26 Heroes of The Storm Trailers That You Must Watch

Ride the Storm to victory and honor!


Heroes of the Storm is Blizzards foray into the realm of MOBA. Take your favorite characters from across all of Blizzard game history into battle for control of the mystical Nexus. Wits and strength are not quite enough to prove victorious, but here is a series of trailers to help you prepare to survive.

Oh, and it’s free to play. What are you waiting for?

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1. The Nexus is Calling

Will you answer the call?

Blizzard shocked and confused London when the Nexus came calling. Are you going to stand by and allow confusion to overwhelm you, or will you raise your battle cry and rush into the Nexus. WARNING: The Nexus is not responsible for loss of personal or bodily property, sleep, or bath time.

2. Release Date Trailer

The War Begins

Where were you on February 6, 2015? If you weren’t checking out the launch of Heroes of the Storm, you probably have a super cute girlfriend who is not a gamer. Well now you can repent and jump into the fray; you can always find a new girlfriend, right?

3. Cinematic Trailer

Sweet guitar riff…oh and the video is awesome too.

First off using tactical nuclear strikes seems a little unfair, however, I don’t think that strategy will be very effective against Diablo. Second, who cares! Having the opportunity to wage a full scale Blizzard style war is super freakin’ sweet!

4. Tychus

When the Nexus calls how will you respond?

The poster child for Star Craft II brings his mini-gun and cigar to the battlefields of the nexus. If he was ever excited about anything in his life taking another crack at the Zurg swarm and fighting in the nexus are up there at the top. Time to strap on your power armor and pull out the heavy guns; leave your tissues at home.

I think this guy is more intimidating without the armor. Of course the gun helps.

5. The Butcher

Fresh Meat

Who didn’t absolutely love swearing at their computer when the Butcher mutilated their hero over and over again in Diablo?  I know I just loved those times to kittens!  Now, thanks to Heroes you can not only take your revenge against this dastardly villain, you can wield his disgustingness for your own pleasure.

I see the chains, hopefully there are no whips.

6. Leoric

The Skeleton King Rises in the Nexus

A bad king gone worse, and a pain in the side of the heroes of Diablo, Leoric drains the life of his enemies even after they banish him from the battlefield. The only cooler undead king roaming around is Jack Skellington, but he lives in an entirely different universe.

Even the Vikings have nightmares plagued by Leoric.

7. Thrall

Peace? I don’t think Thrall understands the Nexus

Thrall is a beacon of peace and liberty to all of orc kind. In the Nexus he is a hammer wielding, butt kicking, ground cracking BAMF. If you have to run into battle behind someone, why not make it Thrall? Cause he is also a really big target to hide behind.

Holy spikey armor! He should just run into people instead of using the hammer.

8. Rexxar

Never Hunt Alone

Rexxar is the champion of the Orc Horde, and carries with him a horde of fuzzy critters with really sharp teeth. The ability to call forth minions from the land of scary fuzzy wuzzies makes Rexxar a formidable foe, and lets us live out our secret animal trainer fantasy.

I don't think that sabretooth is the cuddly type.

9. Kharazim

I wonder how long he had to meditate to become so awesome.

When Blizzard introduced the Monk in Diablo III fans instantly fell deeply in love with his dreamy bald head and fancy flexibility. In the Nexus Kharazim is a force to be reckoned with. His speed and power are indispensable tools you can use to conquer your foes.

He doesn’t need the fancy fist weapons, but they do look cool.

10. The Lost Vikings

Make sure ya go before the game starts.

What better way to instill fear into the dark warriors of the Nexus than to pit them against hapless, absent-minded Vikings? Don’t be fooled by their small bladders, these guys pack a serious punch, and give you three heroes in one to master and build your strategy.

Happy Easter…sorry if your eggs are broken.

11. Anub’arak

It’s pronounced uh noob (quick wheeze) uh rack.

This dude was bad enough before the Lich King made him an undead minion. Now, Anub’arak is dark, powerful, and really angry. Use his power to help him reap his vengeance upon the Nexus. It’s kinda fun when you’re causing the nightmares.

Is he auditioning for Bumblebee in the next Transformers?

12. Zagara

The swarm’s recruitment process isn’t very picky.

It is not bad enough that the Zerg want to take over and assimilate the Star Craft universe, now their broodmother Zagara has her sights set on the Nexus. Unleash her awesome ambition by spreading the creep and summoning viscous Zerg monsters upon the battlefield.

All those spikes seriously discourage hugging this mother.

13. Kerrigan

The Nexus hath no fury like a Queen out for revenge.

When Kerrigan was betrayed to the Zerg she became the Queen of Blades. As the queen she leads the Zerg in their conquest of the universe. Now, she is bringing her pleasantry to the Nexus, and defies anyone to resist he alluring charm.

Her come hither look is almost tempting…almost.

