[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best DPS For Solo Queue (Ranked)

Overwatch 2 Best DPS
Make your teammates depend on you to get kills with these heroes!

Who is the best DPS in Overwatch 2?


Looking for the top Overwatch 2 DPS heroes? If so, you've come to the right place because we've ranked the greatest DPS you can utilize even if you're playing solo queue.

DPS heroes are the most used heroes in Overwatch 2, and this is due to the fact that they are the easiest among the three roles to master, and mastering these heroes will benefit a team-based game that is highly dependable on roles. Of course, it is also a make-or-break situation, considering a bad DPS will surely put your team at a greater disadvantage than any of the other roles, as they are the ones that should be getting the eliminations most of the time.

Let's get right to it and rank the damage-dealing heroes without further ado!

10. Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is one of the easiest heroes to master due to his diverse skill set. He can sprint, do area-of-effect healing, and ultimately hunt down enemies for eliminations with his run-and-gun style of gameplay.

If you are playing solo queue using Soldier 76, the main strategy for him is to keep engaging enemies and start off dealing damage towards enemy healers by flanking the enemies. Soldier 76 has a sprint, so he can escape faster if needed. He is best used in midrange combat but is also very effective in close range with his full-auto pulse rifle. Other cases can involve going to an elevated place to better position yourself against the enemy team.

Defensively, he has Bionic Field to support the whole team or himself. It can heal pretty fast, which makes him a self-sustaining hero to use. With his hitscan attack, he is also best used against flying heroes like Echo and Pharah. Finally, his ultimate, Tactical Visor, is helpful on surprise attacks as it is literally an auto-aim ability.

Why Soldier 76 is good for solo queue:

  • His all-around skills make him ideal for new players and even veterans of Overwatch 2.
  • He can be a self-sustaining hero with Bionic Field, so if you are pressuring enemies, using Soldier 76 can contest or atleast hold off the enemy team a little bit longer.
  • His ultimate, Tactical Visor, does not really require any combination or synergy from other heroes, so if you are planning to play solo queue, then you can utilize his ultimate any time you want as long as it is the necessary move.

Choose Soldier 76 if:

  • Your team is up against flying heroes like Echo and Pharah, as Soldier 76 can easily do hitscan damage to them if you have a good aim.
  • Your team lacks the healing output to support you, Soldier 76 will be great as he has his own skill for healing.
  • The enemy team does not use tanks that have shields, Soldier 76’s ultimate, Tactical Visor, will have a lesser chance to be countered and will be very effective against the other team.

Solo Queue Score: 75/100

9. Cassidy

Cassidy edges out Soldier 76 because his skills can counter a lot of heroes without flanking the enemies. The alternative fire of his gun, Peacekeeper, unleashes barrages of shots, which can be deadly for all heroes if they are hit, but the recoil is too high, which is why it is mostly used in very close combat to deal a decisive blow on your pursuers. Basically, his skills can deal a lot of damage and can prevent flanks from the enemy team’s DPS as well.

For the main strategy, always try to go to higher ground when playing Cassidy in solo queue, as this will give you an advantage over enemies, and if they try to chase you away, you can always use Cassidy's alternate fire to scare or kill them off. 

You can also benefit from hiding behind tanks or your team if they are cohesive enough because Cassidy works great as an anti-flank hero, especially with his skill, Magnetic Grenade, that easily stops flanking DPS. If you manage to get to a higher ground with cover for his ultimate, Deadeye, it will benefit you because it takes time to activate to get the instant kill. Make sure that you can lock in the support and DPS to finish them off.

Why Cassidy is good for solo queue:

  • Powerful damage for both primary attack and alternate fire. As long as you hit your shots, especially headshots, you can easily pick anyone easily. 
  • His alternate fire can instantly deal off pesky flanking DPS of the enemy team, and it can even counter tanks like Reindhart or Winston if you manage to sneak up and hit them with the alternate fire.
  • His ultimate can wipe a team easily especially if you flank them, although it is very risky to do.
  • The magnetic grenade is powerful enough if things are getting crazy in the game, and it can be a good counter against Tracer and Sombra.

Choose Cassidy if:

  • You need a hero that has a hitscan weapon so basically, he works well against enemies that are flying enemies like Echo. Although Cassidy works best in medium range, a good Pharah may not be in your range most of the time.
  • You are up against flanking DPS like Mei or Sombra, you can easily deal with them using Magnetic Grenade.
  • You are good at headshots. Cassidy has a very powerful primary attack that can easily kill off enemies with a headshot or two most of the time. Deadeye, his ultimate, can easily wipe the other team, especially the pesky healers like Mercy.
  • The enemy team does not have Widowmaker as Cassidy may be an easy picking against her.

