[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Gameplay Changes

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Sojourn and Tracer rush into battle

What Makes Overwatch 2 Different

Overwatch 2 is drenched in controversy. Both casual players and pros are criticizing the game for how similar it is to the first one, meaning it isn’t an actual sequel. However, there are countless gameplay changes that fly under the radar. What are they, and which ones are the best?


10. New Sound Effects

Genji uses his powerful offensive ultimate

If you played any game in Overwatch 2, you’ll notice the sound effects are crisper. They feel more complete and refined than the first game. For example, D.Va’s cannons sound more like actual cannons than little lasers. The sound effects have been revamped to fit the new design of the heroes and game.

Overwatch 1 had decent sound effects that immersed you in the game. However, Overwatch 2’s sound effects allow for deeper immersion as well as gameplay perks. Now that the sounds are easier to hear, you gain an advantage. Thanks to the new sound design, you can hear all the details, such as an enemy sneaking up behind you or a tank trying to flank but making lots of noise due to their heavy feet.


9. Free-To-Play Model

Overwatch 2 announces it's free to play

The free-to-play model is controversial since so many players spent sixty dollars on the first game. However, this free-to-play model could be beneficial in the long run. For starters, it brings a huge wave of new players into the game. Since Overwatch 2 is controversial, if it cost a significant amount of money, that would deter new players.

With the free-to-play model, the game has a new player base that allows for quicker queue times and new hype. If the game cost money, fewer players would return, and new players wouldn’t bother buying it. However, the free-to-play model has breathed new life into the game. More people are watching it on YouTube and Twitch, and more players are enjoying the game.


8. New Heroes

Kiriko, the newest support hero in Overwatch 2, uses her ultimate

Overwatch 2 came with three new heroes, one for each class. Seeing as Overwatch 1 was in desperate need of new content like heroes, the three new characters are a welcome change. Sojourn is the DPS hero, Junker Queen is the tank hero, and Kiriko is the support hero.

These new additions allow for the gameplay to change. Every new hero shifts the gameplay thanks to their kits and how they impact the map they’re playing on. For example, Sojourn is a hitscan hero, meaning the enemy team has to adapt to counter her. The new heroes will shift the gameplay and give you a better experience.


7. No More Assault

Hanamura, one of the old assault maps on Overwatch 1

Assault maps were easily the most disliked in all of Overwatch. Not many liked the format of capturing two objectives since it was too reliant on resetting and pushing over and over again until you made a solid push. There weren’t many areas for your team to push if you were on attack, making the game mode feel dull at times.

In Overwatch 2, the assault maps have been removed. There are new maps and a new game mode that replaces assault. Since Overwatch 2 is a more aggressive game, keeping around a game mode that relies heavily on defense and slow strategy would have been detrimental in the long run.


6. New Game Mode

The winning team transports the robot to their objective

The new game mode, "Push," is a mode where two teams battle it out for control of a robot. The robot will push a barricade, and whichever team gets it the farthest wins. It’s like a two-sided payload map. Either you win by pushing it the farthest or by pushing it completely into the enemy base.

Unlike assault, push is a mode that feels more free. You can attack in many different ways, and the methods of attack vary depending on what part of the map you’re on. It matches the aggressive gameplay the developers are aiming for, and it adds several new maps for players to explore.


5. New Maps

Midtown, one of the new maps in Overwatch 2

Who doesn’t love new maps? Like new heroes, new maps change up the way you play the game. Now you have to get used to a completely different scenery and plan your attacks accordingly.

The new maps are as follows: Midtown, Colosseo, New Queen Street, Circuit Royal, Paraiso, and Esperança. These maps were designed to fit the new 5v5 gameplay, making them a welcome addition to the game.


4. UI and HUD Changes

What the new HUD looks like in Overwatch 2

The entire UI and HUD for Overwatch have been changed. While you’re playing a round of Overwatch, you’ll see some minor changes made to tweak the HUD. You’ll see that it’s smoother, and when combined with the updated graphics, it allows the game to move at a faster pace.

There are rumors that in the highly anticipated PvE mode, support players will be allowed to see the health bars of all their teammates. If this change is real, then this will give support players a game-changing advantage since they will know who to heal first.

The HUD has been tweaked to have less clutter on the screen. Along with that, the UI has been revamped to show off the new graphics in the menus and hero select screens.


3. Goodbye Barrier Watch

Reinhardt holds up his barrier in the training range base

In Overwatch 1, players nicknamed it "Barrier Watch" because of the double shield mechanic tanks used to use. Although the new 5v5 format (which we will talk about later) combats the double shield, the kit reworks do too.

Many of the tanks have been reworked to have more emphasis on attacking rather than barriers. For example, Junker Queen is a new tank that has no barrier, and Orisa’s kit has been reworked to remove her barrier.

There’s less emphasis on the barriers and more on the aggressive playstyle Overwatch 2 has. Goodbye, Barrier Watch.


2. No More Loot Boxes

These are the results of an opened loot box from Overwatch 1

The battle pass is a topic for another day, but the removal of loot boxes was a solid decision that will positively impact the game. Loot boxes are a money-making scheme that the gaming community hates. Although the battle pass isn’t much better, the loot boxes are a welcome removal.

Overwatch 2 removed the loot boxes in favor of a battle pass. The loot boxes were difficult to get, especially during the early days of Overwatch. Over time, more ways were added to get loot boxes (such as playing arcade or queuing as a flex player), but the system was still deeply flawed.

Without loot boxes, there are more opportunities for creative ways to gain in-game cosmetics. Loot boxes are considered gambling and should be avoided in gaming franchises.


1. 5v5 Team Composition

Junker Queen, a new hero, stands in front of Busan

The biggest change to the gameplay is the switch from 6v6 to 5v5. Overwatch 2 removed one tank, meaning there are two DPS, two supports, and one tank. Although this change is, like the rest of the game, controversial, it does benefit the players who love playing aggressively.

Thanks to fewer barriers and more action, there is an emphasis on damage and utility. The game is faster-paced and requires more from each player. The 5v5 mechanic allows you to solo carry your team more often if you're a really good player. On the other hand, when a player on your team or the enemy team dies, it impacts the game a lot more.

Character deaths feel more impactful thanks to the 5v5 feature. Although it isn't perfect because the second tank did significantly improve the Overwatch experience, the 5v5 mode is a welcome addition for players who enjoy fast-paced and aggressive games.


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