[Top 15] Paladins Best Champions (All Roles! Latest Patch)

Who are all these beautiful people?

If you have ever played Paladin you know that they have a lot of different play styles. Below I will show you the 15 best champions out of all 55 champions. In this list, I will be explaining abilities that make them really strong champions, as well as explaining strategies that showcase their strengths.


15 Mal’Damba (Support)

Mal’Damba Is one of the strongest and most versatile healers in paladins. Mal’Damba has very fast healing abilities that are great for healing flanks and damages especially if you have good aim. The greatness of this healer lies in how great he is in healing all his teammates at the same time.

What makes Mal’Damba a great support:

  • Ripened Guard is a really good healer talent that will allow you to heal tanks massive amounts of health. The talent stops your guard from doing damage but makes it heal for twice as much which will allow you to keep your whole team alive way easier. 
  • Wekono’s Wrath is a talent that is great for those people who love to stun people with your snake when you reload. This talent makes tossing your snake after reloading much faster and makes it do an additional 500 damage making Mal’Damba able to kill flanks and other healers making it easier for your team to get the objective
  • The Spirit Chosen talent is another great healing talent that allows you to keep your team alive much longer. The Spirit Chosen talent makes your mending spirit's ability heal for an additional 250 health instantly which is a great buff that makes your healing one of the best in the game. 
  • Mal’Damba’s ultimate Dread Serpent allows him to take control of the point and on some occasions completely wipe out an entire team. Hit ult allows him to stun enemies in a 40-unit radius and to also run away in fear allowing your team to do massive damage and retake the point.

Mal’Damba Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/maldamba

14 Lex (Flank)

Lex is a very strong flank that is best used on maps with very little high ground, due to his lack of a movement that can get him there quickly. He has extremely strong weapons that can easily kill squishier champions with ease. If you are looking for an easy champion that is very easy to get the hang of this is a great pick.

What makes Lex a good Flank:

The Talent Death Hastens is a great talent for those who love to do large amounts of damage per shot and is a great talent if you can hit all your shots. This talent changes the shots of your weapons and makes them do 680 damage every 0.7s but reduces your max ammo which allows him to deal massive amounts of damage but if you miss your shots this can be a bad talent.

The Heroism talent is a talent that allows Lex to get out of any situation easily by allowing him to slide everywhere and anywhere. This talent makes his combat slide give you CC immunity and 90% damage reduction giving Lex amazing survivability and making him really annoying and hard to kill.

The Discovery talent is a great talent for those who like to target their retribution target. This talent allows Lex to deal 25% more damage to his retribution target making it so he can easily kill any champion that is unlucky enough to be his target.

Lex’s ultimate The Law allows him to kill any champion that is below 65% health and deals 600 damage to those above 65% health. This is an extremely great ult that can easily clear out a team of grouped-up champions that have been heavily damaged.

Lex Details  https://www.paladins.com/champions/lex

13 Khan (Frontline)

Khan is an off-tank that has really good survivability and has a great ult and damage. This simple-to-play tank brings a lot to a team and is probably the best team player tank in paladins. This tank also can heal himself and his allies a little bit which is another great reason to pick this frontline.

What makes Khan a great Frontline:

Lian's shield allows you to turn Khan into a slight point tank. The talent allows your shield to regenerate 120% faster as well as allowing it to regenerate while it's active which basically allows you to shield an insane amount of damage.

Vortex Grip is a really great talent that gives Khan a really good CC ability. The talent gives his commander grab the ability to stun an enemy for an additional 1.4 seconds making it so you can kill a tank or healer very quickly.

Storm Of Bullets is a talent that is really great for those who have trouble hitting their shots. What this talent does is it Increases khans attack spread by 40% but also reduces his damage by 25% which will increase your damage output if you have trouble hitting your shots. 

Khan’s ultimate Overpower is a really great and useful ability on this tank. Overpower will grab any single enemy and pull him to you allowing your team to do a lot of damage to the enemy as well as allowing him to shoot the enemy out of the map or just away from the point.

Khan’s Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/khan

12 Viktor (Damage)

Viktor was added to the game from the beginning and has always been a powerhouse when it comes to damage. He is one of the easiest champions to play due to his amazing DPS output and a movement ability that is always usable makes him an extremely easy champion and a great damage. If you are looking for an easy champion that is also a great damage then Viktor is a good pick for you.

