[Top 15] Overwatch 2 Best Ultimates That Are Powerful

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D.Va's Self Destruct goes off

What Are Ultimates?

In Overwatch 2, ultimates are the most powerful abilities a hero has. They can change the tide of the game depending on how they’re used. Some ultimates are powerful no matter how you use them, and others aren’t powerful on their own, but if you use them well, they can become game-changing. Since there are so many heroes in Overwatch 2, which heroes have the best ultimates?


15. Genji - Dragonblade

Genji uses his powerful Dragonblade

It would be impossible to make this list without mentioning Dragonblade. Genji’s ultimate is inherently powerful, but it needs skill to be effective. Although it can kill squishy heroes quickly, you need to be talented with Genji to make it a team wiper. In general, Genji is a hero that requires a lot of skill.

Genji’s Dragonblade is made for close fights. Depending on how it's used, it can start or stop pushes. This ultimate works best with a Nano Boost, damage boost from Mercy, or a Graviton Surge. On its own, this ultimate is powerful and strikes a devastating blow to the enemy. When combined with other ults and abilities, this ult is unstoppable.

To use Dragonblade effectively, avoid using it when you are far away from the enemy. It’s a close-range ult, meaning you need to be within 5 meters in order for it to harm anyone. Save your dash for getting to other enemies. Your Katana does enough damage on its own that you don’t need the dash for added damage.

Dragonblade Review

  • Powerful, but needs skill to make it work well
  • Very good at close range
  • Perfect for killing supports, not so much for killing tanks

Dragonblade Details

  • Genji uses his Katana for melee attacks
  • Does 110 damage per strike and grants Genji +30% movement speed
  • Lasts six seconds
  • Does one swing per 0.9 seconds
  • Max range is 5 meters


14. Sombra - EMP

Sombra shows off her EMP

EMP isn’t as good as it used to be, hence why it’s lower on the list than it would’ve been if it were Overwatch 1. However, Sombra still has a powerful ultimate because of how easily it can combo with other ults. Seeing as Sombra is in the backline all game, she can also charge her ultimate rather quickly.

EMP is great for almost every situation. It disables all shields and barriers and does damage to the enemy team. Although the hack duration isn’t as long as it used to be, it’s still an incredibly useful ability that pairs best with an ult like D.Va’s Self Destruct. If you want to make the most of this ability, use it in combination with another hero’s ultimate.

However, Sombra players make one common mistake I see far too often: they use EMP when no one else is around. As a flanker, it’s easy to get caught up in shooting, meaning you don’t notice your team isn’t around. Make sure your team is pushing before using your ult. To really make sure, use the communication wheel to tell your team you have your ult, then do a countdown timer until you set it off.

EMP Review

  • Can charge very quickly if played well
  • Stops abilities for a short period of time
  • Can interrupt ultimates

EMP Details

  • Destroys barriers
  • Damages shields and health
  • Hacks all enemies within 15 meters
  • Has a short 0.35 second cast time


13. Moira - Coalescence

Moira destroys a training bot with her ultimate

Moira is a mixed bag. Some people think she’s one of the best in the game; others think she’s one of the worst. Regardless of personal feelings, Moira has a solid ultimate. Out of the support ults, hers is one of the weakest, but compared to the other ults in the game, it’s one of the strongest. The ability to do healing and damage at the same time is super useful.

It’s good for almost every situation; one of those situations is saving Moira herself. Moira players tend to overextend due to their fade ability. However, Moira isn’t as invulnerable as some think she is. Coalescence is a good panic button to save her life. At the same time, it’s also good for killing off squishy heroes and doing damage to the enemy tank.

To use Coalescence more effectively, use it often. Coalescence is super easy to charge thanks to Moira’s high healing and aggressive nature. Don’t be afraid to use it. You can charge it so quickly that you can use it every time your team fights. Along with that, don’t be scared to get aggressive with your ult. Go after squishies and keep pressure on the enemy team.

Coalescence Review

  • The ability to do both healing and damage is very useful
  • Can be used in most situations
  • Can save Moira’s life
  • Very good at killing enemy supports

Coalescence Details

  • 70 damage per second
  • 140 healing per second, 50 self healing per second
  • 8 second duration
  • +50% movement speed
  • 30 meters max range


12. Reaper - Death Blossom

Reaper unleashes his Death Blossom

Death Blossom is a useful ultimate, albeit more situational. Death Blossom isn’t an ult you can pop at any time and get a team kill. You need to be smart about it. Try flanking or jumping down from high ground. The more unexpected it is, the more kills you’re going to get. This ultimate is designed to kill a lot of enemies, so use it that way.

This ult has many weaknesses, like the slow movement speed. However, it makes up for its weaknesses with its strengths. It happens so fast that most players can’t react quickly enough to do anything to stop you. It’s perfect for killing squishies, and it can even shred through barriers and the enemy tank as well.