Solo Queue Score: 78/100

8. Echo

Echo is one of the most powerful heroes in Overwatch 2 both lore- and game-wise, but she is on the lower side of the list considering she has a pretty high learning curve compared to others. However, once you master her, she can be pretty overpowered in the solo queue.

The main strategy for her is to become a pest against the enemy team. She is very mobile; hence, she can do a lot to pressure the enemy team, whether she is flanking, destroying barriers, or picking off supports from afar. Her skills like Focusing Beam can easily melt enemies, especially if their HP is 50% or lower, which can be a good combo with her other skill, Sticky Bomb, so make sure to hit them with the latter first before finishing the enemies off with Focusing Beam.

Her ultimate, Duplicate, can be a hit-or-miss so you have to be very careful who to copy, but it can be a deadly combo if you manage to fill up your ultimate quickly. Copy heroes that have a very high upside or have an effective ultimate that can be used to win decisively, such as D.Va or Zarya.

Why Echo is good for solo queue:

  • Her skills can easily get you a lot of elimination as her Focusing Beam and Sticky Bomb complement each other very well.
  • There are only a few flying heroes in Overwatch 2, and if you are intermediate at flying, you can be an unstoppable hero even if the team has hitscan attacks.
  • Her ultimate, Duplicate, can be decisive in clutch moments or when pressuring enemies, as you can easily be another support, tank, or a DPS with good skills in a few moments.

Choose Echo if:

  • You are up against a team without hitscan aim type. Although, it is very rare considering players can change to a different hero if needed.
  • You have Mercy as support in the team to pocket heal you, which can give you a tremendous amount of advantage.
  • You are up against other flying heroes like Pharah or even Echo as you can be a direct counter for them.
  • The maps have wide skies, and not in an enclosed space as Echo benefits a lot from flying.

Solo Queue Score: 81/100

7. Sombra

Sombra is a cunning DPS, and can work well on any map in Overwatch 2. Although she does not deal high enough damage, she can be quite annoying in most games to deal with, and I have seen people play her and not get any deaths, which is quite a feat in the game.

The main strategy for Sombra if you are playing solo queue is to keep pestering the enemy team until you fill up your ultimate. To avoid getting hit, keep using your Stealth skill as well as making use of your Translocator, and it is best to put it in a hidden location but near a health pack so you can easily grab it once you are teleported back to the location where you put it. 

Keep flanking enemies, and hack them as much as you can to prevent them from using their skills and to be an easy picking. Disoriented enemy teams are quite easy to pick off, especially in clutch situations. Her ultimate, EMP, is a great initiator, as it will make everyone within its range silent for five seconds, which is plenty enough to destroy the enemy team.

Why Sombra is good for solo queue:

  • She is one of the heroes that can be quite easy to learn, her skill sets can be mastered easily.
  • She can be an amazing flanker, and you can get low deaths on your scoreboard if you are careful enough.
  • She works well on any map, but she works best on Push Mode as she can flank easily in this mode.
  • Although she is a DPS, she is best used as a support or putting down support of the enemy team to put your team in better advantages.

Choose Sombra if:

  • You are up against heroes that will be easily picked off from behind because of low mobilitiy like Zenyatta, Ana, or even Widowmaker.
  • You are up against tanks that make use of barriers shields to prevent your enemy pushing. A hacked Reindhart can easily be dealt with for example, but you have to retreat as fast as you can once you hack him.
  • You have a dive team composition. Sombra is highly dependent on the team composition, and a dive team works well for her as you can initiate fights with your Hack skill and EMP ultimate.

Solo Queue Score: 82/100

6. Tracer

Tracer is one of the DPS that you need to make use of her skills to be very effective; hence, she has quite a learning curve. Although she is on the sixth spot, she is very deadly in close range against supports and DPS, while also having great mobility for flanking and retreating. She edges out Sombra, as her ultimate is also better.

The best strategy for Tracer is to hit-and-run opponents in close-range encounters, and it is best to utilize Blink for flanking enemies from behind and retreating by using Recall to annoy the enemies. Just keep hitting them before they even know you are there, and once your ultimate is filled, use your ultimate, the Pulse Bomb, to deal heavy damage to the enemy team. It works best when there are clashes or when they are close together. 

Why Tracer is great for solo queue:

  • Hit-n-run gunfights work very well if you are in a solo queue, and Tracer is one of the best heroes to use for that scenario.
  • Flanking enemies with Tracer is easier because of her Blink skill and Recall skill.
  • Tracer works best alone, which is like Sombra, while having more powerful damage output than Sombra, and she has a better ultimate that can be used alone.

