[Top 5] Paladins Best Flank Champions That Are Excellent

There are many different flanks to pick in Paladins and they are all a specialist in movement and damage. This role is best for picking off enemies when alone and or just harassing the enemy team. Below I will be going through the 5 best flanks that if you play you will easily dominate the flank role and destroy your enemies.

5. Maeve

Maeve is the most annoying and hard-to-hit flank on this list. Maeve specializes in bouncing around the enemies using her double jump and throwing her daggers to deal massive damage. Combining this and the movement abilities that help her run away from any fight as well as do massive damage with them.

What makes Maeve a good flank:

  • Her pounce ability allows her to pounce at her enemies to deal damage and can even just use it as a movement ability. This is a really good move and can allow her to deal massive damage very quickly if you shoot pounce then shoot at them again.
  • Prowl is her movement ability and gives her high movement speed as well as increases her jump height. This allows her to run away from anything and quickly get behind cover. If you use this ability with her talent Cat Burglar it will also allow you to deal massive damage real fast to anyone near you after prowl ends.
  • Nine Lives is an ability that will heal her and reset all her cooldowns. This is a great ability that will make it so you can combo enemies with your abilities as well as a great tool for healing yourself.

Maeve’s Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/maeve


4 Zhin

Zhin is a really strong flank that comes equipped with everything a flank could ever need. This flank is able to deal massive damage as well as having a movement that can get him out of any situation making it really easy to pick off an enemy and then escape.

What makes Zhin a good flank:

Whirl is an ability that launches Zhin forward dealing damage to anyone in his path. This is a great chasing ability that will allow you to keep up with anyone while they try and run away from you.

Billow is his movement ability that makes him invincible and gives him increased movement speed for 2 seconds allowing him to run away from any fight with ease. This is a really good ability that allows him to enter a fight and easily escape it without any trouble.

Counter is a reflection ability that will deal damage to whoever you are aiming at whenever your sword is hit with a projectile. This is a great tool for retreating as well as allowing him to tank heavy damage quickly and use it against his enemies.


Zhin’s Details:https://www.paladins.com/champions/zhin    

3 Evie

Evie is another flank that relies on their high mobility to annoy the enemy team and pick off stragglers. A good Evie will keep your enemy team on edge and always scared to be left alone with her. This is because Evie is able to easily blink in and deal some damage then leave in an instant.

What makes Evie a good flank:

Her Blink allows her to teleport instantly giving her great mobility and a good way to retreat. Her blink combined with her wormhole talent makes it so you can blink into a fight and blink out instantly making it so you can annoy the enemy team really easily.

Soar is her movement ability that allows her to fly through the sky at high speeds easily allowing her to reach her target. This ability combined with her talent Over The Moon will give her increased damage and allow her to do massive damage and quickly blink away.

Ice Storm is her ultimate and it allows her to slow everyone on the point and deal some damage to them as well. Combining this with the talent Snow Globe allows her to get her ult faster and give it extra damage. The ult is a good team ult as it will be very useful when used on the point allowing you to wipe out the enemy team with ease.


Evie’s Details:https://www.paladins.com/champions/evie    

2 Koga

Koga is an all-around great flank as he has really good movement and an insane amount of damage. If you run into Koga without your team, you will most likely wind up dead. This is because of the amount of raw damage he can pump out if he hits his shots. If you pick Koga and know what you are doing then you will definitely win.

What makes Koga a good flank:

Shadow Step is his movement and it allows him to move across large distances really quickly. This can be used to close the gap between you and your enemy or easily escape a losing battle.

Dragon Stance is an ability that changes his stance and changes the way he attacks making it so he uses his dragon claws to slice up his enemies and allow him to deal massive damage. This also changed some of his abilities like Shadow Step is now Skewer which lunges Koga forward and does damage to anyone he hits.

Cyclone Strike is his ultimate and it allows him to enter an invincibility phase and deal massive damage in an area around him. This is a great damage ult as you can easily use it to demolish anyone around you or even just use it to pick off an enemy allowing you to focus on other people.


Koga’s Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/koga        

1 Androxus

Androxus is the all-time greatest flank to ever be added to Paladins. This is because of the fact that he has everything a flank needs and a flank could ever want. His movement is insanely fast and allows him to easily gain the high ground and dish out lots of damage. Everything about Androxus is great and he will always be a good ally to have on your team.

What makes Androxus a good flank:

Nether Leap is his movement ability and it lunges him forward and gives him slow fall. This is a really great movement ability that has a low cooldown and can even give him the high ground in any confrontation. This is the best movement in the game and will forever make him a legendary flank.

Reversal is a good counter ability that allows him to absorb infinite amounts of damage and throw it back at your enemy. This has insanely useful utility allowing you to become a tank for a few seconds basically and is great for retreating as well. If you use the godslayer talent you can do even more damage as it adds an extra 800 damage to your reversal.

His ultimate is Accursed Arm and it is a really powerful ult especially when you use your nether leap to fly high above the battlefield to get a good vantage point. This ultimate will allow you to easily kill off the squishier enemies on your team and even push them off the point.


Androxus’ Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/androxus        

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