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Paladins, Seris with Jade priestess skin
"Look at my new clothes."

The best of the best

Everyone knows who these guys are, the supporters, your best friends when you’re all alone, when you need help to get back to the battle. When you trust some of these you don’t have fear of death. 

Healers or Supporters are the champions of healing, these guys can take your soul out of hell and  bring it to the ground. So, today we’re gonna take a look at some of them. 

5. Furia

God is a woman

Furia, the Angel of Vengeance, one of the beauties from Paladins: Champions of The Realm, the angel of healing and bearer of the Pyre blade: Furia. Her name and her title has a lot to say because of lore - her fallen sister was cruelly sacrificed by the Magistrate.

To be honest, Furia has a great look and nice lore but this is not so important when you’re playing. Because her strength in the past was overpower, she received a nerf and that broke the champ, however she is still one of the greatest healers (maybe with not so good damage but whatever) and that’s why she’s on this list. 

So what makes her name great for healing? If you think about that you’ll know that Furia means fury and you have to admit that she heals furiously. 

See Furia Own In Action

4. Mal’Damba

"Sun Da Wekono!"

Mal'Damba... This is a strange name. It's not like Viktor, Cassie or Fernando, it's unusual! Well, it's almost sure that Damba belongs to a tribe, not a country, with its own culture and language. That's why we can hear our guy saying words like: “Sun Da Wekono!”

You can counter Mal'Damba with Androxus, Buck and Vora with their stun skill and high mobility. Mal’Damba also has a stun skill which makes him very annoying and hard to kill. 

I like to play with Mal’Damba when the enemy team has just one Front Line and three damages or two flanks, because he can focus on healing his Front Line while staying in the objective being protected by the Shield.

We all know that Mal’Damba was cursed so maybe his curse made him so strong and a son of Wekono (a kind of Spirit, not a God). Wekono’s son…

See Mal’Damba Own In Action

3. Seris

"I see here that your future will be mine"

Seris, the Oracle of The Abyss...Wow, she’s gorgeous! I mean, that’s a good outfit, yes, very distinguished. Seris reminds me of Scarlet Witch from Marvel Comics series, so maybe she’s kind of a “Purple Witch”. 

Seris wears long dark clothes that let you see her pale skin. Well, there's not much sun in the abyss... But the thing that has probably impressed you while seeing her for the first time in the game was the blindfold that covers her eyes (which reminds me a lot of the Goddess Nox from Greek mythology). 

Seris has great healing skills but it cannot heal through the wall (damn it!) and she can hide in the abyss so you can have a chance to escape from enemies.

Seris looks like a mix of many characters from Greek Mythology, like Nox, Charon (the ferryman from hell) and Thanatos (the personification of Death). 

See Seris Own In Action

2. IO

"I'll break your heart"

Io, the Shattered Goddess is a little girl that is the moon herself, the moon’s goddess. After the battle of Magistrate against the Resistance, the Darkness came upon the ground and then disaster struck: the Darkness smothered the goddess's light and shattered the moon that hung above the lands.

Io is the only of the champions that can take the objective without physically being on it. Io’s vulpine companion, Luna, can be deployed onto the point or wherever Io commands. That 's cheating but it’s awesome. 

Also, Io is one of the mortal lovers of Zeus. Zeus fell in love with her and, to protect her from the wrath of Hera, changed her into a white heifer.

I really love Greek mythology and now I know that Hi-Rez Studios loves it as well.

See Io Own In Action

1. Corvus

"Sekishiki Meikai Ha!!!"

The most difficult decisions test even the strongest of wills, but his will has never wavered, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. He is Corvus, The Magistrate’s Blade.  

Corvus is by far the best support in the game when it comes to pocketing his tanks and flanks alike since he can deploy a mark on anyone of his teammates who will then receive a percentage of the healing (ok, that’s nice). Also, Corvus is the best damage + support in Paladins without doubts. 

Corvus in Latin means Raven and his family species is “Corvus corax”. Ravens used to be lonely strong birds and always are represented as a night creature. Poe would say: “Prophet!” said I, “thing of evil!—prophet still, if bird or devil!  - excerpt taken from The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

See Corvus Own In Action

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