To use Death Blossom more effectively, try going on high ground and sneaking behind the enemy. The more unpredictable the ult is, the better it’s going to be. You can also try using it against two or three heroes instead of all five. Don’t be scared to pop your ult to kill two heroes. Death Blossom doesn’t need to wipe the entire enemy team each time; sometimes killing one or two is better than going for an entire team wipe.

Death Blossom Review

  • Does high damage
  • Slow movement speed and range
  • Can rip through barriers and squishies

Death Blossom Details

  • 170 damage per second
  • 3 second duration
  • 8 meter range
  • -50% movement speed


11. Mei - Blizzard

Mei freezes enemies with her Blizzard

Blizzard is a bit controversial. Some think it’s useful; others think it’s one of the most powerful ultimates in the game currently. It really depends on how you use it. If your Mei player isn’t good, Blizzard is useless. If you have a good Mei player who knows how to use it, then Blizzard is extremely powerful for team fights.

Blizzard is best when used during tense team fights. This works best on payload maps where it’s in Overtime, and you need to get the enemy off the payload. By using Blizzard, you’re forcing enemies to do one of two things: get off the payload or get frozen and die. Either way, it accomplishes your goals and wins the fight.

To best use Blizzard, try throwing it from high ground or behind them. If they don’t know where it’s coming from, they have less time to react and therefore less time to get out of it. Along with that, while enemies are frantically trying to get away, fire at the ones near the edge of the circle. That’ll secure more kills and add pressure on the enemy team.

Blizzard Review

  • Freezes enemies quickly
  • Perfect for intense team fights and clutches
  • Situational but impactful

Blizzard Details

  • 20-85 damage per second
  • 0.5 second cast time
  • 10 meter radius
  • 4.25 second duration


10. Sigma - Gravitic Flux

Sigma prepares to use his ultimate on training bots

It physically hurts me to put this ultimate at ten instead of a higher spot, but the other ults on this list made this choice difficult. Sigma has a very powerful ult that can be used in most situations. Not only can it save Sigma from getting knocked off the map, but it also forces enemies to run away and expose their positions.

Gravitic Flux is perfect for maps with close-quarter mechanics. The reason why is because when the map is isolated, Sigma’s ult can cover more ground and therefore grab more enemies. Try using Sigma’s ult on a small map. Sigma’s ult is also great on payload maps because, during Overtime, he can force enemies off the point.

To use Sigma’s ult effectively, make sure you have decent health. Since you’re going to fly in the middle of the air, you become a primary target. If you have low health, you’ll get sniped out of the sky before you can set off the ult. Also, if the enemy team has Lucio, bait out the Sound Barrier before using your ult. Sound Barrier is one of the only counters to Sigma’s ult, so without it, his ult is game-changing.

Gravitic Flux Review

  • Has very few counters
  • Very high damage
  • Incapacitates enemies

Gravitic Flux Details

  • Does 50 damage on the lift and takes out 50% of the enemy’s max HP on the slam
  • 7 meter radius but lifts enemies up to 10.3 meters
  • Max selection range is 35 meters
  • Sigma moves at 7.15 meters per second
  • Up to 5 seconds to select the area


9. Reinhardt - Earthshatter

Reinhardt shatters his enemies

For me, Earthshatter and Gravitic Flux are about equal because they both do high damage and incapacitate enemies. This ultimate can be used in a variety of situations, and the only reason it’s better than Sigma’s is because of how fast it charges. I’ve seen Reinhardts get their ultimates in a matter of seconds.

Earthshatter is perfect for chokepoints. The enemies are all pushing in one direction, and Reinhardt can stop that with his ult. Earthshatter is great on most maps because it’s effective at most ranges. As long as there aren’t any barriers blocking Reinhardt, his Earthshatter can devastate an entire team.

To properly use Earthshatter, be sure to destroy the enemy team’s barriers before popping your ult. You can also flank to avoid the barriers altogether, although this is riskier because the enemies will definitely notice you’re missing.

Earthshatter Review

  • Great for killing squishies
  • Even more effective in Overwatch 2 because there are less barriers
  • Hard to counter
  • Can interrupt abilities and ultimates

Earthshatter Details

  • 50 damage, 200 if within 1.75 meters
  • 20 meter max range
  • 2 second knockdown


8. Baptiste - Amplification Matrix

Baptiste uses his Amp Matrix

Baptiste is one of the strongest supports in the game thanks to his high utility. Amp Matrix is one of the best ultimates in the game right now because of how many people are playing Sojourn. Sojourn combos perfectly with this matrix, as do other ranged heroes. Bap’s matrix is perfect for creating powerful combos, and the only reason it’s not higher is because if there’s no one to combo with, it’s harder to make it effective.

