Overwatch Widowmaker: 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Her

One shot, one kill.

“Widowmaker Here”

The powerful sniper Widowmaker is one of a kind. With the ability to instantly kill quite a few heroes with a headshot, she is an excellent choice when looking to defend a point from attackers. But what makes Widowmaker tick? And what’s in store for her future?

5) Widowmaker was Married to a Member of Overwatch

"Ah... Gérard."

Long before Widowmaker got her ominous name she was an ordinary woman named Amélie. Though Amélie was quite normal, her husband Gérard Lacroix was no normal man. Instead, Gérard was a member of Overwatch tasked with dealing with the shadow organization of Talon. Gérard survived many assassination attempts by Talon before his death at the hands of Amélie.

4) Widowmaker was Brainwashed by Talon

"The enemies of Talon shall be eliminated."

Talon, growing exceedingly frustrated with Gérard Lacroix, decided to take a different approach to killing the man. After kidnapping Amélie in the middle of the night Talon went to work on her. They tortured her, broke her will, bent her personality to their wills, and eventually set her back out into the world. After the agents of Overwatch found her, she killed her husband two weeks later, earning her the title “Widowmaker.”

3) Widowmaker Counters Basion, Torbjorn, and Pharah

"Aw, did that sting?"

Having trouble with a pesky Basion? Or perhaps a Pharah who is harassing your team? Consider switching to Widowmaker for a moment. With her extremely long-range and head shotting ability, Widowmaker makes for a great counter to the turrets as well as Pharah. Just remember to put down a trap first!

2) Widowmaker’s Cute Spray is Incredibly Hard to Get

"Revenge is sweet."

Unlike some of the other hero achievements which rely solely on how many players you can kill with your ultimate, Widowmaker’s achievement takes real skill to get. In order to be a proud owner of her “cute” spray, you must headshot an enemy and kill them… while you are in mid-air. Don’t worry, there are videos that can show you how!

Walkthrough for Widowmaker Cute Spray

1) There are Hints That Widowmaker is Not as Brainwashed as We Think

"I almost feel something."

The holiday comic Reflections gave us great insight into the heroes we love. We learned Torbjorn has more kids than we can count, McCree and Sombra frequent the same bar, and we learned Amélie may not be as far gone as we once thought. Seeing her stand in front of her husband’s grave seems to tell us that she feels something for him, even if those feelings are buried by Talon’s brainwashing. She may be Widowmaker, but she is not completely rid of Amélie either!

Will Amélie make her grand appearance in the future? Who knows? But what we do know is that Widowmaker is a fantastically complex character, and it will be a bumpy ride before Blizzard is finished with her!

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