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With the addition of Doomfist onto the roster totaling the heroes to 25, it’s quite commendable that Blizzard is able to keep including diverse and creative characters in a lineup already filled with a range of skill and design. But with every new addition, it shakes up the formula in terms of balancing; every new hero has to account for already established abilities and counters. You risk alienating certain abilities when changes to the composition is introduced, but Blizzard has done a fantastic job keeping each hero relevant in team strategies. Let’s see out how pro plays keep each hero a threat on the battlefield.    

The frontliners.

Offensive Class:

1. Tracer

Watch Tracer blink and time-jump to take out foes.


2. Soldier: 76

Watch Soldier: 76 become an army of one.


3. Genji

Watch Genji cut down enemies.


4.  Pharah

Watch Pharah dominate from the skies.


5. McCree

Watch McCree shoot down opposition.


6. Reaper

Watch Reaper kill from shadows.


7. Sombra

Watch Sombra take control of the situation.


8. Doomfist

Watch Doomfist conquer his foes.


Best offense is a good defense.

Defense class:

1. Bastion

Watch Bastion mow down all.


2. Hanzo

Watch Hanzo strike with dragons.


3. Junkrat

Watch Junkrat explode everything in his way.


4. Mei

Watch Mei bring the blizzard.


5. Torbjörn

Watch Torbjörn forge your defenses.


6. Widowmaker

Watch Widowmaker pick off her targets.


Toughest on the field.

Tank Class:

1. D.Va

Watch D.Va score to number one.


2. Orisa

Watch Orisa protect and attack.


3. Reinhardt

Watch Reinhardt lead the charge.


4. Roadhog

Watch Roadhog scrap up and tear down.


5. Winston

Watch Winston unleash primal fury.


6. Zarya

Watch Zarya crush and destroy.  


The pillars of the team.

Support Class:

1. Ana

Watch Ana heal from a distance.


2. Lúcio

Watch Lúcio ride the map.


3. Mercy

Watch Mercy revive the fallen.


4. Symmetra

Watch Symmetra strategies victory.


5. Zenyatta

Watch Zenyatta balance peace and destruction.


With Overwatch still retaining popularity even after more than a year of its release, the game continues to add free content in terms of new heroes and seasonal events that shake up the way you play. Along with regular balancing and nerfs/buffs for each hero, it’ll always be a guess who dominates the field and who will join the fray.


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