[Top 5] Overwatch Best Flanker Heroes

Best Overwatch Flank heroes, overwatch flanking heroes
Doomfist and Genji both knowing they're about to ruin your day

Flankers are some of the most enjoyable characters to play in Overwatch. From the quick takedowns to the unexpected ultimates, there are few things more satisfying than causing havoc at will and unseen by the opponent. Knowing you're causing them to scream, look out for you,  and yes even causing them to rage quit, can put you on a power trip like few other things do. Here are the top 5 flankers in Overwatch. 

5. Sombra

Sombro highlight intro

Sombra is the stealth hacker hacking her way into the top 5 flankers in Overwatch. She is fast, can turn invisible, support her team with health packs, and stop opponents in their tracks. An all around threat that every team should be weary of.

  • Teleport infinite length 
  • Disable characters and their ultimates 
  • Devastating combo ultimate
  • Health pack hacks

4. Tracer 

Tracer highlight intro

Tracer can be best compared to a fly. A very potentially deadly fly, but still a fly. Constantly flitting around pestering the enemy and being more dangerous the slower and less health a character has. 

  • Rewind for heals 
  • quick and short teleports
  • One of the fastest characters
  • Quick just damage

3. Reaper

Reaper highlight intro

The deadly blackwatch operative that devastates tanks and "squishies" alike. One of the best counters for large hit box tanks that are pestering you too much, Reaper can cause havoc by devastating a team's frontline.

  • High short range damage
  • Teleport
  • Self heal

2. Genji

Genji in "Dragons" short

The cyborg ninja that has been harassing an opponent's backline since the games release. With high damage potential and nearly unequaled in controlled escape Genji is one of your best bets for flanking the enemy.

  • Quick and mobile
  • High damage
  • Dual threat escape
  • Ultimate heals and damages

1. Doomfist

Doomfist highlight intro

DPS in Overwatch lore doomfist is a title and not a name but in the game he is one of the best flankers available. From his high damage output with a number of tools at his disposal to his ultimate that can, not only deal a massive amount of damage, but also act as an escape in a pinch this combined with his ability to generate shield for himself makes him a flanker that you never want catching you off guard.

  • Can increase his health
  • Huge damage
  • Ultimate that can help keep alive 
  • High mobility
  • Big skill ceiling

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