What makes Viktor a good damage:

The talent Burst Mode allows Viktor to do a lot more damage from afar. This talent changes his primary gun and makes it shoot a burst shot which makes him shoot 3 200 damage shots every .4 seconds as well as also giving Viktor increased range allowing him to stay farther away from the battle so he can do more damage and stay safe.

The Shrapnel talent allows Viktor to play a more point control damage as he can use a grenade build to keep tanks and other champions off the point. This talent gives his grenade a 40% increased radius which allows him to hit enemies a lot easier and a lot more often with the grenade.

The last talent is Cardio and it gives Viktor very good survivability especially since he doesn't normally have a healing ability. This talent allows Viktor to heal 300 health per second while sprinting which is a great way to heal up and run away from enemies when low on health. 

Viktor’s ultimate Barrage is a very great ultimate that will allow you to make every enemy run away in fear. This ult allows Viktor to call down airstrikes on your enemy which deals massive damage in a large area and will easily clear off the point if done correctly.

Viktor Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/viktor

11 Evie (Flank)

Evie is a really fast and annoying flank that is all about being really hard to hit. This flank has tons of mobility and great survivability especially if they don't have a lot of CC. Evie will be a great pick in any game due to her insanely high survivability and her great damage output.

What makes Evie a great flank:

Over The Moon is a talent that allows Evie to fly into a fight and do an insane amount of damage quickly and then leave or secure the kill. This talent gives Evie a 25% damage increase for 3 seconds after using soar which is great for poking at enemies or for completely securing a kill.

The talent Wormhole is a great talent for the Evies that love to poke and annoy their enemies. This talent allows Evie to recast blink after 4 seconds of its use to return to the initial casting spot which allows her to jump into battle and do a lot of damage and maybe even secure a kill then blink back to safety.

The last talent is Snow Globe which is a huge buff to Evies ultimate Ice Storm. This talent makes ice storm do 100% more damage, ult charge decreased to 50% and makes ice storm only last for 3 seconds allowing Evie to use her ult a lot more during the game and allows her to do massive amounts of CC with it.

Evie Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/evie

10 Makoa (Frontline)

Makoa is an amazing point-tank due to his high health, great movement, and a very strong shield. Makoa also does very good damage and even is able to hook enemies to pull them out from their cover. There is no tank that brings more fear to a support or a flank than a Makoa which makes him a great pick all the time.

What makes Makoa a good frontline:

Half Shell is a talent that allows Makoa to be a monster when it comes to shielding his team. This talent changes his shell shield and makes it so he places it on the ground and lasts for 2 seconds longer than normal making it so he can easily use his giant shield to push against the enemy champions.

Pluck is a talent that allows your hook to be way deadlier and anyone who is hooked by it has a death sentence. This talent makes Makoa do 75% more damage with his next shot for 4 seconds after he hooks someone which allows him to basically instakill squishy enemies and do massive damage against other tanks.

Leviathan is a great buff to Makoa’s ultimate Ancient Rage which makes it really powerful. This talent makes him gain ult charge 25% faster and gives him 500 more max health as well as giving his cooldowns a reset once he activates Ancient Rage making anyone in his ults path basically dead.

Makoa Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/makoa

9 Io (Support)

She is an insanely great healer that is great at healing and has great alt support and is a solid pick in any game. The healing of Io and Luna Is beyond great as it can keep your whole team alive as well as allow a decoy on the point. If you are looking for the most fun healer in the game this is it.

What makes Io a good support:

The Life Link talent is an amazing talent for io, especially for those who love to heal. This talent allows Luna to give 300 healing per second in an area around her making it so you can heal everyone around you easily.

Io’s talent Goddess Blessing is also really good with her as it provides great support for your team. This talent makes it so your moonlight ability will give your team 15% reduced damage while you're healing them giving them a lot more survivability under heavy fire.

The last talent gives Io great survivability which is great for a healer to have. This talent allows Io to trade places with Luna when she reaches below 200 health and will be healed for 50% of her health and Luna dies in her place.

Io Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/io

8 Androxus (Flank)

Androxis has always been one of the best flank champions in paladins. This champion has always had the strength to kill all squishy characters with ease as well as having great mobility. This flank is great in all categories of fighting and is always a great pick in a paladins match.

What makes Androxus a good damage:

The Cursed Revolver talent is a great talent for those who have trouble aiming. This talent allows his revolver to become automatic making it way easier to hit your target especially if you aren't the best at hitting your shots. 