For example, Reaper isn’t normally great with the matrix. Since he’s such a close-quarters hero, the matrix doesn’t do much to make him deadlier. There’s also Pharah and Echo, who are flying too much to drop down and shoot through the matrix. Melee heroes like Reinhardt and Brig get no use out of it whatsoever.

To effectively use Amp Matrix, pair it with other heroes. Don’t be scared to combo, but also don’t be scared to use it on yourself. As Baptiste, you deal a lot of damage. You can flank and use it to your advantage to get picks. It’s a very effective strategy; just make sure you have your regen burst and immortality field off cooldown in case you need to make a quick escape.

Amplification Matrix Review

  • Great for deadly combos
  • Excellent for breaking shields
  • Baits out the enemy’s defensive abilities and ultimates

Amplification Matrix Details

  • +100% damage and healing
  • 35 meter max range
  • 10 second duration
  • 9x5 meter rectangle


7. Lucio - Sound Barrier

Lucio gives his team overhealth with Sound Barrier

Sound Barrier is one of the best ultimates in the game thanks to how impactful it is. It is the main counter to Sigma’s ultimate, and truthfully, it counters most ultimates. It can also initiate team fights and save teammates from death. It’s a defensive ult that is useful in almost every single situation.

I’ve tried thinking as hard as I can, but I cannot think of a single situation where Sound Barrier isn’t effective. It’s easy to charge as long as you amp it up as often as you can with healing. If you’re getting boop picks, you’re charging it even faster, so don’t be scared to be aggressive and go for those knockback kills.

To effectively use Sound Barrier, use it to counter an enemy’s ult. However, countering ults isn’t Sound Barrier’s only use. If you see your tank is about to die due to the enemy’s high damage output, feel free to use it to save your tank. Just be aware of which enemies are close to their ults so you can determine whether saving your tank is the best option.

Sound Barrier Review

  • Great for clutch saves
  • Amazing for countering offensive ults
  • Counters almost every offensive ult in the game
  • Easy to charge

Sound Barrier Details

  • 750 overhealth
  • 30 meter radius
  • 6 second duration


6. D.Va - Self Destruct

Reinhardt pins D.Va's destructing mech

When used correctly, Self Destruct is one of the best ultimates. When used wrong, it’s not as useful as it should be. Many D.Va players use Self Destruct incorrectly. They focus too much on getting team wipes instead of small picks, flank picks, or new mechs. If you focus less on team kills and more on small kills, then you’ll become a better D.Va player.

Self Destruct controls the point. If an enemy is on your payload, Self Destruct forces them to flee or jump off the point to safety. It’s perfect at flushing enemies out or killing slow supports like Zen and Ana. It does so much damage that even targets at the end of the range get hit pretty hard.

To effectively use Self Destruct, don’t be scared to use it to get another mech. If your mech dies, you can use Self Destruct to get a new one quickly because sometimes the mech is better than going for a team wipe. And that leads to the next point: don’t go for team wipes each time. Use it tactically; try flushing enemies out of their positions or flushing them to a certain position. Go for small kills instead of giant 5-kills.

Self Destruct Review

  • Great for forcing enemies out of position
  • Amazing at getting enemies off the objective
  • D.Va’s most powerful thing is her mech, and Self Destruct automatically gives her a new one

Self Destruct Details

  • 100-1000 damage
  • 20 meter radius
  • 3 second fuse


5. Junkrat - RIP-Tire

Junkrat laughs as he holds his RIP-Tire

As a support player, this ultimate makes me die a little on the inside each time I hear it. Junkrat’s RIP-Tire is not inherently the best ultimate in the game because it isn’t really meant for team kills. Can it get team kills? Yes. However, it’s better when used to kill supports and other squishies. It's ideal for terrorizing the backline.

RIP-Tire is best used for terrorizing support players. Along with that, it charges so quickly that you can use it every other team fight. Since Junkrat is a spam hero, if you keep spamming grenades, you’ll get your ult rather quickly. RIP-Tire is also effective at breaking barriers and forcing enemies into hiding.

To use RIP-Tire properly, use it each time you have it. Obviously, not as soon as you get it, but as soon as it seems reasonable to use it. Don’t be scared to pop it, since it charges quickly enough that you don’t need to wait. Also, as much as it pains me to say it, go after the supports. They’re extremely vulnerable to RIP-Tire.

RIP-Tire Review

  • Perfect for killing enemy supports
  • Very fast despite the low health bar
  • Charges quickly

RIP-Tire Details

  • 100 health
  • 50-600 damage
  • Junkrat is immobilized but the tire moves at 12 meters per second
  • 10 meter radius
  • Can last up to 10 seconds


4. Ana - Nano Boost

Ana Nano Boosts her Reinhardt

The support ultimates are some of the best in the game, as you’ll see with the top 3 picks. Nano Boost is an extremely powerful ultimate because of how quickly it charges compared to how much damage it does. Not only does it clutch and save teammates, but it also grants them 50% damage reduction, making them hard to kill.

