathe. All 3 characters can be characterized as bullies that get the most benefit with upclose in your face team fights. With Brigitte and Reinhardt swinging on the enemy a well placed Zarya ultimately becomes an automatic team wipe.

  • Great for up close chaotic fights
  • Zarya ultimate pairs well with partners without the need for an ultimate
  • Brigitte ultimate provides a boost in sustainability
  • All characters can protect themselves from most stun tactics 

3. Reinhardt+Sigma

Reinhardt charging

Double Shield

Another comp that we've had in the game for a while. While Reinhardt is basically mandatory for this with the powerful position he's in for the current meta. Sigma could just as easily be replaced with Orisa and still get the same benefit.

  • Dual shield synergy 
  • One shield can cover for the other if it's broken
  • Both ultimates pair well with each other and can cause huge amounts of damage

2. Ana+Genji 

Genji about to use his ultimate while powered up by Ana's ultimate


The eternal question of who should Ana use her ultimate on? A few heroes come to mind but one of the best answers for that is Genji. The buffs he receives make him a nightmare to deal with as he runs to cut through his opponents

  • Genji gets a damage buff of 50%
  • Genji receives a full health recharge
  • Damage done to Genji is decreased by 50% giving higher survivability to complete his ultimate

1. Echo Mercy (Mercho?)

Echo blasting her shots


It turns out Echo is really good and can fill a number of roles including being a better Pharah for Pharmercy than Pharah. Her powerful and varied kit may have more issues at incredibly far distances but the better the aim the better this comp can be.

  • High maneuverability
  • Varied kit to take down multiple different enemies 
  • An Ultimate that can completely replenish Echo's health bar twice

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