Choose Tracer if:

  • You have a dive team composition like having Winston in a team. You can easily deal quite a lot of damage to the enemies when Winston dives and you flank the enemy.
  • You play on Push Mode (Robot), as she can easily flank enemies that are hurrying towards the robot
  • Your enemy team does not have flying heroes, which means you can target anyone, although focus on healers or DPS with less mobility.

Solo Queue Score: 85/100

5. Pharah

In Overwatch 2, Pharah is the ultimate flying hero. Although she requires a steep learning curve to be efficient, she is incredibly good at taking off foes from the sky with her weapons.

The strategy for Pharah is quite straightforward: jump high with the Jump Jet skill, and hover as much as you can before doing another Jump Jet. As much as possible, stay in the sky and deal damage from there with your primary fire as it deals area-of-effect damage. Concussive Blast can disorient your opponent’s team and works well on maps with edges and cliffs. Pharah can hover above the ground a lot longer than Echo, which is why once you master her skills and flying ability, you are pretty much untouchable, except for a few heroes, and in most cases, you are still pretty hard to hit.

Finally, her ultimate, Barrage, is so strong that it can quickly wipe out a whole team; yet, it must be timed precisely because it may be easily stopped or countered by heroes such as Widowmaker or Hanzo.

Why Pharah is great for solo queue:

  • Area-of-effect primary fire, which is a great way to pressure enemies and get them moving away from their position.
  • The best flying hero in Overwatch 2, and if you master her flying abilities, you will be untouchable.
  • Her ultimate, Barrage, can easily wipe a team and has an almost instant activation, which will be a great surprise against the enemy.
  • She plays very well on any map as long as it is not on an enclosed space, but she works best on Control mode map.

Choose Pharah if:

  • You play on a Control mode map where teams fight over a single point. Pharah is one of the best heroes to contest it.
  • You are not against Widowmaker, as she is Pharah’s greatest counter, but you can still maneuver your way against her. 
  • Similar to Echo, if you have Mercy on your team that can pocket heal you, then you have a higher chance of survival.
  • Similar to Echo, Pharah works well if the maps have wide skies, and she does not work well on enclosed maps as some midrange attacks can reach her.

Solo Queue Score: 87/100

4. Genji

Genji is a high-skill, high-reward hero in Overwatch 2, and he is also one of the heroes with high mobility that takes a while to master. All of his skills are quite deadly, such as Deflect, which is basically reversing any projectile that is coming towards you and sending it back to the enemy.

The main strategy for Genji is to keep flanking enemies from behind while quickly retreating to better position yourself for better kills, and this will be effective with Cyber-Agility as Genji can move around the map easily. The best attack combo is to continue chipping away at enemies with your maneuverability and primary fire while using Swift Strike to deal with the finisher while filling your ultimate. It is best to time your ultimate, Dragonblade, with other ultimates, but it can work well even if you are alone as long as you surprise the enemy.

Why Genji is great for solo queue:

  • He is highly mobile for a DPS, and works well in midrange and close combat (ultimate).
  • Deflect is honestly a great counter for other DPS, which can be combined with other Genji’s skill to finish enemies off.
  • If you like flanking, Genji is one of the best heroes to do it.
  • Genji’s ultimate, Dragonblade, is easily a team wiper on the right timing, so you can easily get a lot of eliminations this way.

Choose Genji if:

  • You are up against heroes like Ana that like to support their team from a distance. She can counter you though, so be extra careful with her Sleeping Dart. In any case, support like Ana and Zenyatta should be easy picking for you in most cases.
  • If you are fighting less mobile DPS lke Bastion or Widowmaker, Genji will be ideal to finish them off by flanking.
  • Genji works very well in Push Mode (Robot), as he is quite mobile and can easily flank enemies that are hurrying to contest the robot.

Solo Queue Score: 89/100

3. Ashe

Among the many DPS, Ashe has the best mix for aim as she can cover mid to long range quite effectively. If she is threatened in close range, she can easily flee using Coach Gun, which damages enemies while knocking herself backwards to give herself more space. 

The main strategy for Ashe in Overwatch 2, especially on solo queue, is to keep your distance. With the ability to use ADS, Ashe can pick off targets from a long distance, which is quite effective, especially against flying enemies. Her Dynamite skill may need some time to be perfect considering you can shoot it after you throw it to activate the skill. It can easily be used to disturb the enemy team’s positioning.