14. Murky

Remember all the Murlocks you killed and looted in WoW, well they’re back.

All thoughout history there are great heroes standing up for the little guy, the oppressed, the weak. Now Murky joins the…ok I can’t seriously finish that thought. Murlocks are bad enough without a brave vengeful leader. Glad I only to deal with this guy in the Nexus.

The fish he is holding is much more menacing.

15. Johanna

Johanna brings the Crusades to the Nexus.

What do you say when a tough blonde with a giant shield and a mace asks you to be her apprentice? If your first answer isn’t, “yes”, I have a feeling you will get to know her mace on a very intimate level (better get a helmet).

Do you think she is really a softy under all that armor and righteous fury?

16. Kael’thas

The blood elves survive on kale. Go power greens!

Prince Kael’thas leads the magic addicted blood elves on the path of revenge, but you know what they say, magic is a gateway drug. Now he seeks to dominate the Nexus with his shiny fire orbs. I’m bringing marshmallows.

Wonder if he is wearing an “I love Chen” shirt under the robe.

17. Jaina

She is one Ice Cold lady. Better bring an extra pair of gloves.

Jaina Proudmoore is the savior of humanity and all she wants is peace and harmony. She will do anything thing necessary to ensure it; including summoning a voidwalker and freezing anyone she doesn’t like. Though she may do those things out of sheer boredom.

She is not the Mrs. Claus we grew up with.

18. Azmodan

Azmodan ensures there is no shortage of darkness in the Nexus.

As if looking like the evil love child of a crab and a minotaur wasn’t enough, Azmodan calls forth creepy land sharks too. Take this greedy sin lord for a spin in the quest for the souls who dwell in the Nexus.

For Halloween, Azmodan is going as Zeus.

19. Chen


What do you fight for?

Harnessing the spirit of Jackie Chan’s drunken master Chen fight for family and…hold on, are we just going to ignore the fact that Chen totally tricked Diablo into falling off the docks? Yes? Ok then…(uhh hummm)…honor. Now he will explore the Nexus to fuel his need for adventure and a good brew.

Don’t get between this Stormstout and his brew.

20. Li Li

Who doesn’t love a little annoying fluffball of positivity?

For the niece of Chen life is just one great adventure, and the Nexus is one more opportunity to feed the travel bug. As she traverses the Nexus she is not afraid to crack some skulls along the way, of any one who gets in her way. She fights with magic, her staff, and the kind of cuteness that makes you feel bad if you hit her. What a cheater!

What a cute little explorer, we should send this picture to her mommy.

21. Brightwing

Who said you had to be a demon to be scary (shuddering)? I’ll take Azmodan any day.

Dragons are awesome, fierce rulers of the fantasy world. Faeries are cute little beings that always arrive at precisely the right time. What do you get when you combine them? A freaky looking ball of flying ugly that reminds me of the creepy girl down the street that left a doll’s head on my windowsill after I told her I couldn’t come over for a tea party.

I got nothing, just purely creeped out.

22. Stitches

I’m not sending my kids to this play date.

He really just want to play. The only unfortunate side is that his idea of play involves disembowelment, limb severing, and possibly being eaten alive. Good thing he is stuck in the Nexus. Hey! Maybe he will eat Brightwing and save me from that nightmare.

Believe it or not, the hockey mask is an improvement.

23. Muradin

Muradin makes Thor look like a little girl.

With a family like Muradin’s you have to work pretty hard to achieve awesomeness. With his signature blend of hammer, axe, and beard this guy totally pulls it off!

It’s dangerous to lose a bet in the Bronzebeard clan.

24. Rehgar

Dude says he is born for the arena; sounds like a good ally.

This former gladiator turned shaman unleashes his mystical might upon the enemies of the heroes in the Nexus. In case he doesn’t sound cool enough, the dude turns into a spirit wolf. He is like a mystical orc werewolf that can change whenever he wants (as long as his ability is cooled down).

The Orc version of The Shredder

25. Sylvanas

Your soul belongs to Sylvanas, regardless of what you want.

One day Arthas will learn to stop turning powerful heroes into undead monstrosities, they always come back even angrier than before. Until then we get to benefit from the Banshee Queen’s powers as she rains death upon the Nexus. This is going to be seriously fun!

Who’s face is that on her bow? Kinda reminds me of an old boss, who fired me for gaming too much. Thanks Sylvanas!

26. Tyrael

This guy makes justice look severely awesome!

Humanities greatest defender enters the Nexus to destroy the evil seeking total dominion. With the power of El’druin, his awesome sword, enemies shall fall like leaves in autumn.

So, do you think it would be awesome if he and Johanna got together and had a baby? It would be like the most awesome, self-righteous, evil slayer ever in the history of ever. Share this article if you agree.

Man crush alert! Don’t pretend you weren’t thinking it too.

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