[Top 5] Paladins Best Attacker Champions

The top 5 best attacker champions!
"Champions assemble!"

"Welcome to the battefield"

Well, gamers of the realm, today we are going to talk about the best attacker in Paladins, the one who can destroy his enemies without any effort, the one who possesses many skills and abilities to counter everyone and everyone with his strength! 

5.  Drogoz

"It's raining fire"

Born wingless as a mere wyrin underling to a vicious dragon, Drogoz escaped his servitude using a pair of crystal-fueled mechanical wings crafted by a clever dwarven engineer. The draconic blood in his veins flowed with cruelty and greed, compelling

him to continue on a Realm-wide rampage of destruction as he amassed his own hoard, one that will rival that of the true dragons.

Drogoz really is terrifying in the right hands. I was playing Io the other day, and me and my team were getting absolutely destroyed. Not even running Wyrm Jets, they were in the air almost constantly, except when they'd come down to emote and spray on me after hitting perfect shots. At that point you can't even be frustrated.

And what makes Drogoz a good name for an attacker? Well, Drogoz is a dragon, of course, dur, but do you know the dragons used to be the most dangerous and most powerful creatures? They were, champ. 

4. Dredge

"Hey, be part of my crew"

Admiral Judd Roberts ruled the eight oceans as the Realm's most-feared pirate, until one final treasure led to his doom. The admiral stole the Warders' relics from the Resistance, but could not tame the dragons' might. His ship was destroyed, his crew scattered, and he sank to certain death in the oceans' depths.

The Abyss intervened and bore the admiral — now Admiral Dredge — back into the Realm of the living. Now the undead pirate travels the seas again, and no soul, living or dead, will take his treasure from him.

Dredge feels good, but it's actually not great unless you're dueling an airborne DPS like Drogoz or Maeve. Dredge is basically good at one thing: zoning. If you're fighting tanks, just shoot them with your LMB. The more time you spend throwing your harpoon at the enemy backline, the less time you're pressuring the enemy frontlines, and by the time you're done doing your little sniper war, your tanks are dead because they had no damage to back them up.

Accurately, dredging means removing unwanted things from the bottom of a river, lake, using a boat or special device. And Dredge can dredge your soul from your body. 

3. Bomb King

"Merry Christ- Happy Halloween!"

Well, this guy here I talked with you guys so many times that dispenses introduction. Bomb King is a damage champion with a heavy focus on area damage. His Sticky Bombs can be deployed on walls and even enemies, which can then be detonated at will. His Grumpy Bomb deals damage and stuns all enemies in a wide area, which is useful for area denial and forcing the enemy to get out of position. Poppy Bomb can be used both as a escape tool and to send enemies near it flying away. His ultimate skill, King Bomb, turns Bomb King himself into a mobile bomb that deals high damage in a very large area around him and stuns enemies. 

He is a tank melter, but with his Royal Subjects legendary he can really target anyone. He can be very agile if you have the right build, like getting poppy bomb to instantly detonate when it hits a surface. This gives you some pretty impressive air time for getting in and out. You do not want to be stationary as he has a massive hit box and is extremely easy to hit and kill. Quite a high skill cap though, and he is actually pretty hard to be great with. You have to spend as much time in the air as on the floor, making you tough to hit and increasing the range on your grumpy bombs.

2. Lian

"Well, honey, you can be my right hand..."

Lian is a damage champion capable of dealing moderate amounts of damage in short time periods and who specializes in medium range combat and long range executions. Her semi-automatic Heirloom Rifle allows her to pressure enemy backlines and easily handle immediate threats.

She is broken. Yeah, that’s what you read. People tend to sleep on her values. Lian can be a great compliment to any team with the right build. Alacrity can light up the enemy team and provide location intel. Combined with caution, you can effectively do some rapid damage collectively. I use this if I have the last pick and the team has the core positions covered. It's incredibly effective with a sniper and solid flank. Tag them and shoot them.

Lian means grace, lotus flower, favor or of the clearing, which speaks more than everything when it comes to Lian. She’s a prodigy, the Scion of the House Aico, who will be the powerful lotus. 

1. Tyra

"I'm gonna make the world collapse in hellfire"

Raised to shoot straight and survive the harsh winters of the frontier, Tyra signed on with the Magistrate army at a young age. After the Sentinels' disastrous final mission, she returned to her homeland to make a living tracking down the monstrous threats to the common folk that lurked beyond the fringes of the Realm.

Her unyielding stamina and pinpoint accuracy with the rifle serve her well in her new role: helping the Resistance fight back against the Magistrate and bring an end to the war that rages across the Realm.

Tyra is strong at the most, but still suffers from the same problems, lack of mobility, and lack of range. Many damage champs can outduel/kill her from range, and others can escape her, because she has almost zero mobility. Tyra is one of the better Damages in the current meta just because of the Mercy Kill build. She has the capability to 1v1 most champions in the game right now and is a strong pick in general. Choose the Untamed Tyra

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