The God Slayer talent is a great talent if you are great at using his reversal ability. This talent makes his reversal always fire back and do an extra 800 making it so if anyone shoots your reversal you can do an insane amount of damage to an enemy.

Defiant Fist is a great talent for those who love to punch and can hit their shots. The talent makes it so every time you hit an enemy it increases the damage of your defiant fist by 15% stacking up to 100%. This will allow you to kill squishy characters very fast.

Androxus’ ultimate is also insanely useful and allows you to do insane amounts of damage. The best way to use Androxus’ alt is to fly into the air as high as you can then shoot down at your enemies. This is a great strategy and will always help your team secure the point.

Androxus’ Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/androxus

7 Atlas (Frontline)

Atlas is one of the best off-tanks in the game due to the fact that he's equipped with everything an off-tank needs. This champion does insane damage and has amazing CC to allow him to control his enemies. If you are looking for an all-around great off-tank Atlas is always a good pick.

What makes Atlas a great Frontline:

The talent Deja Vu allows Atlas to rewind multiple enemies with setbacks allowing him to have great CC. What this talent does is it makes Atlas’ setback a lobbed explosive that will be able to rewind multiple enemies in one go which will allow him to make everyone separate which gives the damages and flanks a great opportunity to kill off some of the enemies.

Unstable Fissure is a very useful talent that uses the rewind ability for a team advantage. What this talent does is that it makes your rewind ability also rewind enemies within 20 units of you 3 seconds into the past which will bring them either closer to death or far enough away from the point for someone else to kill.

The Temporal Divide is a great talent that changes the way his stasis field works. What this talent does is that it will increase the stasis field size and cooldown by 65% which may seem like a nerf but it's not. This stasis field will cover a huge area of the map and allow you to shield your whole team with ease and will also give your team a great movement speed buff if you have the right card set.

Atlas Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/atlas

6 Barik (Frontline)

Barik is one of the most consistent frontlines in the game because he has everything you want in a tank. The Damage and survivability of Barik are insane due to how his turrets work and his shield and movement ability is insane. If you play a proper Barik then you will never die and because of this, he is always a great pick.

What makes Barik a great Frontline:

The Forgefire talent changes the way Barik’s ultimate works and makes it great if you're looking for pure damage. The talent gets rid of the dome shield and gives you a 40% increase to ult charge as well as giving you a fire turret that does insane amounts of damage. This is a great talent if your team has plenty of shields already and needs extra damage.

The Tinkerin talent is great for dealing with those enemies that are out of Barik’s normal 40-unit range. What this talent does is that it changes Barik’s main attack with a slug shot that deals 550 damage which is best for when the enemy team has a lot of champions that sit outside your range.

The Fortify talent is the best talent if you are playing a solo tank as it will make your shields insanely strong. This talent increases the maximum health of your barricade by 2000 and decreases its cooldown by 3s allowing you to shield an insanely large amount of damage and protect your team.

Barik Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/barik

5 Inara (Frontline)

Inara is one of the best point tanks in all of Paladins. This is because of how much point control her abilities give her making it so she has insanely high survivability with her wall and great damage reduction with her earthen guard ability. Inara will forever be a very strong and powerful point tank in any game and is always a good pick in any game.

What makes Inara a great frontline:

Mother’s Grace is a talent that gives the earthen guard ability a huge buff and allows Inara to tank massive amounts of damage. The talent gives Earthen Guard an extra 10% damage reduction as well as CC immunity allowing her to not be nocked around while active.

Tremors is a great talent if you are looking for more shielding and like to block off the enemy from themselves. What this talent does is it gives you 2 walls instead of one and reduces its cooldown by 12 seconds but can no longer destroy them making the placements of your walls much more strategic to aid your team and block damage.

Treacherous Ground is a great talent for players who love to cripple and destroy tanks all in one go. This talent makes the Warder’s Field ability have increased range and allows it to cripple anyone inside of it making it a great tool to kill a tank or push them away from the point entirely.

Inara Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/inara

4 Lian (Damage)

Lian is the greatest burst damage due to her abilities which are all really great when chained. With the right ability combo, Lian is easily able to kill flanks, supports, and even damaged all while being a safe distance from the point. Lian will always be a great pick especially when you have enemies who go into the sky like Androxus, Willow, Drogoz, and even other snipers.