Since you are most likely fighting from afar, Coach Gun's skill helps Ashe to move away from close-range engagements and better position yourself, while her ultimate, B.O.B., is easily one of the best ultimates in the game. B.O.B is essentially another hero, which can contest a point and be buffed by other heroes. Unfortunately, it can easily be debuffed or hacked by heroes as well.

Why Ashe is great for solo queue:

  • She works best on mid-range and long-range battles, so she can be quite effective against most enemies.
  • Her skillset is quite great on pressuring enemies, she can disturb enemy positioning with her Dynamite, and can use Coach Gun to avoid getting finished off by flanking enemies. Her ultimate, B.O.B is one of a kind, and works best on clearing enemies on the objective.
  • She works well on any map in Overwatch 2.

Choose Ashe if:

  • You are up against flying enemies like Pharah as you have hitscan attack. She can really do great damage against them, and they are easier to pick off when you are on ADS.
  • If you're defending a checkpoint or objective, Ashe can be a great way to hold enemies off especially if they are not regrouped properly. Her dynamite skill can disturb them even more.
  • The team composition consists of tanks that have barriers to add more on your protection.

Solo Queue Score: 91/100

2. Reaper

Reaper is the second best DPS hero in Overwatch 2. He is the best in close-range combat, and he is easily one of the easiest heroes to master as he can be a self-sustaining hero and can wipe a team easily with his ultimate skill.

The main strategy for Reaper is to flank the enemy team’s support, or DPS. To move in the back line, use Shadow Step, and to flee from enemies, use Wraith Form. As mentioned, Reaper has powerful shots in close-range encounters, which can finish off a lot of low-health enemies hiding in the back line.

His passive skill is stealing health from every damage dealt, which will be good if you constantly attack enemies, while his ultimate, Death Blossom, can wipe a team if done in a surprising way, which is quite hard to master considering Reaper is one of the oldest heroes in Overwatch 2. Hence, you can quickly anticipate his ultimate. Despite that, he is still a great hero to use.

Why Reaper is best for solo queue:

  • Reaper is best at close-range encounters, hence, he works well fighting enemies that have low mobility as you can easily finish them off while getting heal steal with your passive skill.
  • Death Blossom is one of the most powerful ultimates in Overwatch 2. It may be predictable, but once you manage to surprise an enemy team, it can quickly wipe a team.
  • Self-sustaining hero with passive skill of heal steal, and Wraith Form if you plan to escape from engagements.

Choose Reaper if:

  • You are up against tanks that have huge hitbox as they are considered ultimate fodder for Reaper.
  • You are playing on the Control mode map or Payload mode map. Reaper is not very viable in Push mode, as he is quite slow to contest a moving robot.
  • You have healers that can support you from afar like Kiriko (teleports near you) or Ana. Why? They can work well when you have your ultimate, and you are looking for the best time to use it.

Solo Queue Score: 94/100

1. Sojourn

Sojourn is one of the most popular DPS heroes in Overwatch League, and for good reason. For one, she has great crowd control abilities, and she is quite a deadly and all-around hero. She does have a high learning curve as her aim type is projectile instead of hitscan, which can be quite difficult for some when just starting to play her.

The main strategy for Sojourn is to break barriers (if needed) and create disorder against the enemy team with the Disruptor Shot, as this makes it easier to pick off enemies one by one. She also has a lot of mobility considering she can do the Power Slide, which makes her escape from tough positions while being hard to hit. You can even jump and leap when you are sliding.

Sojourn’s alternative fire is one of the best out there, considering it could easily be used as a finisher when charged around 50%, just make sure it is a headshot. Finally, her ultimate, Overclock, basically charges your alternate fire to 100% in a matter of seconds, which can wipe a team if you have great aim. 

Why Sojourn is the best for solo queue:

  • She is currently the best hero once mastered. She has high mobility with a powerful skill set that can get a lot of eliminations with enough practice.
  • She is one of the best all-around DPS heroes that can output high damage, so she can be used in any maps regardless of the objective/goal.
  • She can one-hit kill enemies with her alternate fire, and attacking enemies or even barriers can easily accumulate enough energy to do powerful alternate fires. Her ultimate, Overclock, is basically her alternate fire with quick charge.

Choose Sojourn if:

  • You have a great aim on projectile aim. Sojourn is great at almost everything, but it takes time to get used to, and considering she is one of the newest heroes in Overwatch 2, she is still pretty powerful.
  • You can counter most enemies with Disruptor Shot, which works well against Widowmaker or Bastion as they barely move from their place when attacking.
  • You are up against tanks that have barriers, you can easily destroy it, while racking up energy for your alternate fire.

Solo Queue Score: 97/100

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