Nano Boost is best at initiating team fights. When your team is having trouble pushing, use Nano Boost to encourage your tank to jump in. It’s also used well with other ultimates. For example, Genji’s Dragonblade or Soldier’s Tactical Visor. Even a battle Mercy can get a huge play because of Nano.

To use Nano well, you shouldn’t be scared of holding it. This tip applies to the majority of the ults on this list, but especially to support ults because they charge so quickly. Nano is amazing at saving a low-health teammate. If your tank is about to die, feel free to Nano them to keep the fight going. This might also secure a few kills for your team.

Nano Boost Review

  • Thanks to Ana’s high healing rate, Nano charges quickly
  • Clutch saves can, well, clutch the game
  • Gives a huge damage buff that can change the tide of the game

Nano Boost Details

  • +50% damage boost
  • Restores 250 health
  • 50% damage reduction
  • 8 second duration


3. Zenyatta - Transcendence

Zenyatta's Trans highlight intro

Zenyatta is an amazing support, and his ultimate is one of the best ones in the game. It’s a game-changing ultimate thanks to how much healing it does. Beyond that, it makes the normally slow Zen go super fast. He can zoom his way to the point if he ever gets killed early in the fight. At the end of the game, during Overtime, Zen can clutch due to how fast and long Trans is.

Trans is best used to counter offensive ults. The only reason this is higher than Sound Barrier is because of the movement speed and rate of healing Zen provides. While Sound Barrier gives lots of overhealth, Zen’s Trans rapidly heals all sorts of damage for 6 whole seconds. It’s perfect for countering enemy attacks.

To best use Trans, don’t use it as a panic button. It’s easy to use it in a panic when you’re being dove. Although Trans has a decent charge rate, it’s not worth it to keep yourself alive during a fight you’re likely not going to win anyway. If it’s the last fight of the game, sure, use it as a panic button. Otherwise, try to save it for important moments since it doesn’t charge as fast as, say, Nano Boost or Sound Barrier.

Transcendence Review

  • The best defensive ultimate in the game
  • High healing saves everyone’s lives
  • Clutches almost every time it’s used
  • Useful for almost every situation

Transcendence Details

  • 300 healing per second
  • 11 meters per second movement speed
  • 6 second duration
  • 10.5 meter radius


2. Zarya - Graviton Surge

Zarya solo ults Cassidy

Zarya is an extremely powerful tank, and her ultimate is the best of the tanks thanks to how much team wipe potential it has. It can be used in a variety of ways, but each way is useful. Whether it’s to kill the enemy supports, get a team wipe, or force the enemies off the point, Graviton Surge is one of the best ultimates in the game.

Grav can be used in almost any way. Even using it to secure one kill is useful. It does have a few counters to be wary of, but as long as you play around the counters, you can cause chaos with this ult. Grav sucks every enemy near it into a concentrated space your teammates can fire at. Along with that, it combos well with almost every single offensive ult in the game (i.e., D.Va’s Self Destruct).

To use Grav effectively, you must consider the enemy team's resources. If they have a D.Va, force her out of mech before using your ult; otherwise, there’s a chance she can eat it. Sigma is the same way: wait for him to use his kinetic grasp before using Grav. Use your ult after you're sure the main Grav counters are gone.

Graviton Surge Review

  • Can be used in a variety of ways, making it versatile 
  • Does high damage and has amazing combo potential
  • Charges slowly but has a high reward

Graviton Surge Details

  • 5 damage per second, up to 17.5 damage
  • 3.5 second duration
  • 6 meter radius


1. Kiriko - Kitsune Rush

Kiriko uses her ult on King's Row

Right now, as of early 2023, Kiriko is arguably the best support. Her ultimate is fast and powerful, and it charges so quickly that it almost seems unfair to keep it in the game. The speed at which it charges is easily one of the best parts about it. You can get it in every other team fight, if not every team fight.

This ultimate seriously feels unfair. It grants teammates enhanced movement speed, rate of fire, reload speed, and cooldown reduction. On top of that, it lasts for a long time. It can be used in literally every situation imaginable. It should be used during every team fight it’s available.

To use Kitsune Rush effectively, pop it at the beginning of each team fight. This works great as an initiator thanks to the movement speed being so high. With this added speed bonus, you can rush to the point and take out the enemy. At the very least, the enhanced speed will make your teammates harder to hit.

Kitsune Rush Review

  • Amazing charge time
  • Can be used in almost every team fight
  • Grants high movement speed and damage, which can automatically win fights

Kitsune Rush Details

  • +30% movement speed
  • 25 meter max range
  • +50% rate of fire
  • +50% reload speed
  • 2x cooldown reduction
  • 10.5 second duration


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