What makes Lian a good damage:

Alacrity is a great damaging talent that makes Lian’s Grace ability now hit everyone on your screen but increases its cooldown by 1 second. This is a great card that makes grace a great damage ability and with the right card set, you can basically use it constantly. 

Precision is a great talent for the Lian players that are really good at hitting their target. This talent gives Lian’s Heirloom rifle a 7% stackable damage buff when hitting an enemy that can be stacked 5 times making it very rewarding to players with good accuracy.

Eminence is a great talent for people who like to play Lian as a snipper and keep their distance from their target. This talent makes Lian’s Presence ability do a 50% increase in damage depending on how far away from the target you are from as well as a 4s cooldown reduction making snipper Lian’s much more deadly.

Lian Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/lian

3 Bomb King (Damage)


Bomb King is the greatest point damage and brings a lot of CC and a lot of damage to your team composition. A large amount of CC alone makes him easily one of the best damages not even including the insane amount of damage he can output on all the enemies he can stun with his grumpy bomb. Combining him with some great point-tanks makes Bomb King always a viable pick for your team.

What makes Bomb King a good damage:

Accelerant is a great talent for those Bomb King mains that love to use his grumpy bomb to control the point. The talent gives his grumpy bomb a reduced detonation time by 40% making it much harder for the enemy team to dodge his stun and allowing you to annoy their team much easier.

Royal Subjects is a great talent that allows his default bombs have a 20% bigger blast radius making it way easier to hit your bombs. This talent is the best for those who dont like to stack their bombs and like to blow them up instantly making it way easier to hit your enemies.

Chain Reaction is a great talent for killing tanks and other champions due to the fact that it does more damage the more you stack onto the champion. The stack of this buff goes upo to 150% and is increased by 30% per bomb which makes Bomb King insanely strong basically allowing him to 2 stack kill squishier champions or just make them run away in fear of you.

King Bomb is Bomb Kings ult which makes him roll into battle and cause an explosion that does 2500 damage and stuns for 2 seconds making it a really powerful and great ultimate. This ult is best used when combined with other teammates ults as it can only kill squishier champions and lacks in killing tanks.

Bomb King Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/bomb-king

2 Grover (Support)

Grover is the greatest healer especially if you want to heal your whole team. Grover gives passive healing to those in an area around him and gives a great ability that will heal everyone around him as well making it so anyone that stands near him will always be in full health. If you are looking for the greatest and easiest healer in all of Paladins Grover is definitely the best pick for you.

What makes Grover a good support:

Deep Roots is a talent that allows Grover to apply a lot cripple, root and slow on a bunch of enemies with his crippling axe throw. This talent makes it so his Crippling Axe bounces off 3 enemies and roots enemies now giving Grover some great CC and allowing him to deal massive damage.

Rampant Blooming is Grover's healing talent that increases Blossoms healing for an additional 300 for 3 seconds making him heal way more than he can without this card. If you are going to run Grover as the main and only healer this should be the talent you use unless you are able to do enough damage to allow your team to steamroll the other team.

Ferocity is another damage talent that allows Grover to become a sniper and do massive damage to anyone that is far away from him. This talent increases his damage scaling over distance by 60% which allows him to basically 2 hit some squishy champions if they are far enough away from Grover.

Whirlwind is Grovers ultimate and it is one of the best ults in the game when it comes to healing. This ult heals your allies and himself for 2500 every second for 4 seconds making it really hard to kill him and his teamates while its activated. 

Grover Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/grover

1 Cassie (Damage)

Cassie is probably the greatest damage champion in the game. Cassie is one of the first damages that was added to the game that has always been extremely great at killing. This damage is just all-around great for all kinds of players and will always be a great pick in any game.

What makes Cassie a good damage:

Cassie’s talent Big Game is really great at gunning down tanks. This talent allows you to damage the enemy with an additional  8% of the enemy's max health for 4 seconds after hitting them with disengage. 

Cassie’s talent Exaction allows you to have insanely great mobility. With this talent, Cassie will get 30% increased damage for your next shot after a dodge roll and with the right cards, you can make it so if you hit that shot your cooldown resets.

The last great talent of Cassie's is Impulse which is great for all situations. The impulse increases your blast shots damage and reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds. This isn't the greatest of talents for Cassie but still allows you to basically instakill anyone if shoot and blast shot someone.

Cassie’s Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/cassie

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